Outstanding Dog Chapter 21

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor: Fluffthoughts
What will become of me


[You, this is…]

Ferdinand came down, holding the middle of his eyebrows with his fingers.

Alex gave Ferdinand a subtle look and said,

[You overdid it. Don’t make Chibi cry. This guy has already returned to his human body.]

Alex fixed my improperly disorganized clothes.

[Can you walk?]


I pulled my legs out to take a look.

It somehow feels strange. As I thought, seeing them from high up is kind of unsettling. But I seem to have no problem moving them.

[That’s quite dangerous.]

Alex hoisted and picked me up.


Alex, who started walking with a stagger while holding me, turned around looking back at the door and said.


[Ferdinand, I have something to talk to you about later. Chibi’s dog body has disappeared.]


My dog body which I’ve gotten familiar with since coming to this world.

It seems to have suddenly disappeared.

It seemed that Alex went after me when I went to the toilet because he got worried, but what he saw from a distance was my body being enveloped by a black mist and looked as if it’s melting. He hurriedly searched all over but nothing was found so he kicked on the door to Ferdinand’s room and that’s how he saw the previous scene.


That’s right, even I remember heading to the toilet.

 I feel like I’ve seen something in there, but whatever it was, I couldn’t remember.

I wonder where it went. My dog body.


Then, Alex, Ferdinand, grandma and I, the four of us have gathered in an emergency meeting.

Right in front is the tea Fockel-san prepared and the the grumpy grandma who was disturbed from her sleep.


[Please, Krish-sama.]

Fockel-san also placed a cup of tea in front of me.

[Thank you.]


I grasped the handle of the cup and lift it up a little. Ooh. Human hands sure are amazing. I can lift things up! 

I can feel a fluffy delightful feeling inside my chest.

Since I got used to the paddy hands, I feel a little strange. Can human hands move in such complicated ways?


There is a dark-pink colored tea-like drink inside the cup.

There’s a sugar-like substance on top of of the saucer so I tried putting one in, then stirred it with the spoon.

I feel so touched every time my hand moves in various ways.

I will try drinking a sip.


N, delicious!

It’s been awhile since I last drank a human drink. I’ve always been having dog meals, after all. That was delicious in its own ways, though. And also meat.

Let’s try putting another one of the sugar look-alike.

Oh, it became sweeter! I find this flavor delicious.

I tried extending my hand towards something that looked like cookies.

Wow, it’s super delicious!


While I was being occupied eating the cookie, I could feel gazes towards me. When I suddenly raised my face, Alex and Ferdinand who sat on both sides were staring at me.

Wh, what?


When I met with Ferdinand’s gaze, his cheeks somehow turned red and he looked away.

I had my hair rubbed by Alex’s big hand.


[Well, for the time being, you seemed to have been successful. Well done, well done.]

Grandma kept nodding her head and said “yes, yes” by herself.


Yeah, that’s. I feel really glad, though.


[So, is it fine to think that Krish will be able to live like this from now on?]

Ferdinand asks.

[Yeah. Well, I can’t say for sure since I have nothing to base it on, but most probably, there’s nothing to worry about.]

[I see.] 

Ferdinand let out a sigh of relief.

[However, being to relieved is also not good. that guy’s soul is still unstable. You should be extra careful when dealing with him so as to not give him a shock. It’s possible to stop doing naughty things for now.]

Ferdinand and Alex glance at each other ‘s face for some reason.


[Regarding the disappearance of his dog body, how do you think should we proceed?]

Alex has asked.

[I don’t know about that. But if you are sure that your dog’s body disappears, that must have been why at the moment that this guy’s soul was drawn to the human body. Because this guy’s and the dog’s souls are mixed up, when the soul enters the human body, it’s either the dog’s body has disappeared or, due to something else, was being sent somewhere… Either way, that has no longer a soul and has now become an empty shell. It shouldn’t cause that much of a problem even if it’s gone.]


Alex is making a face as if he’s not satisfied.

Grandma then let out a big yawn.

[Is it fine with this? If it is then I’ll take my sleep. The bedding of this mansion is quite good. As long as I’m not awakened forcefully in the middle of the night, that is.]

[Aah, sorry about that. Please take a good rest.]

[Yeah, I’ll do just that. Aah, that’s right.]


Grandma turned back at the door and look at me.

[By the way, what are you going to do from now on? Among the two of them, who are you going to live with?]


[Originally, your real body was owned by that noble, and your dog body was owned by that guy, right?]


I felt​ like I heard a crackle of electricity as the tension inside the room turns heavy.


“Fuofuofuo”. Grandma laughs as if she’s having fun.

[My my, this isn’t an issue that an old bones like me should interfere with. Sorry about that. Well then, see you tomorrow.]

Grandma disappeared with a teasing smile and when the door closed with a *click*, the eery silence expands inside the room.

To the point where I can almost hear a *Shiin* sound.


I stiffly turn to the right and look at Ferdinand. Silence.

I stiffly turn to the left and look at Alex. As I thought, silence.

And for some reason, the look they’re giving each other feels chilly.


When I drank some tea, the sound of when I swallowed echoed within the room.