Four Ikemen 6

Heya all~ I finished earlier so here it it! ^_^ Four Ikemen Chapter 6

Otome Game 12.1

I forgot to post it. My bad. Here’s chapter 12   Part 1

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Four Ikemen 5

Here’s another chapter for Four Ikemen. I’ve been puppy sitting the last few days. 😀   Chapter 5

Otome Game 11.3

Here’s the last part of Otome Game chapter 11. Sorry it took so long.   Part 3

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Four Ikemen 3

Here’s the next chapter of Four Ikemen. Thanks for waiting~ Chapter 3  

Otome Game 11.2

Hello~ Here’s the second part of Otome Game. ^_^ Part 2   Not sure if I should get rid of ko-fi and change it to patreon or something… hmmm…

Four Ikemen 2

Here’s chapter 2 of Four Ikemen. And my wi-fi is fixed! BANZAI~!!!!!! Chapter 2

Otome Game 11.1

Here’s Otome Game chapter 11. I seriously don’t know when this will be fixed. It seems they’re doing some upgrades or something so chapters will take longer to publish. Here’s Part 1   P.S. I will be kind of noisy in this chapter. Just kind of.