Outstanding Dog Chapter 28

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts


28 Me, Dog Gums and Fieldwork

The dog gum is really tasty. It’s the best..

I was completely captivated by it.

The dog gum is hard. It’s very hard, but when I try very hard to chew on it with my back teeth, a delicious extract seeps out as time pass by.

It’s seriously very delicious. What is this?

I don’t know if it’s made the same way as my previous world, but once you bite into it, it’s very hard to stop.

It’s also fun while gnawing it.

I keep my front feet on it to keep others from taking it as I continue to bite it. Even if I keep chewing on it like this, it does not disappear. Dog gum is amazing! I was so happy my tail wags by itself.

Ferdinand and Fockel-san watched me busily munching on the dog gum with a smile on their faces, but there’s one looking at me solemnly. It’s Benjamin.

I feel like Benjamin might take the dog gum from me, so I continued gnawing on it with caution.

I kept on gnawing at it continuously……until my jaw has gradually gotten tired.

The dog gum is hard. I’ve eaten on it for a while but it seems I still haven’t gnawed on it enough.  I want to bite it more.

But I’m tired.

I deeply breathed out.

I decided after looking at the dog gum full of bite marks. Let’s make this my treasure. Let’s do so.

I have to hide it somewhere where Benjamin can’t find it.

I bit the dog gum and walked.

Ferdinand has already gone and left. I can’t see Fockel-san’s figure, either.

As I was trotting around wondering to hide it, I ended up approaching the kitchen. When I met eyes with Benjamin who suddenly looked over, I jumped and quickly fled in panic.

The first floor is no good. That guy is there.

I climbed the stairs with all I’ve got and went to the second floor.

Ferdinand’s room…I can’t. There are too many people coming and going.

A place where nobody can find.

While walking around aimlessly, I found a slightly open door. I forced myself through the gap and entered the room.

The inside gives a homely feeling with good furniture in it. Yeah, if it’s here, it seems nobody will come.

I wandered around inside and found a good place. It is a gap between the cushion and the backrest of a fuzzy sofa. I pushed it with my feet and inserted the bite-filled dog gum inside.

With this, good.

I decided for this place to be my treasure’s hiding place.

….Was what I thought but Benjamin quickly found it and took the dog gum.

[Don’t just keep eating snacks. You won’t be able to finish the meal I prepared.]

Benjamin irritatingly says.


I was defiant.

[Besides, do not put this dirty thing on the guest room sofa!]

…… My dog ​​gum. Even though it’s my treasure.

I got tossed by Benjamin in the backyard.

[If you’re going to dig around in strange places, dig there. There are ridges. I will be planting seedlings there now.]

Over there has turned into a small field.

While I was still scared, I scratched the edge of the ridge lightly with my forefoot.

Soon after, the smell of soil spreads.

It’s an amazing smell. It’s the smell of soil, grass, and various other creatures.

What this is, so interesting!

I immediately started digging on the ground.

One after another,the various smell started rising up.

I stuck my nose in the hole I dug.


Something, there’s something! It’s under the ground! It’s a prey!

As I was crazily digging the ground, Benjamin caught me.

[You idiot, just how much are you digging? I told you it’s for planting seedlings. A little bit is fine, a little bit!]


I turned around on the place I was told at helplessly.

Benjamin starts planting the seedlings on the hole I dug.

It was a very plain work. Although it was also fun as it is.

And after all of that was done, Benjamin washed me again.

Ferdinand came back by evening.

[I’m home, Krish, here’s a souvenir.]

What Ferdinand gave me was a new dog gum!

[Because you seemed to have liked it.]

Yay! Ferdinand is a super nice guy!

I immediately bit  it and took it to my treasure’s hiding place.

And that night.

When I unknowingly started nodding off from having gnawed on too much on top of my treasures’ hiding place, I noticed someone stroking my body.

Is it Ferdinand? I thought for a moment but something’s different. The hand that’s stroking my body is big. Slowly and gently, it stroked along my coat. I feel like I knew this touch very well.

When I open my eyes a little, the light of the star is illuminating the inside of the room vaguely and I can see a big silhouette bent downwards.

It’s Alex!

Welcome home, Alex~.

As I happily swing my tail around while being sleepy, I can feel that Alex is laughing.


His gentle voice called out my name.

Suddenly, my chest was filled with happiness and warm feeling.

In order for him to not go anywhere, I held on to his hand tightly with my front feet as I close my eyes.