[Are the residencies decided by someone?] 


I asked him the question I wondered about some time ago.

Even if it’s decided like this, I don’t think everyone will move in the same manner. Despite our house being for bachelors, it has 3 rooms. Although one of them is the living room/kitchen, there are 2 that can be used as a bedroom. I think some people can still live there all the same even if they get a Reincarnator. Just like Saine.


[If it’s reported to the public office, it will tell you where to move.]

[Hmm. It’s being ordered, after all. By report, ‘A Reincarnator has arrived’,  like that?]

[Well, something like that.]

[So then, why is it alright for Saine not to move? You didn’t report it?]


Saine kept quiet for a moment when I asked, then he told me.


[If the Reincarnator is a man, it’s because there’s a high chance of him being sold,] (TN: Really rude, these people.) 


Being told that, my heartbeat leaped once.


I know that Saine will sell me, and that’s why I’m saving up and training myself. Even so, hearing Saine directly say it still shocked me. For some reason, my chest hurts a little. (TN: Nuuu, my poor and innocent baby. T_T)


[You, you’re right. It’s not like I’ll stay here forever, and we don’t know when your next Ceremony will be either…… And it’s not as if I’ll still be there until the next Ceremony, right?]


Somehow, I thought that I’ll be by his side until Saine’s next Ceremony.

According to the grannies, the Ceremony isn’t easy to receive. There are 160 Champions, Treasure Craftsmen, and Heroes* who can use the special slots. Not everyone may be waiting for the Ceremony but, even so, Saine’s next Ceremony will be more than a year later. That’s why I was a little reassured.

I sighed at the reality that was shoved before me.


[What’s wrong?]

[Un…… I thought I’ll be able to stay by your side a bit longer…….]

[Is it fun being with me?]


Saine’s eyes widened as if he was shocked.


[It is. Saine is kind and considerate. I learned a lot of things while with you, and I even aim to be someone useful for my next husband. Even if I fail while learning, I feel like you’ll forgive me.]

[Hmmm. It seems I’ve been underestimated.]

[You’re wrong. That’s not it…… Hmm, this is difficult. I don’t think you’re soft. You’re big, and to be honest, you have a scary side, too. However……. I can read your anger, or should I say, I can understand it.]


How should I say it to make him understand? As I was thinking, Haruka’s face came to mind. 


[In the Men’s Club, you see, there’s a man called Haruka. He’s my best friend and he said he’s been a Reincarnator for 10 years. You know, Haruka is always beaten by his husband. The others as well, although it’s just the men, are being hit by their husbands. The reason isn’t much, just that his service is sloppy and Haruka can’t stop the blow either. But Kent and Duke are built like Saine, it seems they also retaliate when they’re hit so the injuries don’t become that serious…….Haruka is quite pitiful.]


Even when we last saw each other, there were bluish black bruises on his arms.

Haruka’s husband treats him differently depending on whether he’s* drinking alcohol or not. He gets rough once he’s drunk, but he’s gentle when sober. But it’s rare to see Haruka’s husband sober.


[Haruka and I are probably of the same race. Even if I’ve grown even older, I could probably only grow as tall as him. If a person from this world hits me with his full strength, I think I’ll end up like Haruka. That’s why I want to butter up to you as much as possible to avoid making you angry.


When I looked up to Saine, he laughed through his nose. It feels like he’s telling me how abject I am.


[I don’t think you understand it, Saine. You’re big and have the same physique as everyone else, after all. Hey, try making a fist and hold it out.]


The moment I clenched my fist and pushed it forward, Saine similarly stuck his own fist out. We put the two fists together. Saine’s fist appeared to be twice bigger than mine.


[Look, isn’t it big? My punch may hit like a pebble, but Saine’s feels like a rock violently flying in. Even the ax, aren’t you able to swing it around with one hand? I can barely even swing the smallest one.]


When I said that and laughed, Saine also laughed a bit.


[Well, though I have such calculations, I do want to stay by your side a bit more even without it. It’s kind of comfortable.]

[You mean my house?]

[Not the house, it’s you. You were really scary at first, and you’re still a bit scary now, but I think it’s okay. When you get home, I feel relieved.]


This is true. I used to get nervous whenever Saine got home, but now I feel relieved.