Outstanding Dog Chapter 16

Translator: Okubyoukun
Editor   : Fluffthoughts
A Surprise in the Bathroom

I can hear the sound of water dripping.

Steam is rising up.

Oh, I’m taking a bath. It’s been a while since I’ve last taken a bath.

It’s so pleasantly warm. It feels so good that my body unconsciously relax.

All of a sudden, my arm is being caressed.

That hand wraps the palm of my hand and washed each of my fingers one by one.

Each my fingers were being touched by something successively.

Somebody’s hand suddenly touched my flank.

And that same hand slowly descends to my thigh.

Oh, I’m naked.

Well, of course. I’m taking a bath, after all.

What a big hand. It’s slowly reaching my foot. The knee is being wrapped by the palm.

The hand that once again climbed up stroked my shoulder that now has hot water running on it.

It feels good.

Arms encircled around my stomach and pulled me in.

I can feel someone’s skin on my back. Our distance is seriously too close.

So warm.

I could feel someone’s breath at the back of my neck.

The hand reached out again and the fingertips gently grazed the edge of my chest.

My body trembled.




What’s happening?

I  twisted my body and as I stiffly looked behind me.

He’s there.

It’s Ferdinand.

Right. I thought that’s the case.

I felt like crying.

I was stark naked. And so was Ferdinand.

And then, Ferdinand hugged me from behind and his fingers were in the middle of my chest.

…….The situation just worsened!!!

Even though I was wearing pajamas before this!

Something’s being done to me!!

I’m being overly sexually harassed!

Ferdinand was staring at me with astonished eyes.

For, for now, I should get away.

[Let, let me go…]

I desperately pleaded.

I don’t know how but I’m so glad I can speak normally.


Ferdinand looked as if he’s been duped. He seems to be confused about the situation  and just stayed still.

I was trying to stand up for the time being and with the hot water spilled on the floor, I almost slipped.

[Are you okay?]

Ferdinand panicked and supported me.

[Th, thank you.]

Ferdinand’s shoulders flinched and then trembled.

Aah, geez, we’re getting closer again!

He’s holding my shoulders, he’s touching the back of my thighs, and my waist!

U, uhh, anyway.

[We’re going out.]

[Got it.]

Ferdinand placed his hand below my legs and lifted me up. (TN: Princess carry… again.)

[Wh, whyyyyyyy???]

Princess carry? He’s doing the princess carry in here?! I’m completely naked, though? All the important parts can be seen though!

[Pu, put me down…]

Ignoring my desperate plea, Ferdinand walked steadily while holding me and left the bathroom.

I frantically twisted my body to at least prevent my secret parts to be seen as I tightly held on to his neck.

There’s something like a reception room outside the bathroom. I’m so glad nobody else is present.

Ferdinand put me down on the sofa, cupped my cheeks with his hands and looked at me with a serious face.

[Your name is?]

Huh? He’s asking my name in this timing?

[Please tell me your name.]

No, no, wait a minute, I’m still stark naked right now. I really don’t think this is the time for that.

[Something… clothes.]


Like I said.


Please let me hide my crotch!

[Krish?] (TN: He’s probably heard it as an answer to his question… or he just chose to believe so.)

I repeatedly nodded my head.

I wonder if my words are properly understood.


For now, any clothing…

When I pleaded with watery eyes, in Ferdinand’s eyes seemed to be filled with suspicious heat.



I had a bad feeling so I stiffly turned around but, there’s something impressive! Ferdinand’s splendid thing is more than splendid!

Ferdinand leaned forward and pushed me down!


Wait! Wait a moment!

This isn’t the reason why we’re both naked! (TN: It’s not? o.O)

I’m already..

At my limit.