Outstanding Dog Chapter 26

This chapter is unedited.

26 Benjamin And I


When Fockel-san was left alone, he went out of the room and walked while still carrying me.

I’ve been wondering for some time now, but Fockel-san’s way of holding me is weird. His hands are both placed under my armpits, as if I’m being hanged1. This is a bit uncomfortable.


As I was swaying while hanging down, Fockel-san headed to the first floor.

At that time, a black shadow crossed the elongated glass window beside the entrance. Then, I heard a sound of banging and thumping, as if something is being hit.

Fokel-san placed me on the floor at once and opened the glass window. from there, a brown bird the size of a pigeon jumped in. Its beak looks sharp and it looks like a hawk.

The bird landed on Fockel-san’s stretched out arm.

Fockel-san took a piece of paper tied on the bird’s leg with familiarity and read it. After he finished reading, he placed the letter in his pocket and gave the bird something that looked like food and then released it back out.

The bird flew somewhere.

[It’s gotten weak.]

Fockel-san silently muttered while looking at me.


He once again picked me up the same way he was holding me and walked along the hallway. And the place we suddenly stopped to was the kitchen. Beyond the open door, I see something made of a large workbench or brick. The other side of the kitchen seems to be a backyard, and from the window and the back door I saw some trees growing with their branches on the green lawn.


There was someone in the backyard.

I can’t really tell who he was because his back was facing us, but the cuffs on his white shirt are rolled up. He seems to be washing something. Vegetable that look like potatoes were stacked up near him like a mountain.

When Fockel-san entered the kitchen and went out to the backyard, he called out to the man.





The working man stopped what he’s doing and turned around. He looks like a young man with short hair and tanned skin. His eyes look strict.

[Are you washing them?]

[Yeah, I’m almost done.]

[Is that so. I’m sorry but could you also include this person, too?]

Fockel-san showed me to the man.

[….What’s with that?]

[He’s Krrish-sama.]

The man stared me with a shocked face.

[Krish(he meant clothes here)? Isn’t that a dog?]

[A dog. Appearance-wise.]


The man’s face who seemed to have noticed something stiffened, and then ir gradually turned sharp.

[Hey, could this guy be that? He’s that, that Ferdinand dude’s2…]  

[That is correct.]

Fockel-san affirmed with a nod.


[Unfortunately indeed, I have something that I couldn’t leave no matter what. I had to give Krish-san a bath but I was at a loss for lack of hands. It was a good timing that I found you.]

Fockell-san was pushing me against the guy. The man reflexively caught me.

[Wait wait wait, stop fooling around. Why is it me? What’s that Dirk guy doing?]

[I can’t leave that to him. Because inside this is the person Ferdinand-sama treasures the most. Well then, I’ll leave it at that.]

[Wa, wait!]

[Ah, that’s right. Krish-sama might be a dog, but he’s human inside. He understands all the spoken words. Do not let accidents happen.]



Fockel-san turned to me.

[My apologies for being unable to take care of you. You must never leave this man’s side.]

[Oi, Fockel!]

[With this…]


Fockel-san swiftly left to the kitchen as if running away. Meanwhile, the mean-eyed guy and I were left alone.

….Uhhh, was his name Benjamin?


[That old man..!]

Despite the curse, Benjamin gently lowered me to the ground.

[Hey, you, dog, wait. Don’t move from there. Ah no, he said you can understand words. Be good and don’t move. You understand?!]

I obediently nodded repeatedly.


Benjamin while cursing put the water he had drawn into the cleaned basin and added hot water boiled from the pot. He repeatedly checked the temperature with his hand.


I also tried putting my paw in from the side.

Oh, it’s a bit hotter but it feels good.

[You idiot, what will you do if you get scalded?]

I got scolded by Benjamin.


After confirming the temperature a number of times, Benjamin picked me up and placed me on the basin.


Ooh, it’s a bath.

the water is so warm it feels good.


[You, why are you this dirty?]

Benjamin squatted down and using the hot water, he bubbled the soap and started washing my body.

Although Benjamin’s face looks scary and his way of speaking is rough, his hands movements are gentle. Like to prevent the water or the bubbles from entering my ears, I can tell that he’s being careful. as his fingers strongly rubbed against my belly to wash it, I sighed. He might be better than  Kenneth at washing. After being rinsed over and over again,  I was taken out from the basin.

When I shook my body, it dried up. As I thought, shaking is amazing.


Some of the water must have flown to him as he frowned.

[You, don’t do that in such a place. Wait a moment.]

Benjamin who left the place came back at once with a cloth and he started wiping me with it.

AFter wiping me dry, Benjamin once again put me on top of the grass.


[I will return to work now so don’t get in my way. Also, don’t leave this place witout my permission. Do you get what I’m saying? If you do then give me a reply!]

I reply with a bark in a panic.

[…..So he’s seriously able to understand human words.]

Benjamin muttered in awe.

[Play however you want.]


Benjamin said so to me as he returned to the chair and once again faced the potatoes.

I was sitting and watching what he’s doing.


Somehow, there’s a lot of potatoes. It looks like it’s gonna be hard to peel them.

If I were in my human body, I could’ve helped him out, though.

I look at my paws.

Run, I can. Grip, I can’t

If he’s fine with using my mouth, will I be able to peel the potatoes?

As I thought, it won’t work.


Since it can’t be helped, I gathered the skins Benjamin has peeled off that has fallen to the ground in one place.

Benjamin looked at me who was gathering the skin strangely, but when the stack of skin has gotten bigger, he finally said something.


[Perhaps, are you trying to help me with that?]


Yes! That’s correct!

I cried a bark and wagged my tail


[….Is that so.]

Benjamin entered the kitchen once more and came back with a bag clogged with bread roll.


[There is a fabric inside this. I need to rok on this one right now but, can you roll this bag instead?


I’ll give it a try.


I barked as a reply.

I rolled the bag that I got on the ground with my feet. The bag rolled around smoothly.


Yes! I can do this one!


Tei~i, korokorokoro. (TN: I think this doesn’t really mean anything. First part is probably like an expression, the second one is a sfx of rolling.)

I will try using my head this time.

Tei~i, korokorokoro.

Ah, it rolled too much.

I hurriedly stopped it with my feet.

This might be fun.


[….You, don’t get dirty.]

As Benjamin  was watching me while peeling on the side, I continued rolling the bag around.


1 – It’s like how that monkey held Simba up in Lion King for all of you guys who doesn’t get it.

2- i’m torn between dude and bastard so I just went with the less rude one.