[With that said, I will be drawing water for Grandpa every day from now on.]


For the time being, I get Saine’s approval. He’s the landowner after all. Saine made a seemingly difficult expression but he didn’t say anything.

Does he not like it? Is he okay with it? I was waiting nervously but Saine only replied with a “Hmph” through his nose and left the room.

Does that mean it’s okay? Must be. He’s a kind person who chops some firewood for him(G), he probably won’t mind me drawing water. Maybe something happened outside. What was it called again, an assembly of Heroes…… a guild. Did something unpleasant happen there?

Without thinking deeply, in order not to stir Saine’s nerves, I move as quietly as I can. I’m a bit crude and am also aware that I talk too much. That’s why I’ll keep quiet. At least, for today, let’s be quiet. And I can also just ask him again about drawing water for Grandpa tomorrow.


My ears feel around for Saine’s movement outside as I crush the worms. Getting used to it is scary. Because I can now make oil without making a fuss. I lightly whispered ‘I’m sorry’ to the white worm that was trying to crawl out and stopped it with my finger. And then, *squelch squelch squish*. The golden oil is ready.


Today will be the orange turnips and pork. I tried to escape from the clutches of the extremely appealing ras. Besides, it’s also not good to eat bird meat daily, no matter how delicious it is. 

Hearing Saine walking through the hallway, I put the oil in the pot. It makes a nice sizzling sound, and an aromatic smell tickles my nose. For pork, I put the turnips first.

It seems that even with the same ingredients, the way the fire passes and the cooking procedure are different between this world and that world. The Grannies said that it was hard to get used to, but perhaps I didn’t cook or I forgot that I cooked back there, I’m not troubled with the procedures here. 

When the turnip is about to turn pink, I put in the turnip’s leaves and the pork. I also add salt and pepper consecutively. Roughly stir the ingredients and it’s done. When I transferred it to the big platter, a delicious aroma enfolded in the room.

Saine starts drinking alcohol before the food is ready. I place the big plate in front of him in that state, and then I serve him a bowl of white rice. I hardly sat on my seat before he started hungrily eating. It’s the usual scene. I also start eating. Hmm, delicious. There were no mistakes in Granny Rei’s recipe. The pork is also great, Granny.

Saine put a large serving of the side dish on top of the white rice and scooped up the food. I pick up some turnip and pork with my chopsticks, put them on the rice, and start eating. I peek at Saine while eating.

I don’t think there’s any change in the way he eats or his mood. Is he not mad? Is he done being mad? I’m not really sure but he’s the usual Saine. Relieve, I ate another bite.


After eating and drinking alcohol, Saine stands from his seat. He will bathe next. I also get up and head to the garden.

Saine returns to his bedroom temporarily after eating. I don’t know what he’s doing, but for a short while, he stays in his room. However, he soon comes out. During that time, I boil the bathwater.

When I draw the water for cooking, I also put water in the bath. I ignite the flint twice. I transfer the sparks with *click clack* and blow on it to ignite a fire. I put in some firewood so the ember won’t go out and in no time, it grew into a big fire.


I can’t compare it to anything because I don’t remember, but I wonder if the water here boils easily. It’s because the bath is ready a few minutes after I start the fire. Just as I thought that it’s about time, Saine came out. 


[Eat your food.]


I tilt my head not understanding what he means.


[Eat your meal before preparing the bath. I can at least wait while you’re eating.]


After looking away from me and saying that, Saine quickly entered the bathroom. Because he said it quickly over his shoulder, it didn’t register to me for a moment what he meant.

In other words, does he mean that I shouldn’t stand up in the middle of a meal? Now that he mentioned it, that makes sense. Standing up from one’s seat during a meal is extremely impolite. It was bad of me. This is probably an example of giving one’s origin away.* Well, I don’t really know my past, though.

Alright. Starting tomorrow, I’ll eat as quickly as Saine.