TN: If it’s Saine – fisherman neighbor will be called Elder.

If MC – Grandpa




His story was a bit scary, but he’s a nice grandpa. He said that if it’s hard to break the pepper stones, that I can bring them to him.


[But it’s very hard, you know?]

[Don’t underestimate a fisherman’s strength. A stone like this isn’t even worth considering.]


Upon saying so, grandpa swung down the stone hammer and the pepper stone broke. It really did break.


[You’re amazing~. That didn’t break no matter how much I hit it, you know. Grandpa, you’re truly great.]


He can break it in one shot. His face is full of wrinkles, his hair is pure white and he looks like an elder, but his arms are certainly thick. When I was so moved and repeatedly praised how amazing he was, grandpa stopped his hand and looked at me.


[Humph. Well, if I’m being praised that much then even I will get carried away.]

[……About what? Oh, was I too loud? Sorry.]


I might have been too noisy. When I lowered my head and apologized, grappa laughed.


[That’s not it. You are really a Reincarnator, aren’t you.]

[What do you mean?]

[That’s because all the people here are men. Everybody else can do what I can, and what everybody else can do, I can as well. Even if we have our strengths and weaknesses, it’s nothing to be excited about. Especially something like this.]


Elder swung the stone hammer as he said that and with a whoosh, he struck the pepper stone. The stone easily broke with a cracking sound.

[I’ve never gotten a turn for the Ceremony. However, I have seen a colleague’s wife. Of course, he’s a Reincarnator. That person was really bad at chopping wood, and he couldn’t hold the ax. Since the husband was fishing and he was having a hard time, I’ve chopped some for him before. When I did, he also clapped his hands in delight like you now.]


I see. All the tools here are made for the men in this world. Well, I guess that’s natural. All the men here have bodies like Saine’s. The tools made for the men here are hard for me to use. If it’s hard for me then it must be harder for granny and the others. 


[We aren’t used to being complimented that much. But, it doesn’t feel bad. Just praise and flatter your husband like that to make him move.]