[So I guess it’s impossible? Getting a job.]

[Why do you want to work that badly?]

[That’s because I’ll be able to earn some gold if I work, right?]

[Money, huh…… Isn’t your husband a Hero? I can’t imagine him running out of money but…… Mine is pretty hopeless though.]


Haruka’s husband is a stall owner. The earning is average but it seems everything disappears into alcohol expenses. I have also caught a glimpse at him at the market. He was a bulky uncle. Not muscular, but fat. He was a fat old man with a drink-reddened face. That was Haruka’s husband.


[Didn’t they say that a ceremony costs 1 000 000 ales? I have already wasted some of it already. I want to be useful even just a little.]

[…… You’re so industrious.]


Kent said as if impressed. But I shook my head and corrected him.


[You’re wrong. If he finds me useful, he might put more consideration towards my next husband. I’m not being industrious, I’m planning ahead.]


I want to do well in where I currently am, and I also want to guarantee that the next place where I belong will be the same. In order to do that, I will do anything, be it cooking and even saving gold. I am appealing to him that I am always useful. I still haven’t conveyed that to Saine, though.


[I also understand your intention. Your intention is a bit different, but it’s supply and demand so to speak. If you want something then you’ll buy it even if it’s expensive and if you don’t want it then you’ll ignore it even if it’s cheap . That’s just how things are. After all, if you get your husband to recognise your usefulness, it will make your life more comfortable even if by just a little bit.]

[Yes! He’s right!]


He’s my best friend after all. He manages to say the words I want to say without mistake.


[But you see. The people in this world have high self-respect or should I say, they have a high spirit of self-reliance. They leave their house and begin living independently from the age of approximately ten to fifteen years old, you know. From there, they will start to live however they please. They eat what they want to eat, drink as much alcohol as they can take, and work as much as they want. Such behavior is ingrained in their body so they don’t like to be told all kinds of things by other people.]

[Oh really, so that’s why Saine also got mad.] 

[Maybe, I think that’s why. That’s even if you found a place to work, you must never work, got it?]


[Please try to think about it. Feeding a Reincarnator is the husband’s resourcefulness. But if you worked, won’t that make your husband lose face?]

[Ah, so that’s why. So I shouldn’t work after all.]

[I think that it’s great to save up. Without talking about money much, you can just secretly save it. And then at the critical moment, *pon* you take it out.] (TN: Pon is a sfx for something appearing magically.)

[Ooh! That’s so cool!]



Somehow, it’s super cool. Without showing the usual savings, *pon* and I take out the gold. Hmm, it sounds nice. Yosh, let’s go with this!

When Saine’s next ceremony comes and he doesn’t have enough money, I will take out what I have saved. Saine should be delighted with that. And then, he will probably give more thought to who my next husband will be. Even if he’s trying to sell me to a weird person, he might have second thoughts and change my husband to someone else.

Haruka sure is great, isn’t he? I’m simple and can only think of something I can see and hear. Once I’d thought about things in a certain way, it’d be hard for me to come up with a different one.

I think it’s great to have someone to talk to about one’s troubles and worries. I really feel that it’s great.