Saine was eating when I returned to the house. I noticed it there. That I did not prepare dinner and forgot to buy the ingredients.


[I’m sorry…… Even though we have to save money……]


When I apologized, he denoted me with his chin for me to take a seat on the chair.


[There’s no need to apologize for every single thing. It’s irritating.]


My shoulders jumped when he told me so.


[You’re so noisy about money. I am not that useless. At least, buying a meal is nothing.]


There is also a serving in front of me. Saine went to buy dinner.


[But, aren’t you going to get a ceremony? Doesn’t it need money?]

[It’s fine either way. I can just work again.]

[There is no trouble in having a lot of gold. Even after the Ceremony, isn’t there still the living expenses?]


When I said that, Saine slapped his chopsticks on the table and said,


[That’s enough! I will decide for myself. Don’t meddle in!]


Affected by his sudden anger, my heart pounded.

I screwed up. Even though I intended to be careful, I stepped on a landmine.




I move alongside the wall in a panic. The place farthest from Saine.


[I, said too much. I didn’t mean that you’re worthless. I’m sorry, it’s my fault.]


The wall is hard. The room is small. Because I ran away towards the kitchen, the door is far. Both doors are on the other side of Saine. They’re too far.


[Uh, uhm, I may be useless, but, I was thinking if I could at least help with something, so…… I wondered if it would be helpful for you if I saved even just 1 ale.]


My voice gets lower and lower.

It’s useless, I will be scolded again at this rate. He just told me earlier, after all. That I was too noisy about gold. I look like a miser trying not to squander money. 

Saine doesn’t like that.

I tearfully clench my teeth. I thought that I did great, but I failed in the end. I’m always like this. I was in a dark hole, holding my knees in my arms. Although it feels weird, that’s how I felt.

Saine’s steps enter my field of view while my head is still lowered. Towards the man standing in front of me, I tightly closed my eyes and endured.

I’ll be hit. I’ll get kicked. I press my hands that I want to cover my head on the wall behind me. I must not evade or cover myself with my hands when I get hit. I have to let him hit me properly or another one will come. I have to let him hit me, it will be done only once if he successfully does it. (TN: This hurts my heart. T0T)

I tightly shut my eyes and clench my teeth. I protect my eyes and make sure not to bite my tongue. I put strength into my stomach to protect my insides. I tighten my entire body and mobilize my muscles to block. With this, I might be able to protect my bones and internal organs.