Outstanding Dog Chapter 19

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts
Granny’s Arrival

[It’s the stupid dog!]


I was swung around by Tess who jumped in after opening the door.

I’m getting dizzy~

[Hey, stop it, Tess.]

Alex intervenes

[Okay, got it.]

I was thrown so high that I thought I’d really die this time, thankfully Alex was able to catch me.

I really don’t like this guy.

[Tess, how many times do I have to tell you not to be violent to the dog? And how was that thing I asked of you?]

[It’s about grandma, right? I’ve brought her properly! Grandmaaa~!]

When Tess called out while facing the entrance, a weird grandma appeared. Anyway, it’s a suspicious  grandma. She’s small, all wrinkled up, stands with a cane, and has a necklace rattling on her neck. She looks like a witch.


Alex also seemed to be suspicious and was lamenting with a weird expression when the old lady suddenly said with wide eyes.

[Don’t tell everyone!]

That surprised me.

[I heard that it’s a request from a nobleman but.]

[Aah, no, well, that’s right.]

[Lead the way.]

Because the grandma directly went out, we hurriedly went after her.

Because a carriage has already been prepared beforehand, we rode on it and headed to Ferdinand’s mansion.

The sun was already setting.

Somehow, everyone is being quiet.]

When we arrived outside the mansion, the old lady muttered an “oh” and said to Tess.

[What a huge mansion. Good job, Tess.]


[I’ll give you a share of 9:1.]

On the side, Alex was scratching his head.

We were greeted by Fockle-san and were guided to Ferdinand’s room.

Ferdinand suddenly appeared scaring the two women stiff. He seemed to have something to say as he looked at Alex in the eyes and Alex kept shaking his head as if saying sorry.

As the old lady shakily entered the room, she started looking around.

[So where do I go?]

[? Who are you…]

[Don’t tell everyone, I already know. Don’t worry and leave everything to this old woman. I see, it’s that room over there.]

The grandma entered the room in the right corner.

[Alright, alright, the old woman has come. There’s no need to worry anymore.]

While saying so, grandma approached the bed.

However, when she saw my body covered in a blanket, her movement stopped.

[Hm? Isn’t it supposed to be a young lady?]


[Huh? I thought that the noble guy has accidentally impregnated a woman and has asked me to do something about it.]

[Oi, wait a minute, who would so something like that…]


Ferdinand who has kept silent sighed deeply.

[You are not telling me that this is the solution you’ve found, are you?]

[No, well, it is but…]


Grandma suddenly noticed me and was staring deeply at me.

S, scary.

Grandma took me out from Alex’s  vest and started swinging me vertically.


What? What is it?!

[Stop it! What are you doing, granny?]

Alex takes me back.

Really, what was she doing? She behaves just like Tess! Blood ties sure are scary!

[That guy is completely mixed up.]

[….You can tell?]

Grandma nodded her head.

[I can. That something else is mixed in, that is. It’s a splendid one. It’s the first time I’ve seen one.]

[Wha! So he’s really mixed with something? What a strange dog!]

Tess laughed happily.

Alex and Ferdinand looked at each other.

[Granny, what we wanted to consult was about this matter.]

Fockel-san told Tess he’d give her sweets and took her outside. Alex and Ferdinand told grandma about the issue.

[….I see.]

Grandma took a sip from the tea Fockel-san served and deeply nodded.

[I could understand the gist of things.]

[Is there a way to fix it?]

[Well, don’t be hasty. Even for me who has lived for over ninety years, it’s my first time encountering something like this. However, it’s not that I have no idea. Crossing over from a different world is really an interesting thing. When that guy passed over to this world, somebody interfered and the soul entered the dog’s body instead. However, what is strange is that that guy’s soul and the former dog’s soul are getting mixed up together. To the point where it’s hard telling them apart.]

I, is that so?

[Can you do something about it?]

Alex says.

[It’s possible.]

Grandma answered briefly.

[It is?]

[Moreover, didn’t you say that this guy was able to return to his body unconsciously? If so, it’s easy. Just remember how he did it and do the same thing.]

[At that time, you say…]

[You, what were you doing to that guy?]

Grandma glared at Ferdinand.

Ferdinand remained silent but he’s probably thinking of something bad inside his head.

The edge of his ears are red.

[Were you doing something mischievous which you can’t say?]

[Wait, who said such a thing? I have not done anything.……It’s just, right, on the first time, I pinned him down. I did touch his body a little, but I was just stroking. The second time, I was washing his body……That’s all.]

When I stared at him, Ferdinand hastily averted his gaze.

[As I thought, you did something to him.]

[Oi, wait.]

[You don’t have to hide it. This is something important.  Even though you were just doing whatever you wanted, that guy’s felt good because of it. The problem is there. In my opinion, the soul that came with that dog’s body would have noticed the feeling that the human body feels while sleeping. So, it was unconsciously attracted to where it felt good.]

[….I see.]

[In other words, you just have to make him feel good and he’ll return to his body.]

[….So you’re saying?]

[You should just start doing something naughty.]


I wanted to shout with all my might.

What? What is this grandma talking about?

Why are you recommending sexual harassment?!?!?!?!

While I was protesting violently, Alex said.

[Hey, isn’t there any other way? This guy really hates it. I don’t like it either.]

[That’s the only solution I can think of.]

Grandma admittedly said.

[No, it’s a great reference. Thanks.]

Ferdinand said so in a strangely bright face.

[As long as this old woman’s advice was able to help, then it’s fine. So, I would like the consultation fee to be this much.]

Grandma unreservedly opened her hand.

[I understand. Whether your advice is helpful or not, I promise I will pay you.]

Grandma merrily laughed.

[I pray that it will be a success. I’ll just rest in a different room for now.]

Ferdinand nodded with a meek face.

I have been sold!

It’s not, but I have the same feeling.

[Hey, Ferdinand, are you really going to do it?]

Alex seemed to be very angry.

[She said there’s no other way than this. It can’t be helped.]

[You better not be thinking of taking advantage of this.]

[I plan to. Is that bad?]


Ferdinand turned his line of sight towards me.

I’m going to glare at you.

[….Please don’t hate it so much. I can’t stand it if I’m being hated by you.] 

If that’s the case, don’t sexually harass me!

[Please forgive me. I just really want to return you to your human body.]

The door to the room has been shut after sending us out.

Alex and I passed through the guest room. The grandma is another room.

Alex who’s sitting in the bed looked unusually irritated.

Now that it’s come to this, I’ll definitely not sleep!

I resolved myself that everything will be over if I lost consciousness.

When I was about to fall asleep, I bit my arm.

I mustn’t. I must not sleep. I’ll be done in if I sleep.

I desperately kept myself awake by repeating it.…… Somehow, I ended up wanting to use the toilet.

Let’s just go.

When I got up and tried to leave the room, Alex stopped me.

[Chibi? Where are you going?]

To the toilet.

Although I did not use the cards and just silently tried to tell him, Alex seemed to have got it.

[Should I go with you?]


I left Alex in the room and went out..

The toilets in this world are mostly outside. It is a natural flush toilet that pulls in the flow of the river and flows to the basement. I was impressed when I first saw it. It is a board located on top of the river but since I got used to using it, I’m fine.

When I tried going out from the back door once, I was met with darkness. But there was a light on the path to the toilet.

After walking there, I suddenly felt like I saw a moving object in the darkness in the corner of the garden.

Hmmm? I thought as I did a double take.

There’s nothing? No, but, there’s definitely something moving.

Something, black… is that a mist?