Outstanding Dog Chapter 32

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

32 To the Forest

I was once again in Alex’s vest and the both of us rode the horse together. Grandma was at the back of Ferdinand’s horse. They made the horse run fast as we went through the streets of the night which the street lights continued and went to the forest.

We ran through the  riverside I went to last time, until we arrived at the watch-tower. Maybe because there are light stones in this world, there are street lamps pretty much everywhere and it is bright, but now that we’ve come this far, there isn’t much. After we got down from the horses and tied them under the tower, I walked with everyone and entered the forest.


Uwaah, so dark.


Because everyone has lowered their light stones from their neck, we can tell where to step or see nearby, but the trunks of the trees that emerge vaguely are giving me a scary feeling.

While stepping on the branches and fallen leaves, we walked in order of Ferdinand, Grandma and Alex. I tried walking by myself but because Alex told me that it’s dangerous, he placed me in his vest.

Grandma grumbled with “The road sure is rough” or “Your treatment of older people is unsatisfactory”, but she’s walking smoothly. Whether Ferdinand and Alex are used to it, they’re walking with normal footsteps.

When I let my face out from the vest and sniffed the air, I could smell the scent of animals and plants.

Also, it might just be my imagination but, there seems to…. something in the surroundings.

I may just be really scared so I’m thinking unnecessary thoughts.


The sound of everyone’s footsteps echoes.

…..I wonder where Fontaine’s spring is. I wonder if it’s far. I feel like we’ve walked a lot but, are we not there yet?

Everytime Alex walks, my body gets swayed and the place I was stuck on is so warm that somehow, somehow….  


[Chibi, if you’re sleepy then it’s alright to sleep.]

Alex says.

….He found out. 

Actually I was a little sleepy from a little while ago.

It’s because it’s night, and it’s also dark. 

I let out a yawn and shook my head.

Everyone’s doing his best while walking and I can’t just sleep alone. At least, I should stay awake.

Alex laughed a little and patted the top of the vest.


By the way, it has been a while since I was like this with Alex.

There were instances like this before but, being this closely stuck together, the last time was probably when I was human.


That’s right, on that day at the tower, I…..


I accidentally remembered it, and out of too much embarrassment, I wanted run around screaming “FUWOOO!!”

I’m so stupid, why did I remember something like that? While being closely attached to Alex like this.

I’m too conscious about his body temperature and scent I’m dying!


[….I’m exhausted.]

Grandma suddenly said and stopped her steps.

[I can not keep up with your idiotically strong physiques. Take better care of your elders.]

Grandma distorts her mouth and sat in place.


[I’m sorry.]

Ferdinand said and stopped.

[Let’s take a little break.


They put some large light stones in the little open places, and everyone joined into a circle.

Alex and Ferdinand are looking into something like a magnet and are quietly discussing something.


I’m so glad we’re able to take a break. Let’s calm down a little now.

I looked around.

Also, let’s go to the toilet.

The number one thing I’m thankful for after becoming a dog is that going to the toilet is a lot simpler.

It was when I finished my business in the bushes.

Something got around my foot.


Hm? Did I get caught by a root?

Was what I thought but my body got pulled strongly.






Even though my voice did not come out properly, the two came rushing with great momentum.

Alex grips the ivy that’s entangled on my feet, pulling it with the momentum as if ripping it off as Ferdinand who pulled out a sword cut off.


…….Tha, that scared me.  


[It’s an amberos. Ferdinand, the main body is coming.]

A strange kikii sound coming from something reverberates throughout the air. There’s a rustling sound different from the leaves.

Alex quickly confirms if I were injured and handed me to grandma.

[I’ll leave him to you for a moment.]

[Got it.]

Grandma took out something like a cylinder from her pocket, rubbed something and made a small fire.

Alex drew out a big sword and took a stance. The light from the lightstone gleams at its edge.


Between the trees, a black shadow revealed its appearance.

Hu, huge.

What was moving windingly looks like an ivy.  Even though it looks like a plant, it’s moving. It looks very disgusting.


Ferdinand swiftly dodged the ivy that attacked sharply like a whip, Alex deflected it with his sword. To seal the movement of the ivy entangled with the edge of the sword, he swung the sword with all his strength. Even though it’s hard to see in the darkness, the two’s movements show no hesitation at all.

With a figure as if he’s dancing, Ferdinand  easily cut the giant ivy into two. Aiming for that gap when the main body froze,  Alex who stepped inside swung the great sword and cut its torso in two.



It raised a strange cry  as the monster writhed, it pulled its ivy part up and ran away towards the inner part of the forest with great speed.



[Krish, are you alright?]

The two of them ran to my side and lifted my body.


Yes, I’m safe. Thanks to you.

The both of them were so strong. When I energetically wagged my tail, the two of them finally heaved a sigh of relief.


[You guys, don’t you have any sympathy in your hearts towards this elderly body of mine?]

Grandma said  in a huff.

[Oh, sorry. Are you hurt?]

[I’m alright, geez.]


Ferdinand irritatingly furrowed his brows.

[We let our guards down.]

[Yeah, to think that an amberos  would appear in the shallow part of the forest.

[Let’s hurry. I don’t want to put Krish in any more danger.]

[The road might be somewhat bad but, should we take the rocky road up ahead? I’ll carry granny in my back.]

[Is that so, then I’ll leave it to you.]


From there, grandma was being carried in Alex’s back and I went inside Ferdinand’s vest.

Ferdinand gently held me.


……That reminds me, this might be the first time that Ferdinand has carried me.

It’s somewhat refreshing. I’m feeling a bit nervous.


Although not as thick as Alex’s, Ferdinand’s abdominal muscles were also solid enough.

I tried pushing it with my paws.

Yeah, it’s hard. As expected, he’s well-trained.

When I continuously touched them, Ferdinand lightly stretched his arm to stop me.


We went quietly through the Night forest.

Since he took a grandma on his back, the speed with which the two of them advanced was much faster. Even though it’s a rocky path, the two of them seem to be walking effortlessly.

From time to time, the night sky peeks through.

My sleepiness has flown away because of the shock from the ivy  before but, it’s already midnight, huh.


When I went into a daze, Ferdinand muttered above my head.





[Krish, do you like Alex?]