Outstanding Dog Chapter 12

        Is This A Dream?

Somebody is stroking me.
It felt so good that I was entranced.
I was wrapped in something warm as I sleep.
Because of the fingers tickling my cheek, I felt like laughing.

A hand slowly, so slowly move towards my head. That hand shifts and traces the edge of my ear.
Another lightly touching fingertip traced the form of my lips and gently pressed on it.
My neck is being touched.
My shoulder is being stroked.
I thought that the hand touching my skin feels hot.
But it’s just right for my chilled body.
I wish he’d touch me more, is what I think.

While deeply asleep, I felt somewhat fluffy making me feel happy.

I also felt the eat on the soles of my hind legs.
I sticking onto someone.
I’m being hugged.
So human skin feels this good.

Something touched my eyelids.
Also my temple.
The light touch drifting away, a soft feeling. It makes it hard to breathe.
…Am I being kissed?
Whether I’m sleeping or awake I don’t even know, I feel like I’m floating above the water.

I slightly opened my eyes.

Someone’s here.
It’s a man.He’s really handsome.
The man has such chest-tightening gentle expression, as he softly gazed at me.
Those are very beautiful eyes. As if they were jewels.
Why is looking at me with such eyes?
They’re eyes full of love, but also contain a bit of sadness.

His face is getting near.
Our lips met.
The’re so soft and warm.
It tickles a little.
*Chuu* He lightly sucked.

Who is this person?

…Uhmm, uhh…
Right now, what’s happening?

Gradually, my head is getting clearer.
My hearts beating hard against my chest.

When I made a small sound, that man raised his face as if surprised.
He’s looking at me with terribly shocked eyes. An transcendent blond beauty with blue pupils.
I know him. I, I know this person. (TN: Duh, of course… who else could it be..)

He’s Ferdinand!

I slowly tried to raise my body.
My eyes started spinning.

What’s with this situation?!

I pat my body to confirm it.
I have hands. Fingers, too.  Face, hair, stomach, legs. (TN: Don’t you have everything else aside from the hands~?)
I’m human! I’m back to being human!

[….You, your consciousness has…!]
Right beside me, a low and hoarse voice could be heard.

I turned my head so slowly towards where that voice come from that i feel like I could hear my neck creak.

…He’s close. Extremely so.

Ferdinand’s upper body is naked.
Although  he’s lean, he seems well-trained with how solid he looks from his shoulder to his waist. His abdominal muscles also look ripped.  He has an enviably lean but muscular body. (TN: In other words, a delicious sight to behold… I wanna see~!!)
Speaking of me, I’m wearing what seems to pajamas, but something doesn’t seem right.
With suspicious appearance, we’re facing each other on top of the spacious bed.
Or rather, I remember. We were intimately close until just a moment ago. We were hugging each other.
*Fwussh* My cheeks turn red.

[I, I…]
I didn’t want to acknowledge the situation so I flapped my mouth open.
While on the brink of tears, I look at the face of the man beside me.


As soon as he heard it,Ferdinand’s eyes opened wide. And then just as soon, a pained look also flashed briefly.
Ferdinand stretch his hand and grabbed arms until it hurts.


I got pushed down.

Whyyyy~?! (TN: It’s supposed to be longer. The “y’s”)

Violently, Ferdinand’s lips overlaps mine.
Ferdinand’s arms enclosed me from both sides, trapping on top of the bed.

Wait. Just wait a minute!

The inside of my mouth is being licked and our tongues are being entwined together.
Even when I struggled to resist, I’m completely being sealed and can’t even move a muscle.
My tongue is being vigorously sucked.

What is this? Just what the heck is this? Just what on earth is going on?
My head starts spinning and my consciousness feels distant.
I’ve already reached my limit.