Outstanding Dog Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Becoming Defiant (?)

I’m a dog.
Maa~ that’s what I’ve become so I can’t help it.

I had no idea when I’d fallen asleep but I felt strangely refreshed when I woke up.
When I noticed that I’ve turned into a dog, I thought I’d be troubled for a while, but surprisingly, I’m not depressed or even troubled by it.
Is it because my brain is that of a dog’s?

As I was about to open my mouth to yawn, my puppy sibling came over and licked my mouth.
Ou, good morning.
As I placed my front legs on its shoulders and mimick the dog’s way of biting its neck, brother doggy’s eyes twinkled as he pounced at me. *Kapukapu* My feet are being bitten. What’s this bastard doing? I got carried away and a fight started before long. We both bit each other’s ears and tail using our newly-sprouted canine teeth. When I mistook my strength control, I’d get railed at. After that, we played tag, running around the room with all our might.

The interior or the room was very small and simple. It’s wall made of wood was full of scratches. Above a small shelf, a piece of cloth was left. I that thing stuck into the wall a lamp? There are also various things loitered around. From the big window came in plenty of sunlight.
After we played a lot, we bundled up together, kicking and being kicked as we go to sleep.
Un. A dog’s life sure is fun.

As time passed by quickly, I’ve grown a bit bigger.
My stomach is still round as usual and my limbs are still short but my legs have grown a bit longer, enabling me to move around easier
My doggie siblings are also gradually getting bigger. I am still acting puppy-like as puppies are, but my eyes are properly opened and my ears are standing alertly. It’s just that the length of my legs differs from my siblings which wprroes me. Everyone else has shiny reddish brown fur on their bodies with big black ears. Their pupils are gold. It’s very shiny, it looks beautiful and cool.

The brown-haired man comes daily and puts us in a scale to check our weights.
[Checking for eye problems, all good. The mouth, good. The butt, okay.]
Everyday, my eyes are checked, my mouth is being surveyed and my butthole is being stared at.
It’s humiliating. However, as I experience these things everyday, I somehow got used to it. He’s taking care of our poop, as well.
This guy is probably a breeder, is what I thought. From morning till late at night, he takes care of us . However, I don’t see any other personel or other dogs aside from my siblings.

[It’s almost time now…]

As he was checking our conditions, the brown-haireed man muttered.
As I thought, “N?”, the man looked up.
[The delivery time is… three days, huh.]
As the man briskly looked at the note posted on the wall, his voice leaked out.

Could it be…

The foreboding that passed through my head came true three days later.
Apparently, we’re being shipped.
The prevvious day, when the brown-haired man was enthusiastically observing us, he seemed pleased with our growth and gave a nod before placing us in a box and then carried us into a tub of lukewarm water. (?)
Since it’s the first time my siblings have seen such a huge amount of water, they were curiously looking all over. But when the man started to pour water on us one by one to wash, they didn’t like it and started crying “myumyu”.
After the man finished wasging us one by one, he wiped us with a towel to dry. My sibling also started licking their own bodies actively.

Yoshi, it’s finally my turn now.

I walked until the edge of the tub and sat before the brown-haired man and looked up to him.
My wait is done. Please do it at once.
The man laughed a little and lifted me up.

[What is it? Do you want to be washed?]

The man somehow placed me on the top of his knees and earnestly scratched my head.
Yes, I, for once, am a former Japanese person so I like taking baths.
I stuck out my chest and wagged my tail.

[Is that so? Alright, then.]
The man placed my in the tub with a splash. The water was no longer different from a cold water but in a dog’s perspective, it’s not a problem.
It felt good to have my body washed. The man gently rubbed my body. I’ve become attached to his soothing touch.
[That’s right, should I take you with me for once?]
The man murmured quietly.

N? Was he planning on leaving me behind?

[Well, it’s fine even if we can’t find your owner. I’m planning on keeping you as you are.]
The man said so as he earnestly scratched my head again.

…Uhmm, wasn’t I supposed to be for sale?
I thought for a little bit, then I gaped.
No, from the very beginning, I thought that my fur color isn’t pretty, my ears seem small and my legs are shorter compared to my other siblings.
Is that why? Am I that ugly?