Outstanding Dog Chapter 30

 Unedited chapter.


30Just for a moment

In front of me who’s lying on top of my treasures’ hiding place is Benjamin wearing a scary face with his arms across his chest.

[Are you a dog? You are, aren’t you? Not just your appearance but I can also treat the content as a dog, right?! Aah?!]

Benjamin said while glaring at me.

….He’s right, huh. I’ve also noticed since long ago but when I’m inside my dog body, the way I think and feel and other stuffs seem to turn into that of a dog’s. When I’m inside my human body, I also become human-like, though. Is it because of what the grandma and Tess said that I’m mixed up so I turn like this?

What’s I’m covering and protecting below is my treasure.

It’s is the giant dog gum doll that Ferdinand bought for me…. or what’s left of it. The dog gum part has almost disappeared, the spring and the head were almost torn off, and the wrapped cloth has slightly loosened.

[It’s fine so just hand it over. It’s already starting to look like garbage!

I don’t want to, I thought.

Certainly, here and there has become a little…. no, it’s become really dirty, but there’s a bit of flavor when I bit the part near the cloth. The dog heart in me stubbornly refused to hand over my treasure.

[Just stop dragging that thing around already, you foolish dog!]

Benjamin’s hand mercilessly reached out.

I quickly grabbed the dog gum doll and jumped down from the sofa!

[Ah, hey wait!]

No, I won’t wait.

I ran through the gap of the door and fled from the room.

Ah, it’s the stairs. Stairs are scary.

The staircase in Ferdinand’s mansion is only gentle as it is a mansion, so even I am able to go down, but it is difficult to get down after all.

[Hey wait, dog!]

The door loudly opened and Benjamin rushed out.


I ran down the stairs as if I was rolling down.

While my heart was beating so fast, I ran through the corridor on the first floor and jumped out the back door. I cross the garden with full power and run out of the doorstep that was just open.

Benjamin was shouting something but I couldn’t hear it.

I desperately ran through the streets.

I ran and ran continuously until I came to my senses and stopped.

There were old old buildings lined up.

A big carriage passed by accompanied by the sound of horse hooves. I got scared and my body cowered.

Oh no. Just what am I doing? I ended up wandering too far outside.

I need to go back to Ferdinand’s mansion. Uhm, uhh, which way was it?

When I restlessly looked around neighborhood, a big black dog came over from the other side.

When the black dog came straight toward me, it sniffed the dog gum doll I was biting.

Hu, huge. The disparity of our body’s height is not a joke.

But I will not hand over my treasure!

I growled with the dog gum doll still in my mouth, but the black dog wasn’t fazed at all as it bit on the neck protruding from my mouth and strongly shook its head. The spring ended up snapping. Not only that but the black dog also forcefully bit on the remaining part that’s in my mouth and suddenly pulled the cloth ripping it apart.

Wha, what are you doing!

I desperately tried taking it back but the black dog was completely ignoring me as its opponent as it started gnawing on the dog gum doll(what’s left of it).

M, mine! Even though it’s my treasure!

I growled and tried to take it back but it’s completely useless.

When I bit on its tail, it glared at me as it bared its teeth and growled.

….. Scary.

I immediately left that place.

I lost.

My treasure got taken.

…How frustrating.

I felt like crying. When I was walking down the street with with a sad feeling, an unknown person passed by and suddenly lifted me up.

I was so surprised I thought my heart was gonna stop.

Wh, what?! What’s happening?!

[This guy sure is cute.]

The super wind-up unknown guy said.

[Does it have an owner? Wanna keep it at home?]

[That sounds nice.]

Y, you’ve got to be joking!

I desperately wriggled my body and scratched the man’s arm with my feet.

[Wha, stop struggling. That’s dangerous!]

[The man finally put me on the ground.

I dashed away after seeing the chance.

[Ah, hey, wait!]

He’s saying something from behind but I don’t care!

I was so scared that I desperately ran.

I ran and ran, and when I looked back to confirm that no one is chasing me anymore, I finally stopped and took a breath.

Because of sadness and anger, my chest hurts.

What the heck was that about keeping me.

Something like that, don’t just decide on your own.

I already have a proper owner.


I suddenly wanted to see Alex so much it’s unbearable.

Even though Alex is my owner.

Lately, I haven’t met him. I haven’t seen his face either.

After I sniffed the scent in the nearby, I can tell that Alex’s house is not far from here.

I thought that I’ll go to see him.

Just for a moment, only a little bit.

Since I’ve come this far, just a little. I’ll take a look at Alex’s face for a moment and then I’ll go home.

I once again smelled the scent on the neighborhood and started walking while following my instinct as a dog.

As I turned through several streets, I emerged on the street I’m familiar with.

I know this place!

Alex’s house is nearby. I cheerfully started running fast.

As I continued running, the moment I saw Alex’s house in front of my eyes, I felt so excited my heart is filled with happiness.

But the entrance door is locked. Just in case, I tried pushing with my front leg but it didn’t open.

Alex is probably within the forest looking for my human body right now.

Even though I’m aware of it, my chest squeezed painfully.

I tried going around the steel gate but as I thought, it was also locked. I tried scratching it with my feet but it still won’t open.

I sat on the spot while feeling downhearted.

[It’s the idiot dog~!]

Along with the dreadful sound of the rushing footsteps approaching, the door was violently opened.

Hi, hiiii!

I reflexively jumped up and ran around in circles looking for a place to hide.

The door swung widely open and the monster emerging from it caught me with both hands.

[Idiot dog, what’s wrong? Did you get locked out?]

Tess caught me and laughed with hahaha.

I’ll bring you inside.

Tess suddenly lifted me up and brought me inside the courtyard.

Ooh, I did it!

[So you really ended up returning to being a dog. As I thought, you’re really an idiot!]

…. I sulked.

Stop saying “idiot, idiot” so much. I can’t dispute it, though.

[Alex is away. you wait right there.]

Tess tossed me to the ground and ran away somewhere again.

After I dazedly watched her back leaving, I curiously looked around  the courtyard.

The kids are playing. The aunties are talking while doing their laundries.

Somehow…. it’s a bit nostalgic. Even though it wasn’t that long ago when I left this place.

I walked until the bottom of a big tree and the curled myself.

I close my eyes while listening to everyone’s laughter. And just like that, I fell asleep.

I wonder how long the time has passed?

[Chibi! Hey, Chibi! Are you in there?!]

I hear Alex’s somewhat anxious voice from somewhere.

The familiar sounds of heavy footsteps from the boots are getting closer.

Huh? I wonder how Alex knew I was here?

When I sleepily lift my head up, I see the person I wished to see in front of me.


A big shadow knelt beside me.

Alex’s hands lightly lift me up.

It’s Alex. I smell Alex’s scent.

Suddenly, my chest was bursting with warmth. I was so happy my tail swung on it’s own/

[You… sure are stupid.]

E, even Alex called me stupid.

When I started feeling depressed, a big hand suddenly stroked my head.

[….I’m sorry.]

I licked Alex’s hand that’s caressing my cheek.

Alex’s expression looks pained.

I’m sorry for worrying you.

That’s right, I have to apologize to Ferdinand, too.

The truth is, I was really planning to go home when I saw Alex’s face.

Because I saw Alex’s face, I have to go home.

Even though I have to, I’m sorry…. Just for a little bit.

I pushed my head within Alex’s chest.