Outstanding Dog Chapter 9

To My New Home

I was struggling and wriggling to be let go but nothing worked, so in the mean time, I’m back inside Alex’s vest.
Alex got on the horse and quickly left the mansion behind.
[….Just what on earth did you want to do?]
Alex had a look as if he’s fed up as he ruffled my head back and forth.

I wanted to take back my own body!

Is what I wanted to say, but of course they did not turn into words as it only sounded as if I’m fumbling some souds, so I kept on biting Alex’s fingers.
[Hey, stop it.]
Evev though he said that, Alex just let me do what I wanted, so I was chewing on his fingers while riding on the horse. It was hard and chewy. I only bit it lightly but there’re marks left so I licked on them a little. (TN: He’s completely adopted to being a dog, hasn’t he?)
Maybe because I was able to vent it out, my emotions calmed down a little.

When I tried thinking things thoroughly, it’s a good thing that I learned the existence of my body and its location.
As long as it’s in the mansion, it won’t be moved constantly and will not be treated horribly, so I’ll have them take care of it for now. (TN: “Take care of it” :D)
Let’s not think about the things that could possibly be done, or rather, what’s being done to it at the moment. Let’s do that.
Aah~ But just what on earth should I do? What’s gonna happen from now on? Can I go back to being human?

While I was mulling over things, the horse stopped in front of the shop on the main street.
[We’re getting off.]
Alex said.
When I took a closer look, the store looks familiar. It’s Yorugen’s shop!

[Shopkeeper, you there?]
Hearing Alex’s words, Yorugen came from within the shop.
Yorugen quickly saw me and widened his eyes.
[Chibi! Where have you been?!]

Yorugen, I’m sorry for suddenly going out without your consent.

Alex took me out from his vest and handed me oer to Yorugen.’
[It got lost and wandered inside and acquaintance’s house.]
[Is that so? Sorry for that.]
Yorugen gently strokes my head.
[You had me worried, seriously.]

Un, sorry.
I weakly cried and wagged my tail in apology.

Yorugen once again turned his gaze to Alex.
[You, weren’t you here before?]
Alex smiled bitterly.
[Yeah. And that’s why I have a request to ask]
[A request?]

[Once more, I would like you to let me take care of this guy.]

Oh my.
I looked at Alex from surprise.
Now that you mention it, I do remember him telling Fockel-san about it but I thought he was just saying it.
So that’s how it is. I’m getting excited a little.

[….Aah, no before that.]
Alex’s eyes stared directly at me.

[You, are you willing to live with me?]

With serious eyes, Alex honestly askiing for a dog like me for consent makes my heart suddenly feel warm.

I nodded my head and laughed with *hehehe*.
From the very beginning, I’ve always believed Alex to be a good guy.

When I wagged my tail repeatedly, Alex looked relieved and took a deep breath.Yorugen who was watching the whole exchange stated laughing.
[In the end, everything turned out just fine, huh.]
Yorugen stroked my head and handed me over to Alex.
[This guy, because you left from the store, he went and searched for you himself.There’s no way I’ll have any objections. Please take good care of him.]
[Yeah. So, how much do I have to pay?]
[That guy is for free.]

Eh, I’m for free?
I’m slightly upset.

[Well that’s….]
[If you feel sorry for him, buy him some food or something.]
[I understand.]
Yorugen once again pet my head.
[You’re not so bad. i’ll also tell Kenneth about it. That you seem to have found yourself a good owner.]

After that, we once again rode on the horse and headed home.
That house was about 10 minutes away from Yorugen’s shop.It is an old two-story building built in a side street from a lively avenue after crossing a few lines. The surrounding houses all felt like that, and they were build close to each other. The colors of the walls are slightly different, such as brown or light yellow, and the shapes of old-fashioned doors made of wood are also interesting, depending on the home.
Between the houses, there was a tall black metal gate and an old door, Alex pulled the horse and entered the gate. The other side was a narrow passage sandwiched between the walls, and when I passed through it, the sight was opened at once.
It’s a courtyard.
In the cobbled square where a splendid sun is shining, there is a well and a tree and a bench which widely encircles the trunk in the center. The surrounding houses seems to be connected to this place through various doors and they can pass through here. There’re also houses which stairs directly connects to the second floor. At the back is a stable where a lot of horses are tied up.
After Alex placed is own horse inside one of the enclosures, he gave it water and did some brushing.

