31 Saine


Thinking that it was pointless as he heads to the guild, he confirms that there’s no work available. Even while knowing that there’d be no job during this time, there were a lot of guards gathered up besides Saine.


[Yo~. How was it?]


Dole was there when he turned around. By ‘how’, he’s probably asking about that guy.


[As if I’m going to shove it into such a kid.]

[Well, I’d do it even if she’s a kid if she’s a woman though.]


IF he’s a woman, Saine also agrees with that. His cr*tch that was so full of energy is dangling without getting an action.


[And so, what do you plan to do?]

[About what?]

[You can’t have a child if you don’t hold him, and if he can’t have a child, he’s cheap.]

[There’s no guarantee that he’ll get pregnant even if I embrace him, is there?]

[Well, that makes sense. I’ve actually never seen a pregnant male Reincarnator.]


Although rumors can be collected as information, he only believes those that he has seen with his own eyes. That was important in order to survive as a guard.


[……How can I sell him?] S

[It’s not like you can have him stand in the market, right?] D

[He’ll get sized up and the price will be beaten down.] S

[Rather than that, I find doing that pitiful all the same.] D (TN: Huh, I never would’ve thought he knows what the word ‘pitiful’ means. Maybe I’ve misunderstood him… hmmm)


Upon saying that, Dole furrowed his brows.


[……I’ll look after him for a bit until he has calmed down. I find his whimpering unpleasant though.]

[That would probably be for the best.]


The women apparently keep crying for about a month. Since he’s a guy, it should be enough if he cries for half a month. I’ll take care of him only to that degree and sell him later. Let’s go with that, Saine decided.

Even if he decides to look after him(M) for half a month, it grates his nerves to simply leave him(M) behind. He was made to pay 1 million ales on that guy. Then, let’s make him work a little.



Reincarnators can’t work outside so I will make him do house chores. It would be good if he can buy our meals, but water needs to be drawn in order to take a bath, and firewood also has to be chopped. He tried to get him to do either of those, but the Reincarnator said he will do all the house chores.

 He(S) was a little surprised but decided to let him(M) do it.


In the flow of the conversation, they also talked about selling him(M). He(S) thought that he(M) would be crying but he(M) also easily accepted this. Saine stroked down his(S) chest in his mind*. They’re both men but that guy’s tiny stature is the problem. It’s really hard to deal with. (TN: Probably in relief because the MC didn’t bawl his eyes out.)

In the first place, it was surprising how easily he was sent flying by just a slight bump. He judges that it is dangerous to treat him(M) the same way he(S) treats Dole and his other guard colleagues. His(M) shoulders would flinch just by me raising my voice, and his body jumped up just because I knocked down the chair. How should I put it, it’s like I’m dealing with a squirrel.

He said he would cook, but he(S) honestly didn’t expect anything. He(S) thinks that meals from the food stalls are enough. Saine has never cooked before either. He also took salt from the rock in the garden but that was only the basic snack for the alcohol.



The Reincarnator’s cooking was delicious. It was surprisingly delicious. To the point that it makes him think that there’s no need to go to the food stalls to eat.

Saine secretly looked forward to the daily evening meals.