Outstanding Dog Chapter 15

This is an unedited version.

First Time on Doing an Errand: Buying Bread Alone.


Remembering the new word I memorized from the card, I happily smile.

After I remember the technique of combining several words, the number of cards has been increased to about five sets.

Alex placed a hand on his chin as if he’s thinking, then said.

[It can’t be, are you saying you’re going to buy bread alone?]


As I thought, Alex understands me well!

I was so happy I energetically wagged my tail.


Several days have passed since Ferdinand visited the house.

Regarding on what to do with both my human body and dog body, while I am worried, I’ve completely gotten used to living my life as a dog. i’mm too used to it to the point that it’s scary.

**Every day passes by while Alex teaches me the letters, helping Tess , getting messed by Tess, being taken to a walk, playing, and chilling naps.


During those times, I felt a little unsatisfied. Living a dog life is fun and the helping Tess out during her works is also fulfilling, but there’s just something, I want to be a bit more useful.

As I was thinking about what I should do, it dawned on me.

It’s doing errands!

If it’s the bakery then we’ve passed by there before so I know where it is, and I think I can at least buy some bread, you know?


[It’s impossible for you.]

Alex’s reply was very straightforward.



Even I can do it!

You can tie this cloth on my neck. 

While I was huffing in anger, I looked for a cloth to wrap the bread and pulled it over to have Alex tie it on me.

Alex heaved a sigh.

[You sure are stubbron, aren’t you.]


Alex seemed to have given up and took out a needle and a thread to sew the cloth on a bag.

Alex, you can even sew. What a skillful guy.

When the bag was done and fastened on my neck, I tapped on a wallet and made an appeal.


Put the money here.


While sighing, Alex put the money in a small drawstring and put it in the bag’s pocket. Additionally, he wrote something on the paper and showed it to me.

[It has  “1 baarne(must be the bread’s name)” written in it. i’ll put this in the bag, too. I made sure to put enough money so you won’t need to be given a change.]


Waa, that’s helpful.


[Are you really going?]

Leave it to me!

I replied with a bark.


I immediately ran outside

This is the first time I’ve gone out alone after living together with Alex. I’m a little nervous.

In this world, it seems to be normal to attach instructions to animals.  There are a few dogs taken for that purpose.


There’re some of the knightish people, like Alex, put Henexia in the vest. That’s so when a fight happens, there won’t be any problems.

it somehow sounds free and nice.


After a while, I entered the market. As usual, this place is busy from the stalls lined up all along the road to the selling children calling out with a loud voice. A lot of people are coming and going. I stood before the stall of a bakery while paying attention so as not to be stepped on.


Excuse me~.


[Give me three baarnes and four crocans please.]

[Here you go.]

I got  overtaken by a granny who came from the side.

[Your total is 4 houn(currency). I will add in 1 crocan as an extra.]

[Thanks a lot.]


Excuse me.


[Can you give me three sandrune (include the “e” when you read it)?]

I was pushed aside by an uncle’s foot who cut in.

[Yes, welcome.]


From then on, I was interrupted by customers who always came in succession and I was not noticed at all.

…. I’m startinng to feel really lonely.

Noww that I remember, wasn’t there a picture book? The one which the MC  buys milk. His voice is too small so it’s hard to notice him. I, if its now, I can relatte to how he felt at that time.

I feel like crying a little.

But I will persist.


When the wave of customers have receded, I went up to the bakery auntie’s feet and  nudged it with my paw.


Excuse me~.


[Uhyaa~ that surprised me. Eh, no way, a dog?]

I would like to buy some bread.

[No way, I can’t give you anything so go over there.]

Eh? Huh? No, you’re wrong.


[Hey, go over there. Shoo, shoo.]

When I was driven out by her hand, I was shocked.

When I staggered to move to the side, the uncle from the next stall showed out his face.

[Hm? There’s something stuck on that guy’s neck.]

The man stretched out his hand and took away the bag of my neck.


