Outstanding Dog Chapter 22

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I’m Getting Fired Up


[I’m home!]

I opened the door of the entrance vigorously and looked all around the house.


Waah. How refreshing!

Because my view point when I was a dog was different, its impression looks a bit different and the space looks a bit narrow. But Alex ‘s house is simple and has warmth and as I thought, it calms me down. More than anything, it feels like home.


When I turned back to being human, after Alex’s and Ferdinand’s, long, long, long discussion about who I should stay with, it has been decided that I should first try living with Alex who I’m familiar with.


After living here for a month or so, I will go to Ferdinand’s house to live with him, and then ultimately, I will choose who I want to live with.

When I tried to ask Grandma whether I could return to my old world, she said that among the ones who have crossed over, no one has managed to return.

Even though it came as a shock, as I thought, I should give up at once and just live here.


Alex who came in after me placed the luggage on top of the table.

As I unintentionally looked at his profile, Alex noticed my gaze and his lips loosened.


[What’s wrong?]

[Yeah, I just thought that you’re really big.]


When I was a dog, I used to see him as a giant macho man. Now that I look at him again as a human, he really is macho and big.


[You have also gotten bigger, Chibi.]

Alex laughed and put his hand on my head.

[That’s compared to the dog, right?]

Back in my original world, I am not particularly short, it’s just the men in this world who are too tall!

Alex suddenly narrows his eyes.

[As I thought, now that you’ve turned human and speaks human language, it kinda gives me a strange feeling.]

[Yeah. I also feel a bit strange.]

[You can really speak words like normal, huh.]

I flinched at Alex’s words.


That’s right, I’m normally speaking this world’s language. Even though it’s just now.

Since I was a dog, I was able to tell what they’re saying, whether it’s Alex, Kenneth or Yorugen.

Because I have just learned the letters, I still can’t read and write properly. But I can somehow talk normally. I don’t know how it works, though.


[Please don’t make me remember that. I also don’t know how I’m able to speak. I feel like I’ve been able to do it after regaining my consciousness.]


Alex laughs as if it’s  funny.

[Alex, what about your work today?]

[Yeah, I’m about to go. I should really leave sooner.]

[I see, then, if you have dirty clothes then please get them out. I’m going to do the laundry.]



[There’s no need for that. Someone comes to get it regularly.]

[Are you saying you’re paying for them to be washed?]

[Well, that’s right but]

That’s such a waste!

[I’ll do it.]

[No, but…]

[I’m doing it.]


Alex shrugs his shoulders a little. He’s not saying anything but his eyes says “You really are stubborn, aren’t you”. 

After almost forcing him to take out his laundry, I asked him where the trough and talc are and I also told him a lot of things before letting him go to work.




I’m getting fired up. 

When I was a dog, I could hardly get something even if I wanted to help. And my errand has turned out like that.

But I have a human body right now!

I put my foot on a steep staircase like a ladder in the corner of the room. Because I could not climb it when I was a dog, Alex had to hold me as he climbs.

There is a large bed in the center of the small room on the second floor. Next to that is a chest and drawers for the wardrobe. The basket containing a cloth laying next to it is the bed that I slept in until the day before yesterday. The blanket on the bed has been turned upside down.

[Shall I do it?]

As soon as I took out the blanket out of the window and dried it on the sun, I paddled the bedsheet.


I put the laundry in the trough and went out to the courtyard.

Around the well, the aunts were washing while chatting as usual.


When I called out to them while approaching, the aunts looked a me as if in shock.

Oh. I see. I was a dog up until now, after all. It’s going to be “Nice to meet you”.

[Who are you?]

One aunt threw an outright question.

[Uhm, I’m Alex’s….]

I stopped what I was going to say.


I, what am I to Alex? To be precise, his dog.

But since I’m not a dog anymore… his pet?

Alex’s pet.

No nono nono. That’s wrong, that somehow sounds lewd. Rather, uhmm, his friend? No, that also feels somewhat off.


When the looked at my frustrated face turn bright red, whatever it is they’ve misunderstood, they had an embarrassed expression as they look down.


Eh, what? What were you convinced of just now?

[Uh, uhm, that’s wrong, I’m…]

[So that’s how it is.]

An aunt pats my shoulder.

[Alex was such a good man, he’s reliable and earns money so we were wondering why he’s still single. So he has a good person like you. Aah, please be at ease, everyone in this area is your friend. There will be no one who will say strange things.]

[Uwah, eh, wai, that’s wro…]

[To live with Alex-san and study how to be his bride, how nice of you. Here, get in. You have such beautiful hands. Have you ever tried doing the laundries yourself?]

[Well, uh, actually this is my first time.]

[I thought so. I’ll teach you so lend me this. We use this as a board.]


When I finished washing safely, I was exhausted.

I’m so tired. Especially my spirit.

The aunts are so amazing. They never listen to anything I say.

Still, even if I desperately try to explain that I’m just someone Alex knows, I won’t know how to properly explain when they ask what my relationship with him is.


After that, I wanted to buy something for lunch so I took the money Alex left behind and went to the market to buy various ingredients.

At first it was difficult, but I gradually got used to it and I was able to negotiate as well. It is a great improvement compared to when I dragged the bread back home.

I ate something like a sandwich for lunch, cleaned the room a bit, and then I started cooking.

I remembered how Alex managed to do it before so I was able to make a fire. I want to make something but I can’t make something complicated. I was worried so I decided to make soup just to be safe. Anyway, I just need to put the ingredients in the water, taste it, and cook it and it should be fine, right?


Alex came home while I was standing guard on the pot as I watch it cook.

[….That smells good.]

[Welcome home~]

When I turned to him and laughed, Alex looked as if he’s seen something bright and squinted his eyes.

[Just wait for a bit. Supper will be ready in a moment.]

Alex came to my side and took a peek inside the pot.

[Did you make this? Alone?]

[That’s right. I also did the laundries. I cleaned up, washed the sheets and dried the blankets, so it’s going to be fluffy.]


I reported this day’s completed chores with my chest held out. Alex only breathed a small “Ohh”.

[That’s amazing.]

Alex’s big hand stroke my head.

[Thank you, Chibi.]

The inside of my chest is filled with pride and joy.


Oh, it’s this feeling.

I remembered.

Even when I was a dog, I feel happy and fulfilled whenever Alex praised me.

I’m so happy right now, I’m feeling content.

In cases such as these, I’d be really glad if I have my tail. I would’ve been able to wag it like a fan.

But I almost did not hear words that Alex later murmured.

[It sounds like I got a bride.] (TN: Kyaa~)


…..What was that?


Beside the frozen me, Alex tasted the soup as if nothing happened.

[This is delicious.]

My heart started beating wildly when I heard the word “bride”. Wh, why is it? Is it because the aunts have been teasing me?

Even though I had never consciously thought like that.

I secretly look at Alex from below.

What thick arms. A well-trained and sturdy body. His face looks manly and cool. There are small scars here and there, it looks really sexy. He does not have beautiful features like Ferdinand, but he gives of a feeling of familiarity.

…. No nono, what the heck am I thinking?


[Hmm? What’s wrong?]

Alex, who noticed my eyes, cheerfully smiled.


Whether it’s the way his eyes shrink when he laughs or the small wrinkles in the corners of his eyes everytime he does.

Somehow, somehow…

Why do I get excited everytime I look at those thing?!


From there, we ate dinner together. It was delicious, and Alex also praised it.

After a little relaxation, we also took a bath. Of course, separately.

I was glad up to that point.


[We have to go to bed soon.]

Alex says.

[Sorry, but there’s only one bed. Are you fine to sleep with me?]