Outstanding Dog Chapter 7

His Eyes Are As Cold As Blizzard

Behind the door revealed a study which the words “composed” and “dignified” perfectly fit.
Beyond that, the wall on the right side opened and a man came out.

[….So noisy.]

A sullen voice that sounded like it came from hell came from the man’s mouth.
He’s a tall man wearing a white nightgown. Beneath the wavy golden hair were ice-blue eyes staring coldly at us. They look like beautiful carvings  His age is probably lower than Alex. Probably around late 20’s to early 30’s? I don’t know how differentiate between the foreigners’ looks and their age. Unlike Alex’s sense of familiarity, he gives off a chilling impression.
…Uhmmm, this guy’s that, huh. That guy who princess-carried me yesterday. That lean macho. (TN: I guess he’s terribly bitter about being princess-carried.)
So his name is Ferdinand?


With a voice which sounds like it came from beneath the earth, Ferdinand called out the old man’s name.
[I said not to let anyone approach.]
[Yes! My deepest apologies!]
The old man bows his head deeply.
“Please don’t blame Fockel. I forcibly entered by myself” was what Alex said.
Ferdinand sighed deeply.
[That’s enough, step back Fockel.]
When the old man left the room, Ferdinand lifted his forelock in a graceful manner.
[What are you here for, Alex?]

[It’s not anything urgent. Because you said I could come whenever, I just came to see how you’re doing.]
[This early in the morning?]
[Even with this, I still came here from the training grounds to shed some sweat.]
On Alex’s words, he lifted the edge of his lips, giving an ironic feeling to it.
[You probably came here because you heard something from the training groundss, right?]
[Yeah, well. What were you doing during your free time? Aren’t you bored?]
[I am not bored at all. Since there are a lot of thing to do inside the residence.]
[I see. It’s hard being a noble, huh.]
Ferdinand looked at Alex with cold eyes.

[If you have something you want to ask, then say it clearly.]

Alex breathed lightly andd shrugged his shoulders.

[It’s going around in the training ground. That you brought in something unbelievable yesterday.]

Upon hearing Alex’s words, Ferdinand took a deep breath and leaned on the wall for support.
[Each and everyone of them sure is free, huh. To the point where they start gossiping about other people’s business……Yesterday’s time the same as today’s was hell.]
Ferdinand raised the corner of his lips. But his eyes aren’t laughing at all.
「That information was false, Alex.However, yesterday’s findings are probably a misunderstanding. This masion hasn’t brought anything special…By the way.]
Those ice-blue eyes looked directly at me.

[What s that thing in your chest?]

[A dog.]

Yes, I’m a dog.
I greeted him with a small bark.

[…I don’t remember giving you permissio to bring that in my mansion.]
Ferdinand said while eyeing at me like a hawk.
Those eyes are clearly telling my that he hates dogs.

[Isn’t it cute?] (TN: Not sure if he’s dense or he’s teasing.)
[Unfortunately, we do not share the same opinion. Have you been keeping it from the beginning?]
[Nope. I just picked him up from the stables here.]
[From here?]
Ferdinand made a very strange face.
[…Whatever. For now, bring that thing with you and go home.]

Feeling his intent on kicking us out, I twisted my body in protest.
[Hey, hey, stay still.]
Alex said.
But I couldn’t sit still.
I’ve been holding myself back as the 2 of them were talking, but I couldn’t help myself from being bothered about the room that Ferdinand came out from. The door was slightly open.

If he has my body, it most definitely is in there.
Uwooo, I’m reaally curious!
Is that body really mine, or is it not, I wanted to know at least that much! If not, there’s no meaning in my coming here!

With all my might, I jumped from Alex’s vest. I fell and rolled on my back. It hurts bit, but I don’t have the time for that! I ran towards the other side of the door in a sprint.
[O, Oi!]
Alex quickly stretched his arms to catch me, but I dodged it with all my might and slipped inside the door.

In the middle of the room, there’s a huge canopy bed.
I jumped with all my strength and landed on top of the it.

On top of the bed, there lies me.
Flowing black hair. Long curly lashes. Above the eyebrows, there’s an old scar I got from hitting my head on the table.
There’s no way I’ll make a mistake on this. It’s a face I’m familiar with.
And then, I noticed.
My clothes are different.
I was wearing a gakuran yesterday but now, I’m wearing a wierd-looking sleepwear that’s a golden colored telon*(?). Is this what’s called a silk pajamas?

Slowly, power leaves my body.

Geez, who is it? Don’t just selfishly change my clothes, idiot!