Outstanding Dog Chapter 35

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


35 How to be a Splendid Dog

It seems that I collapsed in the outdoor bath so I was carried out from the hot water in a hurry, the cloth was wrapped around my body and I was laid in the shade of the tree.

….Somehow, I’m sorry.

Above my head, I hear Ferdinand and Alex talking quietly.

[Seriously, what were you doing?]

Ferdinand is huffing in anger.

[….My bad.]

[In the first, you do realize that you’re only tasked in waking Krish up. It’s because Krish prefers to be held by you at the present. However, don’t get me wrong. I have no intention to give up nor to give way.]

[Is, is that so? Got it.]

[You had better restrained yourself.]

[It’s alright…. probably.]

U, uu.

I can hear you. I can hear everything!

[What idiotic fellows.]

Grandma sighs as she waves the fan beside me.

At times like this, I wish I’m still a dog. I won’t have to show my expressions, then.

I got even redder as I pulled my own ear.

And then, I somehow managed to become human and went home to Alex’s house.

After that, the result of the discussion was that I’ll live in Alex’s house and work at Ferdinand’s mansion during the day. I will help mainly Benjamin to prepare meals and help work on Ferdinand’s territory. Because it looks like Ferdinand used too much money upon purchasing my body and hiring grandma, I thought it’s unavoidable that I will have to work for free but it seems that he’s going to properly pay me a salary. I kind of feeling sorry. But I’m happy.

And then the next day, I was called alone to grandma’s place.

Grandma said she thought about something regarding my dog body.

She said she was interested in it so grandma is currently taking care of my dog body.


Grandma’s house which I visited was many times bigger than what I imagined. It’s smaller than Ferdinand’s mansion but it’s a stately mansion.

So it was just a hobby for grandma and Tess to do some work for a small change….

I noticed puzzling things such as stones, grasses, and bones in bottles when I entered the suspicious room as grandma pointed with her arm to the center where a big wooden platform stands.

[Lie down there.]

[Eh, what? What will you do?]

As I scaredly climbed up the platform, I asked.

In a table not far away, my dog body was there.

[Your dog body remains asleep just like how your human body was. There seems to be no problem even without it eating or excreting anything. I don’t know very well, but somehow, you’re bodies are still probably connected in some way.]

That’s right.

[So that’s why I’m thinking of testing it out. I want you to transfer from your main body to your dog body right now. Because you were able to return from your dog body to your human body, it should be possible.]

[Uhm, what for?]

Grandma looked surprised on my words.

[Because it’s going to be convenient.]

Hmm? …. Will that be so?

[Most of all, it’s interesting.]

So that’s her real intention.

[Let’s use something with it.]

Eh, who will? What?

[Uhh, you see, grandm….]

As grandma forcefully pressed me on the platform, she started swinging a coin attached at the end of a string.

[Sheesh, it’s alright so just lie down. Alright now, make sure to properly look at this. You will gradually turn sleepy. You’re being slee~py.]

…..This, I know this. Is it perhaps common to have this so-called hypnosis in both worlds? No, there’s no way that’s true. Somehow, even if I see something like this, I just don’t feel sleepy.

[Your eyelids will no longer open. You’re so, so sleepy you can’t help it.]

Nope, I don’t feel sleepy at all.

There’s no way something like this will wo…. uh, huh?

Somehow, my eyes won’t open…. ?

[He’s asleep, huh.]

Eh, why?

Even though I’m conscious, my eyes just won’t open. My body’s not moving either.

[Simpletons are prone to suggestions.]

[So that guy’s really an idiot.]

That, that voice is Tess.

[Tess, gently stroke that dog’s body. As long as it feels good, the content of this body will transfer there.]

[Got it~!]

Eh, Tess is going to experiment!?

I can only feel ominous about that, though!

I can only hear a weird sound, though! (TN: *Zashu zashu* is it scraping? Not so sure.)

I have no idea what she’s doing, but stop it~!!!

[Alright, it’s not waking up. So it’s impossible to do it the same with the human body, huh. Alright, next way. Tess, we’re going out to the garden.]

[Got it~!]

And then I heard rushing footsteps leaving and I was left alone.

…..It’s quiet.

Eeh, I wonder where the two of them went.

The didn’t forget about me, did they? What are they doing over there?

My eyes, they’re not opening, and I’m getting hungry, just when will I stay like this?

From somewhere, I heard small crackling noises as if something was burning.

I smell the smoke. Then there is something that smells nice afterward.

Something’s being roasted. It’s meat.

It smells really, really delicious.

I’m hungry.

[It’s been roasted nicely.]

[Dog, look, look, it’s meat~.]

[You have to cool it down properly.]

My nose skimmed over it, it smells like fine-grade meat.

My consciousness flew for a moment and was pulled back immediately.


Yey, it’s meat! This is really delicious!

As I was focusing on chewing, I noticed.

Huh, grandma is in front of me. There’s also Tess.

Huh? Huh?

[The experiment is a success!]


Grandma was laughing complacently. Tess was delighted .


I looked at my fluffy stomach and short legs and then placed them down.

I’m a dog. I’m really a dog.

I’ve turned into a dog again.

This body has already become so familiar, it hurts.

[Then, I’ll call Alex over, okay~?]

[Alright, if you will, that noble man, too.]

[Got it!]

Tess said so, briskly rushed out.

Alex and Ferdinand? I wonder why.

While tilting my head sideways, I chewed on the meat and swallowed it.

[You’ll be able to turn into a dog whenever you want with this, aren’t you glad?]

Grandma laughed with “fuofofofoh”.

Oh, I see, that’s right. I’m back to being a dog.

Somehow, my chest was filled with warmth that I’m even surprised myself.

Yeah, my dog life was indeed fun, after all.

From now on, it may not be so bad to be a dog once in awhile.

And so, how do I turn back into human again?

When I looked at grandma with questioning eyes, she said “umu” and widely nodded her head.

[Don’t worry. Tess is calling out for help.]

As I thought, huh! There’s really no other way than that, huh!

[Here, here, it’s fine so just eat some meat and wait.]

As if trying to deceive me, grandma placed the already cold meat in front of me.

When I sighed and chewed on the meat, the meat juice spreads in my mouth.

Meat is tasty. Super tasty.

As I was currently eating the meat, I heard the sound of a horse’s hooves running from the other side of the street at a quick pace.

[Oh my, he’s already here, that’s fast.]

Grandma stands up and looks at the streets.

I perk my ears up in attention.


To the voice I heard from a distance, my tail unconsciously wagged.