Outstanding Dog Chapter 3

Chapter 3: We’re Being Sold

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I had a hard time translating the scenery discriptions. Just imaagine the old Europian era in general. 

Wow, what’s in here?

We got the carriage and passed by a lively town.
That’s right, it’s a carriage.
It’s shaking so bad it”s hard to relax.
When I look at the brown-haired guy’s clothes and room, it has a retro feeling to it.
So this place isn’t Japan. It’s not even an era I know of. It’s an unknown world.
Road laid with cobblestone, walls painted with white and dull red with yellow plasters, doors and windows made of wood that emanates the feeling of withstanding throught time, reddish brown tile roofs. [TN:I’ve no idea about this.]
I can see the faces of the passers by look like those of Europians. The women have wore white blouse with fluffy sleeves and wide opening on their chests paired with long skirt that reaches the ankles. There’re people wearing aprons and also people who seems to be wearing vests. The men are wearing light brown shirts, black pants and leather shoes. People who are wearing vests with strange appearances and long jackets, and also short-length pants and white tights can also be seen. There’re also people withh swords hanging from their waists which surprised me. [TN:I’m very confused. In other words, your usual ancient European style, I guess. ]
Yep. This is definitely not Japan.
Now that I think about it, therer might not be any electricity in the room were at before. I was always asleep at night so I’m not really sure.

On a building which looks like a shop, the entrance was decorated with black mettal-like thing but I didn’t understand what the writings on it meant. In the meantime, I understood that those weren’t Japanese nor English. (the language)
By the way, I seemed to understand what the man has been saying, but come to think of it, it didn’t seem to be Japanese. I wonder why I can understand it. How strange.

Within the town is full of smell and sound.
The lively voices of the vendors, the children’s laughter, and also other various noises. There are boxes that seems to be overflowing with fruits of different colors and wierd appearances. There’re also vegetables, sausages and meat.
Incomparable to when I was human, my nose could pick up a lot of attractive smell. The smell of water, the smell of earth, the smell of oil, the smell of humans, and a smell that I don’t understand. It’s very amazing, very interesting.
With our curious selves onboard, the carriage advances while shaking and making a rattling sound.

The place we arrived at was at a big street, in front of a small shop.
From inside, I could here the lively sound of animals.
The brown-haired guy set the cage we’re in down the carriage and brought us inside the store.

[Yo, Yorugen (ヨルゲン). Here are the Henexian children I promised you.] (TN: ヘネクシア* so I just made it as is.)
For some reason, we were placed on top of a counter.
Behind the counter was a plump and fat old man. The old man picked my siblings up one by one and started inspecting them here and there.
[Fu~n, as always, your place always obtains amazing goods.]
From the counter, the old man opened up a drawer and took out a bundle of paper bills and handed it to the brown-haired man. The man carefully counter the money before putting it in his pocket.

Hmm, is the old man called Yorugen the shope owner? Also, we’re being sold to this old man.
This is probably a petshop.
I stretched my neck and sniffed the surrounding.
Uwaa, there are a lot of different beastly smells.
Looking around the inside of the shop, I saw cages stacked firmly in the dimly narrow store, and there were many animals in it.There’s a big-eyed monkey like beast, a multi-colored bird, there’s also a big-eared, long-tailed animal. There’s also a small leopard look-alike. But somehow, different from the animals I’m familiar with, they all look new to me.
While I was busily looking all over the shop, the old man grabeed me by the neck.
He looked at me intently.

[So, what’s this thing that’s mixed in here?]

Eh? Was he talking about me?

[Cute, right? He’s my favorite.]
[Oi, Kenneth. We’re not handling ordinary dogs. You should know that.]
[Maa, don’t say that. Can you give it a week? Of course, it’s not for free. I picked it up from within the Hunting Forest. (TN:狩猟先 help!)]
The old man stared at me with wrinkled brows.
His face is close. It’s huge. So scary. I don’t like it, but more importantly, I feel like I heard something important just now.

Eh, what, I was picked up?
Then, to the dogs who I believed to be my siblings, they aren’t connected to me by blood? They are not dogs?
*Ga~n* (TN: imagine an anime character who’s shocked and has lightning in the BG)
Maa, I did thought I looked different from my siblings. I see, so I was an abandoned dog. (TN: my hearts just went kyuun*.)
No, I’m seriously shocked.
The facts I had no idea about just came flooding in one after another.

[Isn’t it fine, Yorugen? If it still isn’t sold after one week, I’ll just come and pick it up.

Yorugen stroked my head with his fat hand.
[Maa, it’s fine. I’ve been indebted to you, after all.]
[You saved me. I owe you one, Yorugen. I’ll find everyone a good owner. Maa, you’ve been this store’s customer so don’t worry.]
[Of course.]

The brown-haired guy picked me up and kissed me in the forehead then gave me back to Yorugen.] (TN:Aww <3)
[Stay well. Find a good master, ok?]
Un. I’ve been under your care. I wagged my tail as a sign off thanks and sent him off.

When I looked up, I was met the old man’s expressionless face.
…Ehmm, please treat me well? With that kind of meaning, I voluntarily went up to Yorugen’s arms and lifted my front leg.
Yorugen seemed to have stiffened up slightly from shock, then held out his hand to shake mine.