Outstanding Dog Chapter 25

This chapter is unedited.

25 I’m Back As A Dog Again


Welcome back, my dog body.

It has been a short time, my human life.


I looked down and saw my short legs and stomach.

I don’t feel like I miss it very much. Rather, I’m more familiar with this sight. Unfortunately.

But I feel a bit of discomfort with my dog body after a shortwhile. It’s something like the clothes I’m used suddenly does not fit right. As if someone else has worn them. That kind of feeling. I also feel something a bit dirty.

I stretched out my tongue and tried to lick my back. Why? As I thought, my coat feels a bit damp.


[That’s why I told you to be careful not to do misunderstanding things.]


Grandma put me down while I was busy licking my fur clean as she sighed with a fed up face.


Alex is feeling down.


When I was kissed by Alex last night on the tower, I panicked and once again turned into a dog…. or so it seemed.

But I did not remember it at all.

According to what Alex taught me, a very strong wind suddenly blew after that and then human me disappeared somewhere when he closed his eyes for a bit, instead the dog me was stretching on the spot.

No matter how much he searched nearby, my human body was nowhere to be found so Alex quickly took my dog body home and an emergency meeting was held at Ferdinand’s residence the next morning.


[It seems you did not have the right to reprimand others, Alex. Anyway, I can’t let Krish go back with you at this rate. I’ll have you hand him over to me.]

Ferdinand looks like he’s won for some reasons.


Alex furrowed his eyebrows.

[Alex. How are you going to compensate for turning Krish back into a dog again and losing his human body?]

[….I’m reflecting on it.]

[Then give him to me. From now on, you will give priority to finding Krish’s human body. Now that the load has gotten lighter, it will be easier for you to search, right?]

Alex deeply sighed and lifted me.

[For some unknown reason, this guy’s body is dirty. he needs to be washed.]

[I understand.]

[Is it okay? You, aren’t you bad with dogs?]


That’s right.

I was worried about that too.

Back then when I was a dog, he was looking at me with really disgusted eyes.


[No problem.]




Suddenly, the voice of the black-clothed old man, Fockel-san, came from the side.

[During your talk on Krish-sama, please let me take care of him. Over here, please.]

Alex hugged me tightly once more and whispered “I’m sorry” in a small voice before handing me over to Fockel-san.

[What do you think about Krish’s disappearance?]

Ferdinand faced the grandma and asked.

[Yeah. I’m clear of one thing this time.]

Grandma took a sip from her tea before speaking.

[I thought before that this guy’s dog body got lost, but that didb’t seem to be the case. The reason why this guy’s body is dirty must be because he’s been in the forest all those times.]

[The forest…?]

Alex mutters.

[Yeah. Just how on earth did his dog body arrive in the forest when he’d turned back into human at the mansion? ……Well, there area few reasons I can of regarding that but I’m not certain. Anyway, thinking from there, his human body most probably hasn’t disappeared. I assume that his human body is either in the forest or somewhere within the city.]

[I got it. We’ll make sure to find it and bring it back.]

Alex says.


Ferdinand responds.

[I will head to the station form a search party immediately. I plan to take 2 people from your squad and one each from Deederick’s and Bonefirth’s(read as bo-ne) squads respectively. We’re gonna explore the Dawndyl forest and around the tower, and ask the residents in the surrounding area. Alex, you go directly to the forest. I will lead the whole operation. I will talk to the higher ups properly.]

[I got it….Thanks.]

[JUst to make sure, it would be better to extend the search range to the kingdom. I’ll write a request letter to the garrison of the capital and keep the seaport and the harbor down.]

Alex nods on Ferdinand’s words.

Grandma slowly stood up.

[Well then, I guess this old woman will also do some divination to search for this guys body.

[Yeah. I’ll leave that to you.]

Alex held the door open for grandma who’s about to leave the room, and then he turned to Ferdinand.

[I’m going on ahead.]

Then Alex looked at me who’s being held on Fockel-san’s arms with a sad face.


[Please wait for me. I’ll be sure to find your body and bring it back.]


My chest squeezed and it hurt.

Even though it’s not Alex’s fault.


When the door closed with a click, only me, Ferdinand and Fockel-san were left.

Ferdinand looked at me gently.

His hands twitched, but he did nothing and remained standing.




When I tilted my head, Ferdinand took a deep breath.



Fockel-san calls.

[What is it?]

[I have heard that you’re going to search for Krish-sama’s body, does that mean you’re ending your vacation?]


[That’s right. I’m heading to the station immediately.]

[I understand.]

[……Krish’s body must be washed off.]

[I understand. Please leave it to me.]


Ferdinand once again stretched his hands but in the end, he gripped them as if giving up and dropped them down again.


[….I’ll leave him to you.]


[Please have a safe trip.]

When Fockel-san lowered his head, Ferdinand headed towards the entrance as if giving up.

Just before leaving the room, when Ferdinand looked back for a moment, Fockel-san grabbed my forefoot and waved it left or right like a goodbye.