Outstanding Dog Chapter 18


 That’s Me


That’s me.

I picked out 2 cards from the set and arranged them on top of the bed.


How’s that?

Was what I thought but Ferdinand doesn’t seem to get it and Alex averted his eyes to the side.

Alex is tapping his lips as if thinking of something.

Eh, why don’t they get it?


I bit on the card that meant “me” and jumped on top of the bed.


Ferdinand tried to catch me with his hand but  alex caught him.

I placed the cards on top of my body.




Alex heaved a sigh of relief and picked me up.


[Do you want to say that the content of that body is inside you?]


That’s right, correct!

as expected of Alex.

I wagged my tail repeatedly with relief.

Alex seemed to be surprised as expected as his eyes turned round.


[Oi, what do you mean? Explain it to me.]

Ferdinand strongly grabbed Alex’s arms.

[Wait a minute, I’m also trying to organize things……But, I see. If that’s the case……」

[What is it?]

[This guy, this Chibi here can understand human words. It’s ot at the level of just somehow understanding it but he can use something like these cards to communicate.]

[What did you say?]

[I also thought at first that he’s prt of the demon kin. But it seems to not be the case. Now that I remember it, this guy did try to get in this mansion before. So he knew that his body is in here.]

[Oi… Wait a minute.]


Ferdinand pressed in between his eyebrows as if he’s got a headache.

[You said that inside this dog is Krish?]


[Unbelievable. No wait, how was this guy last night when Krish was awake?]

[He’s asleep.]

[If that’s so, nothing can be proven.]

[Yeah, well. No, but… I see. That’s why when you woke up this morning, and also the previous morning you were in a bad mood.]


I nodded  heavily.

That’s exactly how it was.


[Oi…. can that dog really understand human speech?]


[I want to check. That’s right, show me my name through those carsds.]

Eh~ why? So troublesome.

I jumped down the floor and arranged the  shuffled cards reluctantly.




[….The spelling is wrong.]

[Give him a break. He’s still in the process of remembering the letters.]

Ferdinand still looks suspicious as he’s steadily staring at me.

[If you’re really Krish, then you should know where you woke up last night.]


What the heck, jeesh, what a suspicious guys.

I started shuffling through the cards and arranged the chosen words.





Ferdinand shuddered in astonishment.

[No way…. It can’t be…Are you really Krish…?]

Ferdinand extended his hand towards me.


*Ka pu*


Oh crap, I ended up biting him. (My teeth didn’t leave a mark.)


[Hey, stop it, Chibi.]

I got scolded by Alex.

Ferdinand stared at his bitten finger for a bit, and then muttered something.


[….I’m being hated.]



Alex cleared his throat and said awkwardly.

[You, did you do something to this guy’s body?]

[I didn’t do anything. There is no way that I will do anything murky to him. I only kissed and touched him a little that’s…. Ah.]

The tip of Ferdinand’s ears are getting red.


Oi, what were you remembering just now?


[…..Well, anyway. Now that we’ve understood things, let’s think of a solution. If he is human, then I would like to to help him return to his body.]

[Yeah, that, that’s right.]

Ferdinand finally lifted his head.

[We must gather information.]


After that, I was asked by Ferdinand and Alex this and that and I answered them what I could through the cards. I was so busy arranging cards here and there so it took some time, and  I think the spellings were also incorrect. The two if them waited patiently.

But I could not tell them much.

Because I’ve become a dog before I noticed it, I’ve no idea of the situation, you know.

Although it was such a situation, Alex and Ferdinand seemed to have understood something as such, they were talking with a serious face.


[I think it’s dimensional travel.]

[Ah, I’ve thought of that, too. And that’s why he has no memories of when he died. There’s also the weird clothes Krish was wearing when he first arrived.]

[What do you think about the reason of him turning into a dog?]

[We have no choice but to guess on that one. In the first place the crossword itself is very rare, so I do not know anything in detail. In the meantime, in the midst of getting into this world, there is no other choice but to think that the soul has got into the body of the dog somehow. “

[That’s right. But whatever the reason, we can not do anything with just us.]


[Isn’t there any kind of lead?]

[I’ve tried calling them once. The man called the best doctor in the country, the mischievous teacher, and scholars, too. Nobody could give an acceptable explanation to Krish’s condition. It’s frustrating but there’s no one trustworthy enough we can ask.]

[….I see.]

[How about your side? Have you found some clues?]


Alex took a glance at me and asked.


[None, huh. Well, it can’t be helped if there’s none… but.]