Otome Game 12.1

I forgot to post it. My bad. Here’s chapter 12   Part 1

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Four Ikemen 5

Here’s another chapter for Four Ikemen. I’ve been puppy sitting the last few days. 😀   Chapter 5

Otome Game 11.3

Here’s the last part of Otome Game chapter 11. Sorry it took so long.   Part 3

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Four Ikemen 3

Here’s the next chapter of Four Ikemen. Thanks for waiting~ Chapter 3  

Otome Game 11.2

Hello~ Here’s the second part of Otome Game. ^_^ Part 2   Not sure if I should get rid of ko-fi and change it to patreon or something… hmmm…

Four Ikemen 2

Here’s chapter 2 of Four Ikemen. And my wi-fi is fixed! BANZAI~!!!!!! Chapter 2

Otome Game 11.1

Here’s Otome Game chapter 11. I seriously don’t know when this will be fixed. It seems they’re doing some upgrades or something so chapters will take longer to publish. Here’s Part 1   P.S. I will be kind of noisy in this chapter. Just kind of.

Otome Game 10 pt3

Here’s the last part of chapter 10. Thanks for waiting~ (Holy shit my internet provider went crazy for days and I got traumatized by the frequent disconnection that I got the need to keep watch on the router in case it goes blinking again. Haa~ I hope this stays fixed for good. Ugh, having no… Continue reading Otome Game 10 pt3

Four Ikemen One

Here’s the first chapter of Four Ikemen. Having unstable internet is frustrating way more than when it’s completely gone. I hate it.    Different World