Outstanding Dog Side Story 1

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

Side Story  1: House’s Light

[Alex’s Viewpoint]

I stood by the doorway and looked at the opened window in the wall.

To the leaking bright yellow light, my mouth loosened naturally.       

Although there have been a lot of times that I left the house without covering the light stone and I should’ve seen the same sight every time, when I think that there’s someone waiting for me inside, I wonder why I feel warm when I see it?

[I’m home.]

There was no response to my calling voice while I was opening the door.

Because I went to the Capital today and ended up returning late, Chibi must have went to sleep first.

Was what I thought for a moment, but when I moved my sight over, I saw a head lying on top of the table.


Above the table, countless papers are scattered. Is the food in the pot at the corner the dinner prepared for me?

Chibi was sleeping with a strange appearance while tightly gripping the pen’s shaft. I can see traces of various letters spelled on paper. Ever since he started working at Ferdinand’s mansion, his chances to practice writing has decreased so he’s probably practicing by himself.

The letters Chibi has written, to put it bluntly, are horrible. He said that this world’s pen doesn’t have ink in it so it’s difficult for him to write with it but, how should I say it, his writing is at the level where kids have just started learning how to write, so it’s a bit difficult to decipher. However, it seems that he finds it fun practicing like this with all he’s got.

[If you sleep in a place like this, you’ll catch a cold.]

When I placed a hand on his shoulder and called out to him, he groaned a little.


He lifted his face with his eyes still closed, then once again put it down.

I unintentionally smiled bitterly.

By the time Chibi moved his arms, another piece of paper peeked out from the stacked pile of papers.

When I saw the spelled characters, my heart tightened.


Repeatedly many times he’s wrote the spelling of my name with difficulty.

Deep inside my chest gets suffocatingly tight from the love overflowing for him.

I remember that small puppy.

With its tail wagging, it pushed out the cards that meant my name, then it stuck out its chest as it looks at me with its sparkling black eyes, that puppy.

That was such a breathtaking moment.


When I spoke again as I put my arms under his legs and arms, he slightly opened his eyes.

[Huh? Alex?]

[Yeah, we’re going to the bed.]

As I exerted strength to carry him, Chibi sleepily circled his arms around my neck and allowed his body to be lifted.

Eve though I don’t have any immunity to his sex appeal, I occasionally do these kind gestures so it’s not easy.

I exhaled a small breath as I carefully carry his supple body up the stairs and place him in the bed.

After wrapping his body with a blanket, I took out the tube that I remembered out from my pocket. Inside is the document granted by the Kingdom’s Immigration Agency. It’s for Chibi, who’s a migrant, to be able to reside in the country as its citizen. I want to get this petition done and over with. Even if it’s just a piece of paper, as long as it has the power to hold Chibi in this world, I’m willing to rely on anything.

At any rate, this troublesome creature will suddenly turn into a dog and will soon lose his body once I take my eyes off him.

Don’t go anywhere anymore.

My most important light.

It doesn’t matter what form you’re taking. Just please stay by my side.

I prayed that this warm light will stay in the window of this house forever, as I crouched down and planted a kiss on his temple.