Outstanding Dog Chapter 34

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
34 I’m Home


*Plop* I hear the sound of water somewhere.

The wind that’s blowing through feels good.

I can hear the rustling sound of leaves.

My body feels warm and comfortable.

I wonder where this is.


When I tried to move, I got embraced strongly from behind.

I am on top of someone’s lap. Our skins are touching.

With a splash, hot water is poured on my chest. It’s warm. I unconsciously sighed a little.

The big hands that enwrap my body gently caress my side.

From my shoulders to my arms, the thick fingertips follow.

His lips are pressed on top of my hair.

My head is being stirred, and my turned head is placed on someone’s shoulder.

Kisses are raining on my temple.


Within the comfortable feeling that I want to laugh, I open my eyes.




My heart began to pound.

This is, I remember this pattern!

As I stiffly turn my head around fearfully, the eyes that met my peeking gaze made me want to flip over from too much shock.


A, Alex!?


[That’s dangerous, Chibi.]

When I was about to fall into the hot water, Alex caught me.

[Wha, o, huh?]

[I’m glad that you seem to have safely returned to your body, more than anything.]

[Eh, eh, why?]

I explored my body in the hot water.

[Don’t worry, I just washed your body.]

[Wh, what about Ferdinand!?]

[…..That’s the first thing you ask?]

Alex furrowed his brows.

[No, uhm.]

It’s because Ferdinand always appears in this pattern.

[It seems the duty of waking up was entrusted to me. However, I was told to hold back from doing too much.]

[I, is that so?]


Alex suddenly smiled.

[How does your body feel? Do you feel pain anywhere?]

I looked at my body again.

[It’s alright, probably…… Oh, I think my mouth tastes a bit salty.]

[I guess so. Would you like to wash your mouth?]

He gave me a cup with water in it. I took myself out of the hot water and gurgled.

[Anything else?]

[It, it’s alright.]

[Is that so, I’m glad.]

Alex narrows his eyes.

I breathed out a sigh of relief.


I scooped out a water. It’s a milky, clean hot water.

[Alex, where is this?]

[This is Fontaine spring. Because it’s said that it contains medicinal properties and is good for healing injuries, it’s a good place for you to bathe into.]


So the Fontaine spring was a hot spring.

[It’s better to take our time. It’s been awhile since you soaked in hot water, right?]


My dog body would be washed by Benjamin from time to time though.


[it’s a nice scenery.]

The natural outdoor bath was superb.

The trees in the forest encircled the spring like a ring. The steam rises to the sky in a swaying manner.

The sky was light blue and clear. It’s already morning.

The feverishly hot water feels good.


When I noticed, Alex was gazing over my direction with gentle eyes.

[Uhm, wh, what is it?]

[…..No, I just thought how glad I am that you’re able to get your body back, that’s all.]

[Yeah….. I’ve caused  you troubles because of it. Sorry.]

[Because that was my fault.]

[That’s not true.]

I shook my head sideways.


Silence once again dawned.

Alex is right next to me. It’s a distance where I can touch him if I reach out my hand.

I suddenly realized that fact and my heart has become full.

We don’t have to part with each other anymore.

[I’m glad.]

I lightly muttered.

[About what?]

Alex asks.

[Because from now on, I’ll be able to come home in Alex’s house.]


Alex looks at me as if he’s taking my words in.

[Uhm, remember when I went to see you when I was a dog?]


[I, at that time, wanted to see Alex so bad….]

Ah, now that I remember it, my chest hurts.

[I missed you, so much.]

Alex slowly narrows his eyes.

[….Me, too.]


Gradually, my chest started pounding. My heart is starting to beat faster.

Ah, this is bad.



[Wh, what is it?]

[Is your heart pounding again?]

[Y, yeah.]

How can he tell?

[….Then that’s bad.]

[Eh, what is!?]

[….I want to touch you for bit, is it alright?]

[Uwa! U, wai, wait a minute!]


While I was panicking, I desperately calmed down my strongly beating heart.

I took deep breaths and closed my eyes, took another deep breath and opened my eyes again.


[I, it’s fine.]

As I said that, Alex laughed a little and bent over my body as his lips brushed past mine, giving me a very light kiss.


[Thank you for coming back, Chibi.]

Alex says in a gentle voice.

Suddenly, the inside of my chest was bursting full with happiness and warmth.

[….I’m home.]

I laughed with a “Hehehe”.


Alex squinted his eyes as if seeing something bright and took in a small breath.

[….Sorry, can you allow me a little more?]

[Eh, ye, yeah, fueh?]

His arms encircled my body and gently pulled me closer. I was held tightly by his big body.

Once again. Alex’s lips are on mine. So soft, somehow, inside.


Fu, fuwooooo!

The blood! The blood is rushing to my head!


[He, hey, Chibi!?]

Alex is saying something.

I placed my head on Alex’s shoulder.