29 Saine


When the news about the Ceremony arrived, he just discovered that his name was on the list.


Saine hesitated for just a moment. Nobody doesn’t know just how important the Ceremony is to this world. He has money and his turn has come. Then he should take it.

Fifteen priests dressed in white clothes with white hoods on their heads traverse the dark stone room while reciting spells. Saine was in the corner of the room and was only watching the situation. For 7 days without drinking, eating, or sleeping. The priests were visibly weakening, but it was nothing to Saine. If one works as a guard, he has overcome countless situations like this. If he only has to sit then it’s nothing.


Divided by a large road extending from the Central Square, the town is largely divided into 4. Saine lives in the Eastern Section. There are 5 Ceremony locations in the Eastern Section. Saine’s Ceremony was held in one of them.

The Ceremony Room is made of stone. The floor, walls, and ceiling are all covered in black stone.

There were evenly spaced shelves in place of candle stands on the wall, all of which had candles. There were 27 in total. Replacing the candles when it’s about to go out during the Ceremony was Saine’s only job.


In the center of the room, there was an emblem drawn with white lines. This is the priest’s emblem. Many priests live in houses on the Central Square. The big houses that surround the square are the priests’ houses.

But not all priests live in the Central Square. Some of them live in their respective Sections. Saine’s Ceremony is currently being held by the Priests and their relatives in the Eastern Section. These relatives are probably from Central Square.

The Ceremony is performed by priests who inherit the same bloodline. So right now, these 15 people present are relatives. The depicted emblem represents their origin and this place is under their control.

He simply has to sit for 7 days and nights but as expected, it gets boring. Saine hears the priests’ chantings without listening to it. He understands absolutely nothing of what it means.


Each priest holds a silver vessel in his hands. Inside it is water. It’s sprinkled on the floor while reciting the spell. That’s why he thinks it’s made of stone, and for that reason, it becomes penetratingly cold, 

There are large water jugs in the four corners of the room. These are also made of silver. When the water in the priests’ vessels is used up, they will draw water from the jugs. The 15 priests sprinkle water and also run out of water together.

The 15 priests cast the spell in a double circle, sprinkle water, softly move towards the four corners of the room like a blooming flower, and draw water.


Saine was blankly watching the priests’ movements. In a room without any window, it is hard to tell what day it is. No, you probably will end up being unable to, if you’re a normal person. A sensory illusion like this won’t happen to Saine. 

It was the seventh day. Saine accurately sensed that it’s now the seventh day. His heart throbs with the expectation that it’s about time.


He discovered that the emblem began to shine. A faint grain of light emerges, begins to dance, and eventually expands to emit a bright light.

But there are no indications that the priests notice the light. Can’t they see it because of the hood, or is it because they can’t see it in the first place? The light is clearly caught in Saine’s eyes and he stares inside it.

A figure is born in the white light.

So this is a Reincarnator? Is this who he’s going to live with? He remembers his mother with a faint memory. When talking about women, he only knows his mother. Reincarnators are basically kept hidden. They’re hidden inside the house, and when going out, they’re stuck closely to their husbands. They’re not a presence you can see so easily. 

The faint shadow slowly darkens, and then a person appears. He(M) looked over with a dazed expression, and he(S) could tell from his(M) eye’s expression. He(M) was shocked. It was natural. He(S) doesn’t know about the Reincarnator’s previous world but it should be different to this one. It’s understandable to be shocked. (TN: S- Saine, M- MC)

The Reincarnator came out dressed. It’s the clothes from over there. But it’s obvious even with clothes on. This is a man. Saine’s Ceremony partner is a man.

The Ceremony failed.