Outstanding Dog Chapter 31

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31 Sighting Information


On that same day, Alex brought me back to Ferdinand’s mansion. I’ll be scolded, they’ll definitely scold me, was what I thought but nobody was admonishing me when we got back. On the contrary, Benjamin apologized. Then, both Ferdinand and Alex told me that if I want to go somewhere next time, I have to tell them because they’ll accompany me……I was very remorseful.


And then, it was that night four days after the incident.

I saw a strange dream. 

I was walking in the Night forest.

Even though it’s so dark, I can see my surrounding. I was wondering why when I noticed something about my hands. They’re human hands.

And since the point of view is high, I clearly understood that it was not a dog’s body.

I was moving through the eerie forest with fast speed.


Not there, I don’t want to go there, but no matter how many times I frantically thought my body is not listening to me.

Even though it’s my body, it’s not doing what I want.

When I breathed out, a black haze was waiting nearby.

What’s this, what is this!


I made a sound and woke up.


My heart was pounding hard.

I just couldn’t sit still so I got out of the basket I was sleeping in and went to Ferdinand’s room.

I lightly scratched on the door and I immediately heard footsteps approaching and then the door was opened. So Ferdinand was still awake. I was really relieved.

[What’s wrong? Did something happen?]

I repeatedly shook my head.

[Did you see a scary dream?]


Yes, that’s right.


I nodded my head.

[Is that so.]

Ferdinand slowly stroked my back and stomach, and I gradually calmed down.


I wonder what that was. That weird dream.


At that time, the footsteps of the horses running from the outside of the window were heard.

There was a sign of the sound approaching and stopping in front of the mansion. The horse’s neigh sounded agitated. That kind of rush was not suited for business purpose so I perked my ears up.

Ferdinand stood up and looked out the window.



I hurriedly got on the table and looked outside the window beside Ferdinand.

It’s true! It’s Alex!

Alex, who stopped the horse in front of the entrance, helped the black mass which was riding behind go down.

Tha, that’s grandma.


I headed for the entrance with a tremendous dash.

I ran down the scary staircase carefully and jumped to the person’s body who was standing at the corner.






Alex carried me.  My tail happily wagged until I feel like it’s about to fall off as I licked the corner of his mouth.

[You, calm down.]

Alex smiles bitterly.


His words got me back on my senses.

Crap, I got really excited just now.


I hear the tapping sound of footsteps coming down the stairs from behind. When I look back, Ferdinand was there.

[Has there been any progress?]

Ferdinand asks.

Alex turned to Ferdinand.

[Yeah, we’ve finally got a sighting information on Chibi’s human body.]

[Is that so.]

Ferdinand’s eyes squinted.

[Let’s talk inside.]


Me, Alex, Ferdinand, and grandma were all gathered in the guest room.

[Geez, you bunch of young ones sure are making use this old one.]

Grandma was muttering while drinking the tea Fockel-san served.

[I picked it up on the way here. I thought it’s best if I consult about this quickly.]

Alex says.

[I was forcefully woken up.]

Grandma inflates her cheeks. 

[And, that sighting information is?]

[Dwelling in the Doundyl Forest, I caught a man taking a special mushroom while moving, and was able to hear the story. Just the other day, it seems that he saw a mysterious spirit in the Fontaine spring.]

[A spirit?]


A spirit?


[Aah. He said it just looked like it is.]

Alex’s words slightly muddled.


The spirit that the man saw seemed to be very beautiful with a black hair and a humanoid resembling a young man. He seemed to shine faintly from the inside, he was not wearing anything in his body, and was spitting something like a black mist from his mouth. And he seems to have been moving through the forest at a very fast speed.


…..Wait a minute.


That sighting information resembles a lot to the dream I was having last night.

I only have nothing but bad feelings right now.

Or rather, there’s a certain part I’m extremely concerned about.


[…..You said he’s naked?]

Ferdinand silently murmured.


There, it’s right there!

Why are you not wearing any clothes, my body!


[Are you saying that man has seen Krish’s naked body?]

Ferdinand was seething in anger.

[Wait, that’s not what you should react to. A young man with black hair, no matter how I think of it, what the mushroom-harvesting man saw was definitely Chibi’s human body. The black haze is….]


[It’s the zwalta!]  

Grandma shouted from the side.

[They are demons also known as hijackers. This point has been grasped. The man inside that dog.]

Grandma suddenly pointed at me.

[I believe that when he crossed over, the zwalta and the puppy were coincidentally near him. Zwaltas are demons who chase away the weakened animal’s soul and take over its body. When he was unstable due to having just crossed over, the zwalta intervened and he got chased out from his body and ended getting mixed together with the dog’s soul which was nearby. I do not know what happened thereafter, but somehow the body was taken away before the zwalta got into the human body. Did you say that the hunter found his body? Zwaltas hate iron and salt. It may be because of that. Although it’s the body that has once gotten away, it persistently chased after it.] (TN: Man, it’s long~ I feel my brain throbbing…)


[Oh, so it’s a hijacker.]

Alex murmurs in lowly.

[To invade Krish’s body, unforgivable.]

The wrinkles between Ferdinand’s eyebrows deepened.


[You said you saw it at Fontaine spring? I see, so it is in the southwestern part of the Doundill Forest. Then it matches my predictions this morning. In the forest, south, beside the water, this guy’s human body is now there.]

[Let’s move out soon. Krish’s body is moving. I want to hurry and catch it while the location is still pinpointed.]

Ferdinand stood up straightly.

[What do we do for support?]

[No need. As long as both you and I are present, there should be no problem.]

Ferdinand said so as he glanced at grandma.

[I’m sorry but we would like to ask you to come with us. You are more familiar with how to deal with demons than us. Of course, we will make sure that you will not be in danger.]

[Unuu*. Are we going into the night forest?] (TN: * – an expression.)

Grandma looked hesitant.

[Regarding the rewards, how about this much?]

Ferdinand whispered with his hand as a cover.

[Accepted! Leave it to me!]

Grandma stood up straight.


[Well then, if the preparations are done, let’s head out. In here, Krish….]

I feel like they’ll leave me behind so I tightly clutched onto Alex’s leg.


I’m going, too! I’m most definitely going!


[Chibi, you see…]

Alex sighed.

[Krish, it’s better if you wait here. We don’t know what’s in the forest.]

On Ferdinand’s words, I shook my head sideways.


No way, I’m going, too. I’m definitely going.

Because my body is being hijacked by something.


[Ferdinand, this guy won’t listen once he’s decided.]

Alex smiled bitterly.



I stuck out my chest and straightened my tail.

Just you wait, my body!

I will definitely catch you and put some clothes on you!