Outstanding Dog Chapter 13

A Walk

 When I reopened my eyes, I’ve returned to being a dog.
 I’m glad I’m a dog. I thought so from the bottom of my heart.
 That was dangerous. I barely managed to escape.

…No, am I safe? Huh?
Isn’t it an out? Definitely an out. I mean, I’ve been kissed among other things.



I’m so embarrassed and frustrated that I rolled around on the spot.

Ferdinand, you bastaaard!!!

[What’s wrong?]
Seeing me behave suspiciously, Alex asked.

Aah, it’s awful.
I wanted to tell him that I’ve been sexually harassed by Ferdinand.
But I can’t say it.
Instead, I madly gnawed on the blanket and irritatingly kicked my feet around. He caught my hind legs and forelegs and pulled me out from the blanket.
I heard a ripping sound and turned around.
How very dangerous. It’s not good to hit things.

A hand was placed on top of my head.
[It seems that you’ve been stressed. Should we got out together sometimes,Chibi?]
Alex said to me while laughing.

Eh, is it fine?
When I unconsciously looked up, Alex said.
[I’m on night shift today.]

Alright! We’re going to take a walk!

While I do feel ashamed for recovering too quickly, it can’t be helped. It’s a walk, after all.
Taking a walk is fun, important, and special. For a dog like me, that is.
Let’s put that sexually harassing Ferdinand at the back of my mind for now, let’s do that. Rather, I wanna forget it quickly.

Just like before, Alex placed me inside his vest and rode the horse towards the town. 
The streets are bustling again today. In the morning, there are stall-like shops open and various unusual stuffs are lined up. Looking at the unfamiliar things around is fun. The children’s voices are energetically calling out.
Alex went to one of the stalls and bought some bread.
He returned while holding the bread and rode back on the horse.

When we passed through the large streets where houses stand, we arrived into a peaceful country road where a large and rustic house and field expand. Flightless birds that look like ducks leisurely walk on the road in a row.
After passing through a beautiful grove, we were greeted by a wide expanse of fields. From a distance, I could see a wide, sparkling river.
Alex got off the horse and placed me on the ground.

[Don’t go over the forest beyond that river, okay? Other than that, you can go wherever you want.]

I got it.

Alex started pulling the horse towards the river and started washing, so I gave running in the field a try.

Uwooooo! FREEDOM! (TN: Again written in english)

What the heck is this, it’s really fun.
Even though I’m just running around but unlike when I was human, my current speed is faster because the air resistance is low due to my stature and I just kept on running wherever randomly. I can hear the wind blowing in my ears.
I was running around the field like I’ve turned crazy.
I ran quickly in one direction, pulled the brakes, then I ran again in the different direction. The feeling of kicking the ground every time feels so good!
On the way, I found an insect that looked like a grasshopper jump off the grass.


It’s a prey!
When I pounced towards it, the insect dodged and ran away.
Uwooo, wait!
I chased after it as it hopped away.
I pounce, it escapes, I pounce, it escapes.
Before I knew it, a lot of insects have hopped out from the grasses.

Prey…! There’re lots of preys!


After being called out by Alex, I went to the riverside while panting.

What is it?

[You’re getting too excited. Your face is looking weird.
Alex chuckled.

Haah… You serious?

[Do you want to rest for a bit?]
Since it’s about lunchtime, Alex started eating the bread he bought on the way. The horse also started eating the grass without permission. I’m having dogfood. Alex also shared a bit of his bread with me. The meat sandwiched in it is delicious.


Eating outside in the open sure is fun. It’s a picnic.
After eating our meal, Alex pulled out a strap and played with it. This is also fun and I got excited.
Because Alex let me win in the end, I had so much fun that I repeatedly asked him to do it some more.

Because Alex still has to work later, he said he’d take a nap so I decided to join in and curled myself into a ball.
A big yawn escaped my mouth.
I wonder if I ran too much?
The wind was blowing gently. It felt really good.

After a while, I groggily opened my eyes.
Because I was a bit thirsty, I went to the riverbank.
The water looks very beautiful.
I discreetly tried giving it a drink. It’s cold and delicious. I lifted my front legs and dipped it in the water. The water flows between my feet.
I tried to advance slightly but it suddenly turned deep and my body started sinking. Uwooo!
I panicked for a moment but when I tried to struggle, I was able to swim before I knew it.

Wow! Even though I’ve never done it before, I’m able to do a doggy paddle!
I tried going with the flow at times, then at the other I tried going against it. I had too much fun swimming around that I ended up closer the other side of the river.
Right after the riverbank is a forest with a lot of trees. I could see black, mist-like, hazy shadows around the tree roots.
What’s that? Scary.

When I rushed to swim far away from the other side and go back to the shore, my paddling accelerated.
I was able to paddle naturally. When I was human before, I was wondering how animals could easily paddle over the water, but now I get it. I immediately shook the water from my body. Paddle swimming is amazing.
When I once again turned back to look at the forest, the black haze from before is gone.  I wonder what that was?
According to Alex’s and Ferdinand’s conversation, demons exist in this world, so that’s probably it.


Alex who I didn’t notice, was already awake and seemed to be looking for me all over, brought me over.
[Should be about time to go home.]
Alex dried me up with his shirt and then put me back inside his vest.

Accompanied by the clopping sound of the horse’s hooves, we were able to arrive home safely. Alex put me down and I waited in front of the door.
Alex’s hand which was about to open the door stopped.
Hmm? What’s wrong? When I looked up thoughtfully, Alex placed his hand on his chin as if he’s thinking, and then gallantly entered the house.

We’re home~.

As I entered the house, I got so surprised I almost jumped up.

[ You’re late.]

There stood the man I wanted to see the least.
It’s Ferdinand.
He’s holding a thick glass cup with a cranky face while sitting on a chair.

When I tried to run outside, I was grabbed by Alex.


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