Outstanding Dog Chapter 24

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    :Fluffthoughts


24 Glowing River


[Can you ride a horse alone?]

Alex asks me.

When I shook my head sideways, Alex laughed a little and climbed up the horse then pulled me up to the front.


Oh, close contact with macho.

I can feel Alex’s hot chest behind my back, making me somewhat nervous. I was closer to him when I was a dog, though. He’ll place me inside his vest and I’ll stick my face close to his chest…… Ah, now that I remember it, I’m getting a little embarrassed.


With the two of us riding together, we headed towards the river.

Somehow, I’m getting strangely conscious whenever a part of our body touches together. Alex ‘s arm stretched out to my stomach when I was trying to move away, and I was pressed hard to his body.

[If you move so much, you’ll fall.]

Uh. Now we’re even closer than before.


It was where the sun has set.

People on the way home from work and those shopping as usual passed through the busy streets and headed for the river that I had visited before.


I raised my voice unintentionally.

A lot of people are gathered by the riverbank.  They raised a carefree laugh as they enter the river. Everyone is either splashing the water or spreading the net, everything looks different from usual.

It’s shining and glittering everywhere.


When Alex took me down from the horse, I ran towards the river.

There are fishes! There’re a lot light-flow fish swimming aiming at upstream all at once making it look as if it’s blanketing the river so the river itself looks like it’s shining.

I hurriedly took off my shoes and entered the river.

The water flows while shining on my feet.

[Alex! It’s amazing! There’re amazingly a lot of them!]

When I called out from within the river, I saw Alex watching over me with a smile.


When I put my hand inside the water to catch a fish, it went past the gap between my hands.

Guh, even though there are a lot of it!

Still, as I desperately splashed around, I finally caught one.

I did it! This is fun!

I wagged  my imaginary tail.

When I looked around me, the small children were also giving their best in catching some. When I asked them what they’re going to do with their catch, they said they’re going to sell it to the city. It seems to be a special event for children to catch light flow fish and sell it. I decided to give the children the fish I got.

For a while after that, I was playfully catching some fishes.


After a while the neighborhood became darker and darker and the number of people around me decreased.


When I went up the shore after being called, Alex took out a cloth and gently wiped my feet.

I was a little embarrassed.


[Let’s go a little further. There is something I want to show you.]


After that, the both of us rode on the horse again and headed upstream of the river.

No one is around anymore. After going past the grassland, passing through the trees, and going through the roads where the light stones pass bringing along the dusts for a while, we saw castle walls and the very tall towers that were built up of stones within the trees. The castle walls are collapsing everywhere.

[What’s in here?]

When I asked him, Alex answers.

[It is an ancient border marker. This observation tower is still active and we still use it for looking out.]

While saying so, Alex opened the entrance of the blocked tower with the key he took out.

[Can you climb?]


The stairs spiralling around the tower was quite long, it affected my legs. But Alex seems to be fine at all. Since the sun has completely sunk while we’re climbing, Alex lit our path with a lightstone. My hand got pulled a bit in the end and we reached the top.


So high. A strong wind blew through and I grabbed the railings unintentionally.


In the darkness of the quiet night, the light from the city looks warmer shining from far away. And surrounding it, the darkness of the forest extends far into the distance. The widespread fields. The black shadow of a distant mountain. The light from another town over there looks much bigger than our city’s. The line of light continues in many places along the road.


And below, there was a big river of light.

It seems as if they gather the light of the stars and shine on their own.


I breathed out deeply.

[Isn’t this view the superb?]

Alex asks.


I nodded as I gulped.

After watching the view silently for awhile, Alex talks to me while pointing at a distance.

[That is the kingdom.]

A huge light stands out from a distance.

[Kingdom? Where the King lives?]

Alex gave a small chuckle.

[That’s right. Doesn’t it look close?]

[Yeah. I feel like I can get there immediately.

[It actually takes half a day by horse.  I’ll bring you next time.]

Alex’s body moved swiftly as if to cover me from the strong wind.

[Should we sit for a bit?]


When we crouch, we’re not able see the city lights and river anymore. In exchange to that, the night sky can be seen clearly. It is full of glittering stars.

Since you’ve turned from a dog to a human, I thought you’d a least be confused but you’re unexpectedly the same.

Alex says to me.

[Eh, really?]

[Because we’ve been doing things together.]

When Alex told me that, I was shocked.

Alex once again chuckled.

[What’s wrong? You look mesmerized.]

[Which part of me?]

Alex narrowed his eyes and looked at me.

[Weren’t you trying so hard to be of help to someone? And even when you eat something delicious, your eagerness towards play, and even the way your eyes shine look exactly the same, I thought. Your stubborn attitude and also your defenseless look while sleeping. You’re so cute you make me want to push you down.]

[Uh, uhmm..]

Even in the twilight, I found that Alex’s eyes are looking straight at me. Huh? Somehow, somehow…… I’m palpitating.

[… … Would you like to return to your original world?]


Alex asks.


I was a wondered a little and turned my head.

[It will be a lie I say I don’t want to. But I think I’d better give up.]

[……Is that so.]

[I’m fine. I’m also enjoying my life in this world, I also enjoyed it when I was a dog.]

When I said so, Alex laughed a little.

[If you have any troubles, tell me anything. I want to do anything to make you want to live here. I, too… and Ferdinand as well.]

[Yeah. Thank you.]

But they’ve already done enough.

[….Ever since you’ve arrived, I’m also having fun everyday.]

[Uhm, do you mean that time when I was a dog?]

Alex relaxed his mouth.

[That time when you’re a dog, and even now.]

[I, I see.]

I got a little embarrassed.

[I was fortunate to have met you.]

Upon Alex ‘s smiling face turned towards me, somehow my chest gets painfully tightened.

Uhm, I wonder what might this be.


[The wind is a bit strong. Are you feeling cold?]

[I, I’m alright.]

[Is that so.]

It is supposed to be an ordinary conversation. From a little while ago, my heart is being strange.

It’s thumping really loudly. It’s beating so loud it might break out.

[A, Alex.]

[What is it?]

[I’m being strange. Somewhat… nervous.]

As I said, Alex slowly narrowed narrowed his eyes.


[….Me, too.]


He pinned his hands on the wall as if to trap me in and Alex leans his body down. His big shadow approaches.


My lips are being covered by something a little dry, this is Alex’s.




Fu, fuwooooo!!!


K, kiss?! Am I currently being kissed by Alex right now?!



Alex’s voice sounded somewhat erotic as it leaked out.

My heart is beating so hard I feel like it might explode.

The inside of my head just kept spinning around.


I was already at the limit.