Outstanding Dog Chapter 14

Translator: Okubyoukun
Editor   : Fluffthoughts

Ferdinand’s Anguish

[Don’t just selfishly enter somebody else’s house without their permission.]

Alex sighs.

Ferdinand acted as if he’s the owner of the house as he stayed seated on the chair.

[It’s your fault for staying out for so long. If it opens so easily, why even bother locking it?]

Upon Ferdinand’s words, Alex who seems to want to say something closes his mouth. He pulled one of the chairs in the corner and heavily sat down. He’s still holding me in his arms.

[So, what is that you’re drinking? It can’t be me precious wine, can it?]

[Don’t worry, this is something I brought. You drink, too.]

Ferdinand lifted the wine bottle and poured it on the glass placed in front of Alex.

Alex lifts the glass a smells its aroma.

[….This is a good wine. No, ah, wait a minute. Although I’d like to drink a lot of it, that won’t be good. Have work tonight.]

[If it’s that then don’t worry. I called in sick for you.]

When Ferdinand said it with a straight face, Alex’s face twitched.

[Hey, what are you selfishly…]

[It should be fine to skip every once in awhile.]

[What if my superiors say something?]

[By the way, Alex.]

Ferdinand placed his glass on the table with a clink and shifted his gaze to me.

[Does that dog hold a grudge against me or something?] (TN: Pfft… what are you talking about? After doing all that.)

On Ferdinand’s words, Alex slightly took a peek at me then breathed a little.

[You, why are you making  that face?]

I was glaring at Ferdinand fiercely.

[Sorry about this. I guess he just isn’t fond of you.] (TN: Likewise.)

Alex laughs.

[I don’t remember ever doing something worth hating for, though.]

Ferdinand quietly said so.

You did, really.

[And? Why are you here?]

Upon Alex’s words, Ferdinand sighed heavily.

[…..It isn’t particularly important. I just thought I’d accompany you for a drink.]


Alex raises his eyebrows and tilts his glass.

[What happened?]

Ferdinand averted his eyes and hesitantly spoke.

[….He has regained his consciousness.]

Eh, is that?

[“He”? You mean that living corpse?!]

Alex shockingly replied.

[Don’t call him a corpse. He’s still alive.]

[Aah. sorry. But well, he’s been asleep for more than a month without drinking, eating and excreting anything, right?]

Ferdinand heaved out a deep breath.

[That’s right. But he’s regained his consciousness, albeit for just a moment.]

Alex filled Ferdinand’s empty glass.

[And, isn’t there nothing wrong with it? It should be celebrated. Just because he’s become a normal man, it’s not like you’ve lost interest in him, right?]

[Don’t say something stupid.]

With a weird expression, Ferdinand drained his glass.

[….I was happy.]

Ferdinand suddenly muttered.

Alex and I inadvertently saw his face.

[I have been constantly by his side without any dissatisfaction or complaint. It’s because I have always been by his side as he lays there quietly that I thought of such moments precious. However, as soon as he opened his eyelids and I saw those pitch black eyes, I felt my heart being filled.]

Ferdinand dropped his eyes and rolled the glass in his hand.

[He called my name.]

Ferdinand opened his mouth gently said those words

As if he’s talking about a very precious memory.

[My name. I wonder how he knew it. Even though he’s been unconscious the entire time, has he been listening to my words? I forgot myself and kissed him…… However, his consciousness only returned for a brief moment. Afterwards, no matter how much I called him, no matter what I did, he just won’t wake up.I desperately did all I could think of the whole day that before I realized it, night has once again come. I was utterly disappointed. More than anything, I was disappointed with myself. “Even if he remains unconscious , I will still be satisfied” even though I  seriously believed it. Seriously, I’m really too selfish.]

As if trying to shake something off, Ferdinand drained the content on the glass.

Alex shook his head a little.

[To wake up for just a moment…… I wonder what’s happening? Have you caught on to something?]

[I don’t know.]

[…..I see. Well, in the first place, his existence itself is a mystery. Are you investigating how he’s turned into that condition?]

I have people look into it. But it seems difficult. Even while throwing some questions on some clinics lead to nowhere.]

Alex looks at his face and pours wine in his glass.

[…Well, whatever the case, I think it’s better if you don’t put your nose in too much into this.]

[It’s already too late.]

Ferdinand bitterly laughed and emptied his glass.

[If I were to only wait for him to wake up, then I will have to take it as a dream when he opened his eyes and called my name.]

Alex shrugs his shoulders a bit and once again refills Ferdinand’s glass.

[It might have really been a dream. Just treat it as if it was a dream.]

[Don’t just say whatever you want just because it has nothing to do with you.]

[I’m worried. It’s because you might go somewhere dangerous. Don’t overthink things too much. It’s bad for your health.]

Ferdinand gave a small laugh.

[…I guess you’re right. As I thought, it’s easier if I talk to you.]

[I’m glad, then. While searching for what you possibly can, just patiently wait for him to wake up. Don’t push yourself.]

[…Aah, I guess that’s the only thing I can do.]

While listening to the two of them talk while drinking, I stiffened up.

Just because I called Ferdinand’s name by accident, it turned into something troublesome.

While listening to hs story, I kinda felt sorry for him but, when I think about it, wasn’t it because he forcefully kissed me that I turned back to being a dog? It’ because of his sexual harassment.

Also, because I got carried with the conversation but, I did regain my consciousness for a moment, didn’t I? So if I do something, then I can return to my body after all.

But I wonder what that was? I wonder what I need to do to properly go back to being human again?