Outstanding Dog Side Story 2

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
Side Story 2: For You

[Ferdinand’s POV]

From outside the window, I can hear the sound of swords clashing.

I can see the figures of those still training until night. One of them is Alex. With his remarkably trained body, he parries the sword of the person with lower rank than him.

While thinking “as expected”, I noticed an unpleasant feeling in me and I felt self-contempt for myself.

I turned my eyes away from the window and went back to my desk.

I know the unpleasant feeling in me. I’m being jealous.

Currently, Krish is living in Alex’s house. Although I agreed to that arrangement, my chest squirms whenever I think of that guy being with him in the morning and the evening.

I know that they are not yet deeply involved with each other, but as I who’s the one who sees him the least right now, I always feel impatient. Even though Krish works in my mansion, but other than we haven’t met with each other properly.

Truly unpleasant.

[Commander, can I come in?]

There’s a knock on the door and Deederick poked his face in.

[What is it?]

[You have a guest, is it okay to let him in?]

[A guest?]

[He said he’s working in the Commander’s mansion, a black-haired….]

[Let him in!]

I suddenly got up from the chair as it clattered.

[Ye, yes, I understand!]

To the person who appeared in Deederick’s place in the doorway, my heart almost stopped.


That person who I cherish so much is standing in the doorway.

Is this a dream?

[Ferdinand, sorry. To bother  you even in here.]

[I don’t mind. Not at all. Rather, please come anytime.]

I looked over the room that looks as if a typhoon has passed it. To not have even one decent chair for Krish to sit on, I’m starting to feel irritated.

[I, I see. But I don’t want to be a bother while you’re working so I’m leaving immediately. This, I told Alex to hand this to you but he forgot. Since I made it, I brought it here. Since I’ve caused a lot of inconveniences to you, I wanted to give you something as thanks.]

Krish said that and gave me a package wrapped in cloth.

[This is?]

[It’s not a big deal, but if you are ready for today’s lunch, eat it. If you’re okay with this, I can make it any time.]

[Krish, you made it?]


Holding back my joy, the inside of my chest feels hot.

Krish has made a lunch for me.

[Then, I’m going back. Do your best in your work.]

[Ah, yeah.]

While I was completely immersed in my own emotion, Krish has already left.

I stared at the door where no one was around for while, then returned to my desk and gently unwrapped the package.

Sandwiched between the thinly sliced baane are ruzel and slur.*In the other side, there are nooten and rosina which were crushed into a cream. (TN: * 薄く切ったバーネに挟まれた、ポテールにルゼルとスラー。もう一つには、クリームに砕いたノーテンとロジーナが入っている. I’m confused.)

……I can’t. My chest feels so full I don’t think I can eat it.

I want to display it in my desk forever.

Or so I thought for a moment, but I properly ate it during lunch. I savored the taste in every bite. It was very delicious.

Come to think of it, Krish always helps Benjamin out in the kitchen, so I can eat Krish’s food every day.

Thinking like so, I felt incredibly happy that I laughed at myself for being so simple.

After lunch, my door was knocked again.

[What is it?]

[Ferdinand, sorry, may I?]

It was Alex.

[Aah, come in.]

The door opened.

[Sorry for disturbing you during working hours but, you see, there’s something I’d like to discuss with you regarding Chibi.]

Alex took out a tube from his bosom.

[I’m thinking of applying for Chibi’s citizenship but, regarding the guardian field, I think it would be better to have both your and my signature together, what do you think? You’re well-known, and it would be reassuring if ever something were to happen to him.]

That’s how it is.

I unintentionally sighed in my heart.

This man is the owner of Krish’s dog body, and I think I was fortunate to follow.

[Please do so. I’m happy as long as it’s for that person.]

[I’m glad. Then, if we can finish early today, can we go together to your mansion? I also want to hear his opinion.]

[Sure, let’s do that.]

After Alex left, I thought on my own.

I want to thank Krish for today’s lunch.

I wonder what pleases him?

The first thing I remembered was Krish’s dog form happily wagging its tail with the dog gum in its mouth, no, as expected, a dog gum is a bit. That appearance was incredibly cute, though.

That’s right, it might not be so bad to have dinner at the Casper Shop again. Krish was also pleased by it.

Using my thanks for lunch as an excuse to invite Krish once again to that shop…

No, there is no need to exclude anything.

Being strange myself , I smiled bitterly.

It’s fine as long as I can invite him to go out with me again. We can go with just the two of us, or he can also invite Alex or anyone else.

When I think about having a fun dinner together with Krish from now on in a surrounded table, my chest felt bright as if it’s been illuminated, a smile naturally forming on my lips.