S- Saine; M- MC

30 Saine


Even though it’s his own house, he was hesitant to enter it. It’s obvious from the locked door that he’s(M) out. He enters the empty room and sits on a chair.


Even if he’s a Reincarnator, he’s a man. However, although he’s a man, he’s a Reincarnator1. No one may find value in it, but there may be those who are curious everywhere. (TN: 1- I’m putting this here in case I didn’t manage to translate the point well but, he’s basically saying that even if he’s a man, he’s special because he’s a Reincarnator, though the citizens in that world find male Reincarnators useless in general.)

He annoyedly waits in the dark room.

Although the selling price is the same regardless of whose hands he(M) lands, for some reason, it grates on his nerves to think that some stranger would hold him(M) other than himself(S). Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s going to embrace a man. 


By the time the sun went down, the Reincarnator returned. Maybe he couldn’t see him, he headed inside the room while beating the flints together.


Does his eyesight not work in this kind of darkness? He’s(S) looking down on him(M) in his mind but, well, there aren’t that many peddlers who have good eyesight during his night works either.

The Reincarnator turns towards him(S) trying to light the fireplace. And then, he struck the flints towards Saine.

*Kachi. Po~.* (TN: I’m assuming “Click.” and then that sound when the fire is lit)

The sparks rise and the Reincarnator’s face emerges. He(S) couldn’t see it during the Ceremony. The moment he thought it was a man, he threw his gold towards him(M). Right now, he sees the Reincarnator’s face within the darkness. Saine can clearly see it even without the light’s help.

Saine’s appearance is probably also registered in the Reincarnator’s eyes. He instantly recognized Saine’s face through the sparks and hurriedly tried to run away.

He goes around the back of the Reincarnator who’s moving along the wall and grabs his neck. No matter what kind of animal it is, it’s over once its neck is held. The only ones who can move with their neck seized are probably just the monsters. He holds the slender neck with one hand and adds more strength to his fingers. The Reincarnator’s muffled voice reverberates through Saine’s hand.


It was a terrible and unpleasant feeling. He thought of just exerting his strength and putting an end to him sooner. Reincarnators don’t get into the family registry. Letting them live or die is up to the husband. Although no one kills them because the Ceremony costs a lot of money and time, nevertheless, it should be fine to kill this guy. In any case, he’s a male Reincarnator.

When he tightened his grip, the Reincarnator looked up at Saine even though he shouldn’t be able to see anything. His eyes were black. Just like Saine, he has black eyes and black hair. His face is turning red from having his throat grabbed. He was still a child. Reincarnators usually come in the appearance of around 15-6 years old. This guy also still looked very young.

But he knows that Reincarnators only appear young. They come as they originally were in their own world. Even if they look 15-6 years old, a lot of them are over 80 years old women inside.


Saine looks at the small face that he can grab with his hand. He looks like a man, but there’s unreliability that’s unbecoming of a man. If it’s him(M), there may be other men who can hold him. That thought suddenly came up. But then again, Saine’s cr*tch isn’t reacting at all.

He reaches towards the Reincarnator’s cr*tch. He tightly grabs it through his clothes. If he(M) wasn’t a man, he(S) would have been having a good time by now.

Pretending to have forgotten about it, he(S) must have been looking forward to it. That’s why he cleaned up the room and made the bed. In fact, he even changed into new clothes. Just in case the woman came and wanted to take a bath first, he also split a lot of firewood.


And yet everything was wasted because of this guy.


Maybe a woman was actually supposed to come? Maybe this guy pushed that away? Did he come here to be embraced by a man despite being one himself?

Saine increased the strength in the hand holding his(M) cr*tch. Tears flow down the Reincarnator’s small face. A pained voice reverberates from the back of his(M) throat and his black eyes roll back. If he’s a fellow male, he knows exactly what the most painful thing is to do to this place. Saine strongly grabbed it as if he’s going to crush it.


Eventually, he loosened his strength at the warm sensation spreading through his hand. The Reincarnator was incontinent. While leaking himself, he crumblingly cried continuously. For some reason, his(S) chest hurt badly.

Saine withdrew his hand from the Reincarnator. But he didn’t feel like apologizing honestly and said something he didn’t need to.


[I will not kill you until you give birth to my kid. Once you birth me one, I’ll let you go…… to another man, that is.]