Outstanding Dog Chapter 29

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


29 Going Out

When I woke up, Alex was gone.

I feel lonely but it can’t be helped. Alex, Ferdinand, and the others are currently looking for my human body. It’s probably a hard work……I think.

A sigh ended up coming out.

I wonder where my human body has gone to.

I will be troubled if it’s neglected somewhere, but I’m also worried that it’s in the hands of someone weird.

Ferdinand, who came back from work a little earlier, said to me in the evening one day after a few days passed since I began living in the his mansion.

[Krish, if it’s fine with you, would you like to go out with me?]

Uhm, is that an invitation for a walk?

I answered with a bark.

I’m going. I’m so happy to go on a walk.

Taking a walk is a fun, important and special event. Though I’m still a bit nervous about going together with Ferdinand.

After a while, Ferdinand came down the stairs after changing his clothes.


That surprised me.

Somehow, unlike usual, Ferdinand’s handsomeness went up a level with his classy clothes and well-prepared hair.

[Let’s go?]

I was further surprised because there’s a luxurious carriage waiting outside the mansion.

Huh? So we’re not taking a walk?

While being shaken by the carriage, passed through a busy street and  arrived in front of a shop. It is larger than the surrounding shops and looks a little expensive.

When Ferdinand entered, a person dressed in black gently greeted him as he lowered his head.

[I’ve been expecting you, please come to the back.]

Even as I followed after them nervously, I wasn’t scolded. The fashionable people we passed through at the spacious hall are having fun while surrounding their own table as Ferdinand and I were guided out of the door which opened on the wall with the big window at the end.

It was a spacious terrace with a roof. Light stones are decorated on the pillars and walls, and they’re beautifully lighted up like electric lights. The other side is dark and I can’t see it well, but it looks like a river. I can hear the sound of running water.

In the middle of the terrace, there was a table with a white tablecloth with only one seat, Ferdinand and I came in that seat. Somehow, my seat is a fluffy cushion which looks expensive.

Delicious-looking dishes were brought in. The store personnel also served my food as if it’s a human’s. When I smelled its scent, I felt hungry.

Since I felt sorry for just shoving my face in it, I angled my face sideways and slowly took a bite.

How should I say it, it tastes expensive.

They probably held back on the seasonings because it’s for a dog, but it’s incredibly delicious.

While eating, I ended up eating the same way like always but since there’s only Ferdinand watching, will it be alright?

Ferdinand smiled as he watched me eating happily.

[I wanted to talk with you slowly once.]

Ferdinand suddenly said.

[I also wanted to apologize properly.…… that I have probably done a lot of things that Krish hated.]

The tip of Ferdinand’s ears has slightly turned red.

[When I think about it now, Krish was also close while Alex and I were talking. That’s why it might be already clear to you but, I’m attracted to you. Hopelessly so.]

His ice-blue eyes are staring directly at me.

To the kind of gaze that seems to see something that should not be loved, uh, was I a human? Was what I thought but when I unthinkably looked at my body, it’s affirmably a dog’s.

[At first, I was just fascinated by your beauty. Perhaps, I think I was strongly attracted to your mysterious figure lying without consciousness. I was so happy when you opened your eyes and called my name……You looked unbearably lovely and adorable that my chest hurt. It was the first time that I truly fell in love and I did not know what to do so I ended up losing control… It will not be a very good excuse, but I do feel sorry about it.]

….. Uhh.

Y, yeah. In the meantime, I’m glad for being a dog.

I think my human face would have turned red.

When I nodded slightly, Ferdinand let out a sigh of relief.

[……Thank you.]

Ferdinand said while swaying the glass in his hand.

[I thought that I would like to come with Krish to this store once. I am glad that my wish has come true.]

So that’s why.

I’m a dog though, is that fine?

You can see people talking to each other with a smile through the window glass, the inside of the shop is fashionable and the food is delicious, the terrace is beautifully illuminated with glittering lights and the sound of the water sounds very smooth, it’s an awesome atmosphere. I finished eating dinner with a happy feeling.

After leaving the store, Ferdinand said.

[Is it okay if we walk on the way home?]

I answered with a bark

There are still many restaurants and taverns open on the street in the evening and there are so many people trying to go home, people who are already finished, people who are planning to eat right now, and people who are about to go drinking walking around.

It’s a somewhat lively atmosphere and it’s fun.

When we are walking for awhile, I saw that there was a square where the ground was glowing with the embedded light stone on the other side of the alley.

I wonder what that is, is the ground wet?

Because Ferdinand gave me a nod when I looked at him, I ran towards the square.

[Kirsh, if you get too close…!]


That scared me.

From a part of the ground, a thin water pillar suddenly sprang out.

[Did you not get wet?]

Ferdinand asked anxiously.

I, I’m fine. I just got a little surprised.

[In this square, thin water pillars sprout out here and there. The air stone is blowing them high up.] (TN:In other words, a fountain.)


When I suddenly noticed, a pair of water blew up in the other side. The waterdrops are being illuminated by the lights and look pretty.

Somehow, I feel like there’s also something like this in my original world.

I ran to the water that was blowing up, and I bit it to the water. (TN: just imagine a dog biting on the water coming from the hose.) Uwo, my face is losing to the water pressure. I will try to hold the entrance with my feet and suppress it.

The water quickly withdrew and has sprung up from another point after a while. I ran towards it and bit it again. This is pretty fun.

As I happily played with my tail wagging about, Ferdinand who was a distance far from me was laughing a little.

I got wet a little. After shaking the water off, I ran towards Ferdinand.

Ferdinand took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped my face.

[Let’s go home.]

Ferdinand says while smiling.

When we walked back on the main street, we met the aunt who’s closing her stall as she cried with, “Oh my”.

[Hey, the handsome young man over there! How about giving this toy to your cute doggy?]

That thing that the aunt has taken out is…

It’s a very mysterious toy, a slender giant dog gum wrapped in a polka dot cloth has a spring on it and a strange animal head is plugged into it with a spring.

A giant dog gum doll…!

Ho, how marvelous…!

My eyes were sparkling as I looked at it and when Ferdinand saw the state I was in, he said,

[I’ll take it.]

[Come again~!]

Ferdinand said while giving the giant dog he just bought to me.

[Thank you, Krish. Today was really fun…. Truly.]