Outstanding Dog Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Searching For An owner
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I was swinging my tail when a customer approached.
[Oh, this guys looks lovable.]
The customer crouched down and pet me.
Yosh, I have a good feeling about this.

[Yo, what are you looking for?]
Yorugen came out from the back and called out to the customer.
[Yes, I’m here to see whether there’re any Hennexian children here.]
[Then just your luck. There’re good one’s delivered just recently.]
The customer went past by me.

It’s a miss. However, I will not back down here.
Let’s go with the next one, next.
The deadline is only one week. I must work hard to find me a good owner.

I was quite free inside the store.
Since I arrived at the store, there’s only been one little incident that happened.
The cage we were in was somehow open. I think it was when Yorugen fed us food. But the cage was placed pretty high up, so I was worried that my siblings would fall off.
I desperately held onto the door and tried to prevent my siblings from approaching while calling for Yorugen’s attention.

Here, it’s open. Close it.

Was what I wanted to say, but the onlly sound that came out from my mouth are *kuun kuun*.
But Yorugen noticed and quickly locked the cage.
Yorugen looked at me with wonder, but he seemed to have thought of something so from time to time, he’ll let me out of the cage and let me roam free inside. At first, he only lets me out for a short period of time, but gradually, he seemed to have noticed that I have no plan to leave the store so the time I’m free to roam around increased.
I take walks inside the store appealing to the customers, observing the various anmals inside and sometimes being scared by them.

Yorugen’s shop seems to be doing well, various customers enter the shop. There were rich people, wierd people who wear hoos, and also sword-bearing people who look like knights.
I learned from the conversations I heard in the shop but, my siblings weren’t dogs. They’re beasts called Hennexia and that they accompany knights to travel to strange places, they’ve been approved to do a lot or hard and dangerous jobs and that a lot of people buy them .Because they’re smart and brave, it seems the can be made into an escort.

Thhe store also sells a lot of other animals with special traits like the birds which are used for viewing in the palace garden, or a small animal that can especially locate a vein, they’re all wierd. That’s why a lot of customers with clear objectives come here.
My siblings were the reason why the knights visited the store. They’re being purchased one by one so quickly, somehow, even my nose have grown long..

Before I noticed it, all my siblings have all been sold and I’m the only one left.

I’ll just say this for the sake of my honor, it’s not that I’m not popular. No, in fact, there was a guy wgo wanted to buy me.
But someone,
[How much is this guy?]
When he called out to Yorugen, Yorugen looked at that man from head to toe,
[Sorry, that guy’s not for sale]
Was what he said.
It seems that Yorugen really intends to follow the brown-haired guy’s request to find me a good owner. I’m grateful but I think Yorugen’s standards are way too high.
And, I’m a leftover.

But there’s one person which entered Yorugen’s sight once.
That person was a knight.
He was a huge macho man with thick, dark-brow hair falling up to his shoulders. At first glance, he looked stiff and calm, but when he talked to the man with him, his eyes sometimes shined with mischief, and he looked like and easy-going person.
Initially, the man looked at the cage uninterestingly.
I was jealous of the machoman’s muscles. I was observing him while wondering how he obtained those muscles.

Suddenly, I met eyes with Macho.
Macho was like “Oh”, as he kept looking at me..
I also looked at Macho without losing.
It became something like a blind date.
When I tilted my neck wondering what’s with the situation, Macho suddenly loosened his mouth. He folded his index finger and wiggled it back and front. (TN: The “come here” gesture with the finger.)
Was he calling me over?

When I trotted to Macho’s feet to sit, Macho squat down beside me and held a finger up my nose. I sniffed out its smell.
Somehow, he seemedd like a good person.
I baselessly concluded.
When I wagged my tail, Macho scratched my cheeks and my chin.
Ah, what’s this, it feels good a little.

[You buying it?]
A voice suddenly came out which surprised me. It was Yorugen.
[Ah, no.]
MAcho stood up.
[Sorry. I have no plan to do that. I’m just accompanying a person today.]
The Macho’s thumb pointed at a guy who was intently looking through the cage over there.
[I see.]
Yorugen didn’t say anything else and went back to the ccounter.
But I was surprised. Since it’s the first time I heard Yorugen say those words.
WHen Macho left the store, he patted m head.
The only time Yorugen tried to sell me was only that time alone.
And the morning of the seventh day finally arrived.
If nobody still buys me today, the brown-haired guy was bound to get me tomorrow.
Since I was raised in that house, I don’t really mind going back, but since I’m already here, I’d like to meet a new owner. Or rather, I don’t want to be unsold.

[Alright! I’ll do my best.]

Welcome. Hello.

I sat at the entrance and when I see a person who I think is nice pass by, I wag my tail to get their attention.
[So cute~]
In response, a lot of people stop their tracks.
[Uwaa, how irresistible!]
[What thhe, this guy sure has an adult-like expression.]
There were people who said so.
I was stroked a lot by a lot of people.

How about me? Won’t you buy me? I’m really cheap!

MAny people also ended up entering the shop. It’s livelier than usual. There was also a person who wantedd me.
…But Yorugen won’t give his consent.
Just why is it, jeez?! the previous mother and daughter pair even looked rich! Yorugen should also benifit if gets sold, but I just don’t understand his selling criteria.

It’s already afternoon and the sun is settingg. I was lazily sprawling in the shop’s entrance and watched att people passing by.
There were lesser number of people passing boring me as I opened my mouth to yawn.

In a distance is a two-horse-drawn wagon making clopping noises as they approached. Something is being unloaded from the wagon. A glass case?
Whether the driver has noticed that thier luggage was swaying, their running speed was horribly slow, enabling a passerby to ttake a peak at what’s being carried, who att once revealed a surprised expression.

Eeh, I’m so curious.I wonder what’s inside?
I hurriedly climbed up the wooden box on the side, and once the wagon passed by, I took a peek inside the case.

And then I saw it.
The shock at that moment was so terrifying.
I was so surprise, my mouth fell wide open.

What was inside the case, was me.