Outstanding Dog Chapter 27

This chapter is unedited.

 Awkwardly Alone With An Animal   


[And so, what about Krish’s dinner?]

[Yes, Benjamin had already prepared it and had been finished.]

[Is that so.]

[Also, there’s a message from the Willaff residence.]

[Again, they’re really persistent.]


I heard small voices from the entrance.

I perked my ears up to listen.

So Ferdinand has come back.

I got out from the basket as I ran towards the entrance with light steps.


Welcome back ~.


When I went to his feet and wagged my tail, Ferdinand showed a momentary surprise.

[Krish, did you come here to greet me?]

Ferdinand has an apologetic face.

[I’m sorry, I have not found your human body yet.]


I nodded my head.

Yeah, it can’t be helped.

Ferdinand and Alex have been going around looking for my body, haven’t they? I’m sorry, too.

WIth a thankful meaning, I waved my tail once.

For some reason, Ferdinand’s movement stops again.



I thought.

Right, that’s right. I unconsciously responded to him with my tail but, this is our first time facing each other without Alex.

Before was when i turned from dog to human……It was during the sexual harassment, huh.


When I remembered it, my eyes became distant.

This is very awkward.


When I tried to retreat with “Th, then, see you tomorrow”, Fockel-san grabbed me.


[Krish-sama, since you’re already here, why don’t you have a conversation with Ferdinand-sama during dinner?]

Fockel-san says so while secretly staring at me.

[I will pour you a delicious plate of milk.]

I could not resist the silent pressure behind his smile so I was nodding repeatedly.


So after a while, I visited Ferdinand’s room.

Ferdinand drank the tea Fockel-san prepared for him, and milk for me.

Yup. This is delicious.


Ferdinand looks nervous for some reason.

Upon seeing Ferdinand’s restlessness, Fockel-san said” Aren’t these necessary?” as he took out some cards.


Those are the cards with letters which Alex made.


I hear Ferdinand clearing his throat with a light cough.

[Krish, do you have any inconveniences right now?]


I shook my head sideways.

Nothing in particular. I’m alright.


[I, I see. Well then… that’s right,  what did you do today?]

Upon being asked by Ferdinand, I pondered.


Speaking of what I was doing the whole day today, I was washed by Benjamin, rolled the bag, ate my meal, took a nap, explored the kitchen a little, rolled the bag, play in the backyard, ate my meal, and then I took a nap.

Among those things, the one that really left an impression on me was definitely the bag-rolling.

I picked out some cards and arranged them in front of Ferdinand.





Ferdinand stopped moving and fell in a deep thought.

He doesn’t get it at all. Well, of course.


[….I’m sorry.]

Ferdinand muttered in restrain.

[I am deeply apologetic for being unable to understand what Krish is saying. Perhaps I don’t have the ability in me……To be honest, I am overwhelmed.]


….That’s right, huh.

The guy who until recently has been human (though he can barely speak) has now returned as a dog. Of course that’s gonna get him overwhelmed.

Even without it, Ferdinand originally did not seem to like dogs very much in the first place.

Thinking again, picked out some cards and arranged them in front of Ferdinand.


Dog, hate?


Ferdinand’s face quickle tightened after seeing those words.

[No……No, that’s not it. It’s not hatred, but more like I’ve just never had any interest in those animals called dogs. It’s definitely not because I think that their movements are unpredictable or that I don’t know how to deal with tem.]


Yeah, he’s really not fond of dogs, huh.


[….No, that’s wrong, that’s not it.]

Ferdinand held his forehead.

[Because it’s Krish who’s inside, so of course you’re precious. If you can forgive me, …… I also want to touch a little.]


….Is, is that right?

I was worried. By the way, I’ve bitten Ferdinand before, haven’t I.

His dislike towards dogs must have intensified because of that. If so, I feel responsible.

Uhh, uhm, yeah……Then, I’ll have him touch a little and…… see?


When I placed my forefoot on his foot, Ferdinand had a shocked expression.

[….Is it okay?]

ferdinand slowly stretched his hand forward.


His slowly approaching hand looks scary instead.

I unconsciously feel like I want to bite it.

I’m somehow feeling nervous.


His long fingers gently touched my stiffly frozen body. The hesitant hand slowly brushed along my coat.

Ferdinand’s way of stroking was very polite and I knew that he was careful not to let me feel uncomfortable. Power escaped from my stiffened body.


…..Up until now, even though I’ve only ever been sexually harassed by Ferdinand. I have always been on guard against him. But even if now I am still a little wary.

He’s not bad to that extent, probably.


[….It’s so soft.]

Ferdinand let go of his hand and breathed a relieved breath, narrowing his eyes a little.


[Oh, that’s right.]

Ferdinand seems to have remembered something as he search through his breast pocket.

[I tried buying something like this but…… what do you think?]

What Ferdinand presented to me was a light brown stick that looks hard.


…Uhh, I wonder what it is?

I’ve seen this before.

I kept staring at it until I remembered.

This is that, a gum for dogs.

…..A dog gum 1, huh.


While looking at my complicated face, Ferdinand’s face clouded.

[…My bad. Even though Krish is not a dog, to buy something like this.]

Ferdinand hurriedly tried to take it away but I stopped his hand with my front feet.

No no I’m happy that you thought of me while buying the souvenir.

I laughed and bit the the dog dum.


1 The gum for the dog obtained by molding a mixture of a main raw material comprising one or more kinds of a skin, a byproduct of an animal product, and a derivative of the skin (preferably, the main raw material obtained by roughly pulverizing cowhide), with a binder for a food contains 0.5-5.0 wt.% calcium carbonate besides them. – 特許庁