Outstanding Dog Chapter 33

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
33 That’s Mine!


I was asked by Ferdinand.

I was asked something extremely important.

Uhm, uhh.


My heart is beating so fast.

I have to answer something, but in reverse, my mind is pure white.

When I froze, I felt Ferdinand sighing. His hand stretched and patted my head.

I reflexively twisted my body to look at Ferdinand’s face. His expression as he looked at me with a smile looks a bit sad.

For some reason, my chest squeezed tightly.


Uhm, right now, I also quite like Ferdinand a lot, you know…?


I stretched and licked the place below his chin.


Somehow, a dramatic response was given.


[Found it!]

Alex who went ahead shouted in a loud voice.


Ferdinand and I both looked to the front in a snap.

Beyond the black darkness, while the shadows of trees are emerging, a pale light crosses quietly.

Small sounds of twigs snapping rang out.


There was a man.

With his body glowing in the pale light, with a mysterious smile, he was lightly walking.

Somehow, it’s as if I’m seeing a dream.

If someone who does not know of the situation sees him, he’ll definitely see such a suspicious anything other than human.


But that body was, without a doubt, mine.


I am, in the forest, walking naked.


What’s with this situation. It’s unbelievable.

Why am I shining?

Eh, what do I do with this? When I looked around wondering what I should do, Ferdinand and Alex look like their soul left them while staring at my body.


You, you fools!!!


I bit on Ferdinand’s arm.

[U, ah, Krish?]

Ferdinand blinked his eyes.

Alex puts down grandma who’s in his back.

[Hey, what should I do?]

[The zwalta’s weaknesses are salt and iron. First, detain him and we’ll use both to chase it out from his mouth.]


[Don’t injure Krish’s body.]

[Of course.]

Ferdinand put me down to the ground near grandma.


Again, the two of them drew their swords.

Probably noticing the presence of iron, my body turned around and went towards the inner part of the forest.

[It’s running away!]

We hurriedly followed after my body.

My body ran in the forest with lightness unthinkable of me but, its speed was still incomparable to Ferdinand and Alex and after a while, they caught up.


The moment Ferdinand tried to grab my body’s arm while shouting.


My body lightly left the ground.


I am, in the forest, while being naked, flying.


My eyes suddenly started spinning.

Nono, this is not the time to lose my consciousness.

I have to stop that idiot. While flying naked in the sky, the place that shouldn’t be seen has become even more visible!

I’m about to cry already. My, even though it’s my body!


For a moment, Ferdinand and Alex looked up at my body as if they were mesmerized.  Because my body is in the forest, it’s difficult to catch it from above because the branches are getting in the way so Alex took out a knife from his pocket, took aim and threw it with amazingly fast speed.

The short sword howled as it grazed my side.  My body stopped moving after being surprised.

In that gap, Ferdinand jumped to my body when it put its feet on the side of the tree and pushed over to the ground vigorously.


Alright! They caught him!


My body was still trying to escape as it twisted its body around.

Alex who slipped from behind pinned my body down.

[Now! Make it take the salt in!]

Grandma shouts.

While holding down my body from the top, Ferdinand took out the bag containing the salt from the pocket, and when he caught my chin, he turned it upwards.


It was that time.

My body, with a sad expression, tears came trickling down.



Ferdinand and Alex took a breathe in.

[….tch, Krish….!]

Ferdinand dropped the bag containing the salt.


Wai, what are you doing!?

That guy, even though he’s me, he’s not really me!


When it tried to unexpectedly run away, Alex pushed Ferdinand’s body aside.

He held the content inside the bag in his mouth just like that and  pressed on my body.




Surprised, my body trembled.

……Uhm, that, he’s using his mouth to have it drink the salt, right? …..But no matter how I look at it, it’s that, it’s a kissing scene.



For quite a while, Alex kept still with his lips blocking mine.

My body was trembling quite a little while, but eventually it stopped moving and became quiet.

Alex slowly released his lips.


[It’s coming out!]

Along with grandma’s voice, my body twitched again and something like a black mist burst out from its mouth.




Ferdinand’s reaction was quick.

He swiftly brandished the sword he pulled out and cut the haze into two.

He aimed for the moment when the foggy haze gathered again and slashed it again with a sword covered in salt.




A small sound like air being sucked in was heard, and the zwalta disappeared as if melting in darkness.


[….Did we do it?]

Ferdinand let out a small breath.

[What about Krish’s body?]

[…..There are no noticeable injuries. It looks fine.]

[I’m glad.]


We did it!

We got it back! We’ve recovered my human body!

I cheerfully took out the change of clothes I brought in the luggage and put it on top of my body.

I got Alex and Ferdinand to help me and my human body has safely put on some clothes.


Now, let’s go home with everyone!

When I felt relieved, I got sleepy.


[Did the zwalta get destroyed with that?]

Ferdinand asks.

[Yeah, its foundation, that is. But because its body is an aggregated, I can’t say that it’s completely gone. We need adequate precaution in future.]

[Is that so.]

[But for the time being, you can rest assured. Well, apparently we’re back at the starting point.]

Grandma exhaled lightly.

[No problem, I know the solution.]

[What will you do?]

Alex and Ferdinand face each other.

[…..From here, Fontaine’s spring is nearby. For now, let’s go there.]


The me who was so earnest and excited in getting my body back was really an idiot.

While not noticing at all that I completely forgot an important thing, I was peacefully sleeping inside Alex’s vest