Leaving that place, Alex walked past the courtyard and opened one of the doors.
[We’ve arrived.]
The floor is made of terracotta and the walls are painted with white-ish color. The ceiling is so high that I could see the beams. Beyond the 10-tatami room with a fireplace, there was a small partitioned space, and there was a chaff and a cooking place.

I see.
I looked around all over and sniffed in the scent of my new home.
Yup. It’s small and warm, not a bad place.
While I was inerestingly sniffing around, the door on the main entrance suddenly opened
I was shocked.

[Alex, you here~?]

Together with the loud voice showed the face of an elementary looking kid. it’s a little girl. On the round face are two big eyes. Her eyebrows are thick. The opened mouth shows that it’s missing a tooth.

[Oh, what is it?]
Alex gave a response.
[I bought some meat from Backel’s Butchery(?) cheaply, does your place have some?]
[Aa, I’ll have some. You have some good timing.]
[Until next time–]

While the girl was handing the meat over to Alex, she suddenly turned her head and looked at my direction.
I flinched.
[It’s a dog!] (TN: No, that’s a dinasour. Really.)
Just like that, she came at me with amazing energy.
While I was running around looking for a place to hide, I got caught.
The girl was intently staring at my face, observing it. I’m scared. I’m really scared.
[Something’s mixed up!]
The girl suddenly held my head. And just like, I was swayed around.
Fugyaaa~! What are you doing?! (TN: That shout, tho. :’D)

[Hey, hey. What are you doing, Tess.]
Alex quickly stepped in to stop it.]
[Arere~?] (TN: It’s “Huuh~?” but I left it alone because it sounds cuter.)
The girl called Tess kept staring at me while tilting her head. Scaryscaryscary. (Tn: That’s how much scared he is.)
[I thought there’s something in there. Did I make a mistake?]
[What are you talking about?]
[This dog, is this yours?]
[That’s a strange dog.]

Well, so sorry ’bout that.

Tess placed me back on the floor.
[Well then, see later, Alex. I still need to make rounds to the others, after all.]
[Yeah. And you, don’t be violent towards the dog again, okay?]
[Got it.]
Tess flew off the door just like when she entered.
…That was scary.
[Are you okay?]
Alex pets my head with his hand.

Un. What was that? A monster?

I wonder if he understood the meaning behind my stare, Alex gave a small laugh.
[That was my bad. Tess is the neighbor’s kid. That house helps us out a lot.]
I think i understand why animals are bad with children. Their movements are ery unpredictable. Although that kid might just be special.

[Should I sart making dinner?]
Alex stood in front of the kiln and lit the fire, then he started frying the meat Tess brought over. An amazingly delicious smell floats over.
On the side, he prepared my food which he bought from Yorugen’s shop.
[You also eat meat, don’t you?]
Alex talked to me.

Of course I eat it!

I wagged my tail and barked.
Alex placed some of the meat he cooked on top of my dogfood.

Itadakimasu. (TN: What the Japanese say before eating as thanks for the food…. or something)
Uwaa, delicious meat!
I wonder if my taste has changed after turning into a dog. I mean, yorugen’s meat-flavored dogfood was delicious, but the taste of the real thing is incomparable!
While I was happily eating my food, Alex was looking at me while holding something that looks like a baguette that he’s eating together with meat while muttering something.

[By the way, you..]

N? I thought so when I raised my face, Alex was clearly looking at me as if he sees through me.

[You look as if you understand me when I talk.]

I was shocked.