I hate sleeping in the dark. Even if it’s just a little, I want to have a light. I wonder if Saine has another lantern. Is it dangerous if I just leave the candle on?

It’s 1 ale for 10 candles. How much does a lantern cost, I wonder? Although Saine told me something about that, my head is always calculating gold.

Can Reincarnators work, too?



[Work? That’s impossible. Such a thing.]


Granny Haru dismissed in an instant.



[What do you mean ‘Why?’……. In the first place, there isn’t a workplace for women anywhere.]

[But I’m a man.]

[Even if you’re a man, you know? I’m not so sure about that.]


The grannies all together tilt their heads in contemplation.


[Male Reincarnators are rare so I wonder how it actually is? There might be some who are working and we just don’t know about it…]



[Work? That should be impossible.]


The grannies were troubled about it so went to the Men’s Club. Kent snorted at my question and dismissed it. 



[Why…… It’s because Reincarnators are forbidden to work.]

[It’s forbidden?]

[That’s right. If Reincarnators gain economic strength, won’t they be able to live without being dependent on the men in this world?]

[Right, right. After all, we wag our tails to the men in order to get our meal.]


Kent and Allec both furrowed their brows at Duke’s words.


[His choice of words are bad, but well, that’s how it is. I also need to stick to my husband or I can’t even move.]

[Me, too. I can go even to the forest if I’m with my husband, but I probably won’t even be allowed to pick tree branches if I’m alone.]


Kent and Duke often managed to stick with their husbands to work, maybe because their husbands allowed them to. And because their husbands are by their sides, nobody says anything even if male Reincarnators mingle in the working area.


[…… The women aside, how can they tell if we’re Reincarnators? Isn’t it fine if they just don’t find out?]


Haruka laughed at my question.


[You can’t~. You’ll get caught right away. Well, in our case, we’ll get exposed in a glance. There are no people in this world who look like lanky Asians like us. There are only large people like Kent and Duke here.]

[Even we get exposed, too. I wonder why? Our scent is different apparently.]


[That’s right, it’s the scent. Even if I pretended to be a person from this world, I got exposed really quickly. That time, I was told that I smell different.]


Kent and Saine have similar physiques. Their stature is about the same. To me, the men in this world and the reincarnated Kent look the same. To say nothing of the so-called scent. It’s probably something that the nose can’t pick up. Is it instinct?