Outstanding Dog Chapter 17

Translator: OkubyouKun
Editor    : Fluffthoughts

I’m Reflecting


When I woke up, I’ve returned to being a dog.

….I’m so glad. I’m so glad to be a dog.


Ferdinand, you priiiickk!!!

Again! Yet again!


I bit my blanket again.

I pulled the blanket across my forefoot and turned over with a momentum.


[What are you doing, Chibi?] 

Alex seemed to be worried about me so he asked me to go for a walk, but I shook my head as I refuse.

[Has something happened?]

Alex picked me up and aligned our eyes together.


It’s nothing. I just wanted to reflect on my own.


When I averted my eyes, Alex pinched my nose.

[You don’t seem to have a fever.]


What are you doing?


When I pushed his hand with my front paw, Alex blurted out a laugh as he let his hand go.

[It’s fine as long as you’re healthy. Is it fine for me to go to work? Chibi, if something has happened then tell me.]


I understand. 

I nodded my head.


I started thinking when I was alone.

And then, I was reflecting.


I wonder why I’m living my life carefreely as a dog? Whether it’s dashing through the fields or speedily running around, am I stupid? It isn’t the time to buy something like a bread.

Even though my body is right within my reach, just what have I been doing? Moreover, I understand that I can somehow return to it.

I have to hurry and return to my human body.

Even while I’m still doing this, who knows what’s being done to my body right now.


However, I can’t go to Ferdinand’s house alone. It’s because I still don’t know how to return to my human body.


Anyway, I will definitely need Alex’s help. Also, as I thought……Ferdinand’s as well. It’s also for the prevention of sexual harassment. I will ask for both of their help and make sure to return to my human body!


When Alex came home that evening, I immediately sat in front of his feet.


I have something I would like to discuss.




I arranged the card at once.


Meet Ferdinand


Alex looked at me with wondering eyes then said.

[You want to go to Ferdinand’s mansion?]



I nodded my head repeatedly.


[I got it.]


Whether he’s noticed how serious I was, Alex didn’t ask for any more questions and just picked me up and placed me inside his vest.

The neighborhood was already dim.

With the clopping of the horse’s hooves, we arrived at Ferdinand’s mansion and Fockel-san was at the entrance and welcomed us.



[Heya, Fockel. Sorry for coming at this time.]

[Welcome, is what I’d like to say but my master said that he does not want to see anybody today, too. Please go back.]

[How cold.]




We heard a voice from the second floor. It’s Ferdinand.


[Let him in.]


Ferdinand only said that then closed the window and stepped back.

Fockel-san bowed his head and guided us to the second floor. 


Fockel-san knocked on the door we’re in front of but no reply was heard, and so Alex went in without waiting for it. Fockel-san didn’t come in with us.

The inside of the room was dim. Because there was no one in the study when we entered, Alex direct opened the door at the corner with his right hand and stepped right in.

There was a big bed in the dim room as before, and Ferdinand was sitting next to it. Sleeping on top of the

bed is my body.

Alex kept silent and took the cloth that covered the light. The inside of the room got brighter.


[….Has something happened?]

Alex asks.

Ferdinand brushed his forelocks off his face.


[….He, he woke up.]

Alex pulled himself a chair without waiting for permission and sat in front of Ferdinand.

[Isn’t that a good thing?]

Ferdinand heaved a deep sigh.

[It is… You’re right, it is.]


[He even told me his name. He said it’s Krish(clothes).]

[Oh, that’s a weird name.]


That’s not it.

I refuted it alone.

How did he come to such a weird misunderstanding?


[It might have been brief, but we’ve talked a little. On top of that sofa over there. He was holding onto my neck tightly. He called my name again, and I was ecstatic. I unintentionally hugged him.……But then at the next moment, he stopped moving again.]

[….I see.]

[The greater the happiness every time I touch him, so is the disappointment every time he does not respond.

Just when will be the next time I’ll hear his voice again….., it’s suffocating just thinking about it.]

[Don’t think of something so negative. Hasn’t he regained consciousness twice already? It will be fine to think that there will be a next time as well.]

[You… You’re right. You’re right but…]

[Is there still something?]

Ferdinand made a face as if he’s eaten something extremely spicy.

[….. I might be hated by Krish.]


[Both the first and second time, every time Krish lost his consciousness just when I was about to hold him. He might be disgusted by my touch.]


Alex chuckled.

[What’s so funny?]

Ferdinand raised his sullen face.

[No, I just never thought I’d get to hear those word coming from your mouth. I want to let those people you’ve slept with to hear this.]

[….Alex, please give me a break.]


Somehow, the conversation is becoming weird again.

I got tired of waiting so I struck at Alex’s chest repeatedly.


[Ah, that’s right. Sorry, Chibi.]

[What’s wrong?]

Ferdinand looked at us with a suspicious face.

[Actually, the reason why I’m here right now is because he has some business with you.]

[The dog has?]


[That’s right.]


I jumped out from Alex’s vest.