When I asked Saine which side is that neighbor, he said it was on the right side. The neighbor on the right is an elder and the one on the left is a carpenter. The ones directly opposite us and on both of its sides are farmers, so is the one right behind us. Only the elder on the right is always present.


And thus, I’m going for a belated moving-house greeting.




S, scary. This is no elder. The elder that I have in mind is shorter than me. And yet, this elder is way taller than me and gazes at me from above. He’s extremely scary. Just when I’m about to get used to Saine, this world sure has a lot of high hurdles.


[Uhm, uh, nice to meet you.]

I quickly bow my head. Above everything else, let’s greet him with a smile first.

[I, I’m living in Saine’s place…. Uhm, I’m a Reincarnator. Please treat me well.] (TN: Dude, what is your name? It’s been more than 20 chapters already!)

[Just how do you want me to treat you well?]

It was just a casual greeting though, how difficult. Being asked again, it is indeed weird. What am I asking him for?

[Err, please remember my face, I guess? But, I am going to be sold off eventually…. Hmm, oh, that’s right. I’m afraid there will be loud noises in the garden from time to time, I think I’ll make it about that. I’m sorry, and please overlook it.]

[Did you…… make a noise?]

[We did. I broke some pepper stones before, and we chopped some woods yesterday as well.]


[Ohh, the firewood. Now that you talked about it, Saine came here out of the blue and brought my firewood with him. What was up with that?] (TN: Oooh, hubby got busted already?)

[? Isn’t it because Elder has a hard time chopping firewood, so Saine always does it for you?]


When I asked him that, he, ‘uhya uhya’, laughed.


[That’s impossible. There’s no way that guy would do that.]

[Hmm~, then I wonder why? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Saine sure is amazing. I couldn’t even chop one firewood but Saine did it so easily and quickly, you know? He’s really amazing.] (TN: So hubby just did it to get more praise? hohoho)


When I suddenly laughed and said that, Elder looked down at me as if he’s amused.


[…… Oh well, it doesn’t feel bad to be praised.]


He muttered softly and opened the door wider.


[Come in. I’ll serve you some tea.]


I unreservedly entered.


[Elder’s house has a window.] 


I noticed it even outside, but there was a window in his house. The house is built the same as Saine’s but the kitchen has a window. It’s bright thanks to that, and he doesn’t seem to need candles.


[That’s because the windows next door got embedded.]

[Why is that?]

[Who knows. Being a Guard is something we don’t understand quite well.]

[What did you do before, Elder?]

[I was a Fisherman. I used to live in the South-South section when I was young, you see, and I always went out to the sea every day.]

[The sea! There’s a sea here? I mean, I’ve never seen a fish ever since I came here.]