Outstanding Dog Chapter 23

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    :Fluffthoughts


I’m Nervous


That’s right. When I was a dog, I slept in my basket. Because I got bigger, I won’t fit in the basket and the only bed is on the second floor.

Why have I noticed it until now?

If it’s a normal time, I would say “I’ll just go sleep on the sofa”, but there’s no sofa in this house.


That’s why I quietly get in the bed together with Alex.

The blanket was fluffy and felt comfortable. It’s because I dried it.

But….I’m nervous.

No matter how big the bed is, it will be very embarrassing for two men to sleep together.

Alex is sleeping at a distance where if I move my arm, I’ll hit him. I can feel his body temperature. His breathing that sounds like gentle sighs immediately travels to my ears.

So close. He’s too close.

Once I became an adult, I thought for a moment that I’ve never slept with anyone this close up till now, but that’s not the case.

Ferdinand’s distance was way closer than this.

….No good. I ended up remembering something strange.

I shook my head hard.



Alex calls me with a low and gentle voice.

[Wh, what is it?]

[You can’t sleep?]

[I, I’m fine. I can sleep. I can definitely sleep!]

[I see.]

Within the darkness, I can feel Alex’s low chuckle.

That’s right, I must sleep.


When I shifted my body, I remembered that when I was a dog, I was pretty close with Alex, it suddenly came to mind.

Like riding on top of his knees, or staying inside his vest. I’ve even licked Alex’s mouth.

Uwaa, uwaa.


Within the darkness, my face is burning red by itself.

Aah, I can’t sleep anymore. I was so nervous I thought I absolutely won’t be able to sleep, but fell asleep before I knew it.

And pretty deeply, too.


But when the neighborhood became a little bright, I woke up idly and I froze.

Someone’s here. No, of course it’s Alex. But I feel like he’s way closer than he was before he slept last night. Was he peeping at me?


[Ah… fuweh?]

Because I just woke up and got confused, a weird voice accidentally came out.

[Sorry, did I wake you up?]

Alex whispers in a faint voice and lightly comb my hair with his fingertips.

[Wuha…?] (TN: It’s kinda slurred.)

” What are you doing? ” was what I wanted to ask, but it turned into a strange word.

But Alex seemed to have understood it.

[I was fascinated.]

Alex said so with a small voice as he quietly descended from the bed and went out.

I froze once more.


Uhmm, it’s a dream.

I felt like I heard something, but that must be sleeptalking. Or maybe it’s just a joke.

I decided to pretend it’s nothing and went downstairs but Alex had cooked breakfast

[Ah, sorry, I…]

I was planning on making something for breakfast, but when I tried to say it, Alex smiled without saying anything and gently stroked my head.

….Wh, why?


What Alex made was sliced bread with salted meat and eggs.


It’s a manly dish. But very delicious.

[How many do I put in?]

Alex poured tea in a cup and brought it over. What he meant when he asked how many, he meant the sugar pickles1*. It seems to be a custom here to put sugar pickle in their tea. It’s the like the one we used at Ferdinand’s mansion. It quickly melts and it gets sweet and sour, very delicious.

[Two pieces.]

As I answered yes, I realized that I’ve gotten used to this world.

[You surprisingly have a sweet tooth.]

Alex says so and suddenly loosens his mouth.



I feel that air has somehow turned delicately soft.

No, we’re simply eating breakfast normally, though.

Like when Alex looks at me occasionally, or when passes me the cup, our fingers will accidentally touch is other, somehow, the air has become a little fluffy.

Hmm, has it always been like this before? Alex and I have lived for quite some time and I think it’s never like this, then I remembered.


Yes, I used to be a dog.


[Alex, you he~re?]


With a loud *BANG* as if to shatter everything, the entrance door suddenly opened.

I get weak at once.

[….Tess. How many times do I have to tell you not to suddenly open the door before you understand?]

Alex looked amazed as he said so.

[This has just been brought in today.]

Tess gives something in her hand to Alex.

[Ohh, a light flow fish, huh? I see it’s already that time.]

What Tess handed over was a bag made of leather. As I looked curiously, Alex handed the bag to me. When I opened it, the inside is filled with water and I see something glowing.


[I don’t need money.]

Tess proudly says



Alex laughs as if it’s funny.

[Grandma told me that I need to be generous to our clients from time to time.]


[Is that so. Then, I’ll help myself.]


Tess suddenly turned her head with a swish and saw me.

I flinch. I’m scared. This has already become my conditional reflex.


[It’s the dog person!]

I got irritated.

[What the heck’s a dog-person?]

[Aren’t you glad you turned into human?]

[Ah, yeah, well.]

[But you’re still mixed together!]


[How funny!]

[No, it’s not the least bit funny. Eh, being mixed with what? With the dog?]

[Yep, that’s right! And also with something strange!]

Eh. What do you mean by something strange?


[Well then, see you later!]


Tess left behind some mysterious words and just like how she appeared, she left like a storm.

As I dazedly stood, Alex approached me and took the bag from my hand.

[Don’t mind what she says. She also says a lot of meaningless things.]


That might be so, but.

Alex once again ruffled my head as I started brooding over it.


When I emptied the contents of the leather bag delivered by Tess into a basin, something elongated sparkled glaringly in the water that I poured out.


The true identity of what was shining appeared to be a fish. A slender and small sardine-like fish is glowing brightly from within the water.


[What’s this? It’s so pretty, are we eating this?]

When I asked, Alex answered with a smile.

[It’s a light-flow fish, porulia. At this time, they come up the Lange river for egg laying. There is nothing to eat in it, but it is usually for viewing. After you’ve had your fill from watching it overnight, we’ll set it free.

[I see.]

When I put my fingers in the water, the fish’s glow gets stronger. I remembered that I’ve seen something like it before. That’s it. It is a shiny toy that was being sold at the fair. When I unconsciously laughed, I noticed my gaze staring at my profile.


[That’s right, should we go out, too? You can see something even better.]