Thus, all I can do is save, I guess. But, I can’t just keep mentioning money to Saine.



I ask the insect stall uncle in the market.

Can I raise worms at home?


It wasn’t possible. I couldn’t raise the worms at home. First of all, raising worms requires a well-ventilated and spacious area. I was told that one worm needs space as wide as our kitchen desk. That’s why the worms I bought immediately weaken. It was too cramped inside the pouch. Worms appear to be raised by beast farmers. 

And here I thought that once I finish raising the worms, the bill for oil would float. It can’t be helped. Let’s buy it normally and cook.


Today’s vegetable is nari, a cucumber look-alike, and ras (bird meat).

I ended up buying it again, ras. This bird meat is really delicious. On my vegetable dishes, I’ve eaten other meats like pork, beef, and lamb, but I choose ras in the end.

The market price for bird meat ranges from 7 ales to 12 ales. This ras is 10 ales for a portion for two people. The pork is cheaper and even if I don’t buy that, there is also another bird meat worth 7 ales. This one is a bird called roupe*. If I’m going to economize then it’s definitely the pork. But the ras’ deliciousness is hard to resist. (TN: * – silent ‘e’)

I feel a bit guilty so I bought ras for 1.5 persons. With this, it’s 8 ales. I saved 2 ales more than usual.


I decided to go home and cut some firewood. It’s for today’s and tomorrow’s kindling for the bath.

After making two day’s worth of firewood, there would be no more logs to turn into kindling. Let’s buy some tomorrow. Because I went to the Reincarnators Association and Men’s Club successively, I no longer had any time to buy logs. The logs are apparently in the South-East section’s market.

It’s that market. Will I be able to walk while carrying some logs in that market? In the first place, how many pieces of logs can I carry?

I can’t do anything even if I worry about it. If I wasn’t able to carry it all at once, I could just divide it into 2-3 times. It takes around 1 hour to walk from the house to the South-East Section’s market. A round trip is 2 hours. Although it seems to be far, I don’t mind doing it every day.


I swing the ax to cut the firewood. The firewood makes a nice *plonk* sound and gets divided…… that would have been an ideal scenario, but the reality isn’t that sweet. Every time, the only thing that rips off is the bark. Hmm, it’s difficult. I always miss my aim. 

I switched into a small ax and split the firewood. But without splitting, the ax got stuck into the wood with a *kosu* sound. I affix the ax’s blade on the log and, *kosu kosu kosu kosu*, I swing downward. 

But the log is so heavy that even if I hold the handle of the ax with both hands, I can only lift it around 5 cm. Ahh, this is hopeless. I couldn’t make a decent firewood today as well.

I couldn’t even pull out the ax that was still stuck on the wood so I just blankly sat down on the ground. Ugh, I’m tired. Even though I haven’t finished one yet. I should have stripped of the husk without being greedy. It would have been better if I peeled it off the edge.




A voice suddenly came down and Saine was standing there when I looked up surprised.

This guy is always so abrupt. There’s no presence at all. Or rather, aren’t you early today, sir?


[Y, You’re back?]


The sky’s still blue. There is no sign of sunset, nor the time to prepare dinner. What’s going on, you’re early. I was about to say so and hurriedly covered my mouth. This sentence is dangerous. I don’t know why, but an alarm rings in the corner of my mind.

When Saine grabbed the ax that’s still stuck on the wood and raised it over his head with one hand, he split the firewood immediately. Ohh, amazing~. Then he switched to the big ax that I persistently tried to lift and swiftly and efficiently produced firewood.

In an instant, all the logs at home transformed into firewood. Their thickness is also the same, making it easy to pile up.