Ah, what are you doing?!


The uncle placed his hand inside the bag and pulled out the paper Alex wrote on.


[Oh, something’s written on it……Hmm? One baarne?] (TN: Btw, you read it with the, too.)


The uncle and auntie both looked at me with surprise.

The uncle once again shoved his hand inside the bag and took out the bag where the money was placed.


[Oh, there’s exactly two feta (again, currency) placed inside. Hey, could this puppy be here to buy some baarne?]

the old man laughed hard as if he’s  finally understood.


[Hey, sell it some.  I’v never heard of a dog going shopping before. It’s interesting.]

Because of the uncle’s loud laugh, a crowd ended up gathering together.

[Hey, what’s going on? What happened?]

[He said that the dog is here to buy bread by itself.]

[Eeh? No way! Is that true?]

Even though the auntie’s ace seems down, she took one piece of baarne and placed it inside the bag.

[What a way to use a dog. I was really surprised. Although as long as I get paid with money then I won’t complain, though. Here you go.]

[Haha, good for you, dog!]

The uncle refastened(?) the bag to my neck.

[Thanks. Come again next time.]


Everyone sent me off as I walked away. The bag carrying the bread was heavy. Also, the bread was bigger than I anticipated. The upper half is protruding from the bag while the lower half looks as if I’m dragging it.

….Crap. I forgot about the shortness of my legs again.


I’m being laughed at by everyone as I walked funnily. It’s so embarrassing to  be the center of attention.

Uuun, I want to think that I’m being wonderfully observed. No, let’s make it as so. However, it’s really hard to walk.

It’s more troublesome buying the bread than I thought.

So the dogs in this world don’t do errands. No, I don’t think there’s a lot of dogs doing it even in my previous world, though.


While walking as if I was dragging the bag, I left the market.


NOw, let’s go back to Alex’s place. In the mean time, it’s mission completed.


Although I still get a lot of attention even outside the market, I completely igored it as I walked back home.

Only when a huge dog approached and sniffed at me did I growled at it and chased it off. I was bit scared.


When I turned around the third corner, I felt that I caught something strange at the edge of sight, I stopped.

There’s something between the gap of the houses.

It looked something like a black haze. When I went for a walk before, it looks like the ones I saw in the forest.


What’s that scary thing?


I quickly ran without thinking and bumped into something. That scared me. it’s a person’s leg.

At the impact of the collision, the bread rolled out from the bag. The person I bumped into slightly glance my way and continued walking. The break rolled over the loose slope.


Ah, wait!


I chased after it, pinned it with my legs and bit it.

However, the bread that I finally caught is now on a horrible state. I did not notice, but it seems that the bottom of the bag has been destroyed before and the bread was scraping on the ground the entire time. It’s dirty with soil an the place where I bit it has drool in it.

…..This can’t be eaten.


Somehow, i just really feel like crying.

Even though I’m already seventeen years old. Just what am I doing? To think that I can’t even buy a piece of bread…




When I heard a familiar voice, I flinched as I raised my head.

It’s Alex.

Why is he in a place like this?

Alex picked me up and a big hand gently is stroking my head.


[So you were able to buy the readd. Well done, thanks.]


I pressed my head against Alex’s chest.


However, the bread is already soiled. I couldn’t do my errand properly.


[Idiot, don’t cry. The bread is fine. If I just peel the skin, I can still eat inside of it.]


I wonder how Alex could tell that I’m crying? Even though I’m a dog. Even though there are no tears ffalling.


[You are the best.]


Alex gave my head a kiss. He’s gently patting my body.

Somehow, inside my chest felt fluffy and warm.

Alex sure is amazing. He always understands what I’m feeling.


[Let’s go home.]


After we arrived home, Alex scraped the outside of the bread as he said, and ate it deliciously.

He also let me eat some of it, and somehow I’m feeling a little bit happy.


When my legs have grown a bit longer, let’s try doing some errands again.

And then someday, let’s try buying some milk.