Outstanding Dog Chapter 8

Ferdinand’s Story

[Hey, get down.]
Alex’s stretched hand caught me. I got shoved inside his vest again. I was in a daze, so it’s an avoidable outcome.
When he saw my body lying on the bed, Alex whistled.

[Well, well,]

[Don’t touch that. Do you want to be killed?]

With Ferdinand’s words, Alex raised his hand.
[Hey, hey. Don’t be so scary.]
[Just by you looking at him makes me want to gauge your eyes out.] (TN: Uwa.. scary.)
[Wait wait wait. I’m not the only one who saw it, you know? A lot of people in town saw it yesterday.]
Upon hearing Alex’s words, Ferdinand’s hatred intensified.
[That coachman, unforgiveable. Even though I told him so much to conceal it.] (TN: That’s some bad service. They should close.)
[This, is it alive?]

Ferdinand breathed lightly then pointed at the chair in the corner with his chin.
While Alex sat on the chair, Ferdinand went to the cabinet and took out 2 wineglasses and poured a red liquid to them. He handed the other one to Alex.
[Alcohol so early in the morning?]
[Just this much shouldn’t be such a big deal. To each other.]
To Ferdinand’s words, Alex grinned.

Ferdinand drained the contents in the glass and placed it on top of the table.
[I found it by chance at an antique shop called Bull’s Trap.]
[At an antique shop?]
[Yeah. Apparently, a hunter seemed to have found it within the forest and brought it out. He thought at first that it’s a corpse but when he touched it, it’s warm. It looked asleep but wasn’t waking up. It does not eat anything, does not drink, does not excrete, does not rot, it’s been in this state for many months. He took it as a living corpse and thought that if it’s an antique shop, they’ll accept it and forcefully left it there.]
[Haa, but that…are you sure that this is human?]
[Do you think he’s part of the demon kin?]

That isn’t a demon! That’s me! I’m human!
To be left in an antique shop, what the heck’s with that? Don’t sell someone else’s body without their permission, hey!

[I was taken by it at first glance.]


Ferdinand sat at the edge of the bedside and touched my body’s cheek with his hand. (TN:I’m creeped out… I wonder why?)

Hii!! What are you doing?!

[I have never seen such a beautiful person before. When I touched his lips, the air trembled a little. I thought that such frailness looked irrisistible. My sould was grabbed by it. I thought my heart would come out from my throat. I ended up buying it at the asked price.] (TN: In other words, it’s love at first sight. Hmm.. )
[Oi, just how much was it…No, I suddenly got this feeling that I don’t want to hear it.]
[A wise decision.]
With a small laugh escaping from his throat, he traced his finger from my cheek to my throat.
[…No amount of money will be enough to buy him. With him just being here fills my heart with such warmth and happiness.]
Ferdinand suddenly turned to look at Alex.

[Do you remember our previous expidition?]
[There’s no way I can forget, can I? I would love to, though. It was the scariest experience I’ve ever had in my entire life that makes the hair at the back of my neck stand.]
[We lost a number of subordinates. As expected, even I was troubled by it.]
[That was not your fault. That plan was originally dangerous. Furthermore, the expidition itself was reckless.]
[…Some time after that, all the food I ate became tasteless. At the beginning, I was flooded with guilt but after some time, I wasn’t able to feel anything. Just like a dead man.]
Upon Ferdinand’s words, Alex looked at him with idyllic gaze.

[Yet, the moment I found him,]
Ferdinand’s fingers comb my hair.
[Just like a storm, he woke my heart up. I’ve learned for the first time what affection means. To the point that it hurts. I don’t mind even if he’s a demon. He can be anything. I can no longer let go of him.]
Alex breathed heavily.
[You are aware that you’re being crazy, right?]
[Of course.]
Ferdinand laughed from the back of his throat.
[I’m aware of it.]
[Then, I won’t say anything. I saw nothing in here and there’s nothing brought in. Is this fine?]
[…Yeah. I’m glad I told you.]
Ferdinand rose and patted Alex’s shoulder.
A small smile appeared from the two’s lips.
[I’m leaving. I’ve disturbed you.]


I trembled with too much anger.
What the heck’s with this “case solved”-like atmosphere?!

Nothing’s been resolved, yet, has it?!
What’s gonna happen to my body? Is it still alive? Is it dead? Can I return to that body? Or will I always stay as a dog? I still don’t understand a thing!

Besides, other than that, if we leave my body here, something will definitely be done to it, right?
Like that thing, or like this thing. This isn’t just something from my imagination, right? I’m in a terrible pinch, aren’t I?


I once again jumped down from ALex’s vest, hopped on top of my body and covered my own face.

This is my own body, ok? Don’t just touch whenever you want–!

Was what I planned on shouting, but what came out of my mouth were low growls.

[Hey, you idiot! What are you doing?! Do you want to be killed?!]
Alex panicked and got me off.
In the corner of my eyes, I can see cold blue eyes glaring at me with heavy bloodlust.
[Th, then, I’m leaving! Later!]
Alex held me under his armpit and ran out of the room as if his life depends on it.
(TN: What about his body?! Oi!)