Outstanding Dog Chapter 11

I Work

Early next morning, while preparing for work, Alex said.
[While I’m away, don’t leave the courtyard, got it?]
I got it, so I replied.
[Also, mmake sure to study the letters even while you’re alone.]
…I dont want to~… but I stayed quiet.
[See you.]
Take care~.

Now then.
A while after I became alone, I explored inside Alex’s house.
As expected, this really another world, isn’t it~ is what I thought. There are no appliances at all. We use a lamp at night but it’s somehow different from the one I know. What’s inside the lamp-like thing was a stone. I’ve been wondering why it does not blink and it is bright when it was lit last night. I wonder how it works?
The kitchen was primitive and what’s used to fuel the fire were wood. There’s nothing like a water service. Speaking of which, there seemed to be something like a well in the courtyard.

Since Alex left the door leading towards the courtyard open, I went out through there.
The weather’s good today, too.
In the courtyard, there are women chatting and children playing around.

[It’s the wierd dog!]


After suddenly hearing the voice of the monster, I panickly searched for a place to hide as I ran around and then ultimately hit my head on the door strongly.

While I was being occupied by pain, I heard the sound of terrifying footsteps of the monster approaching to catch me.

[What a stupid dog!] (TN: he’s been demoted from wierd to stupid. hahaha)

…It’s such a humiliation.

When I lost my energy to flee and just stayed still, Tess went and pulled my ears.
Ugyaa! (TN: This scream, tho. LOL)
[Stupid dog, what are you doing? Are you housesitting?]
She was kneading my cheeks with both of her hands.
Stop it~

As I was flailing my legs trying to escape from the monster’s clutch, the old ladies doing their laundry aroung the well called out to Tess.
[Tess! I’d like to get more firewood for my place, can I ask it of you?]
Tess tossed me to the ground.
[Thanks dear. It’s because my husband won’t do it no matter how I ask.]
[Tess, please do mine after, okay?]
[I got it.]
Tess cheerfully replied.

I felt relieved since the monster went somewhere, but while I was licking the place where I landed, the monster came back.


That surprised me. She’s carrying a lot of firewood in her armpits. The firewood seems to be about half the size of my body, but Tess walked steadily without even faltering.
As she entered the house facing the courtyard, she came running out after a while. And again from a different place, she appeared carrying a bundle of firewood.

…I was touched a little.
And then I regretted it.
This girl, even though she looks like a grade schooler and moreover, a girl, she’s giving it her all to do her job. Perhaps, her household is poor?

It was at that time when a piece of wood fell from the bundle she was carrying.
As Tess stretched her short arm to try and pick up that piece of wood, I quickly ran up to her feet.
I bit the fallen firewood with my mouth and carried it over.

Tess is looking at me with wide eyes.

It’s heavy.

Because I was carrying the firewood, on top of my shot legs being unsteady, I once again made myself a funny sight to behold with how much trouble I’m having while carrying it.
But I will do my best.

[Oh my, hey, take a look at that. It’s trying to help Tess out. What a good dog.]
[To do its best with its tiny body.]
The old ladies seem to be saying something, my heart felt mushy.

[Dog, I’ll give you some meat later.]
Tess grinned, showing me her teeth which were lacking… it was scary.

With Tess and my strength combined, we quickly filled up the firewood for the two houses. Tess received coins from the old ladies as compensation.
Although I wasn’t really that helpful, there’s a sense of accomplishment inside me.

[Dog, it’s meal time.]

When noontime came, Tess came out from somewhere with the promised meat, she entered Alex’s house, grilled the meat then placed in on top of my food all without permission.
After all that, we went back to the courtyard and took a nap together under a tree.
A small bond has formed between the monster and I. (TN: Then please stop calling her “monster”.)

…Was what I thought for a moment, but all of it was an illusion. I was showered with strong punches and kicks, unimaginable to belong to a kid’s,by the sleeping Tess, so I ran as fast as I could and went back inside the house.
I don’t want to be with her anymore.


Just as the night approached, Alex came home.

Welcome home~.

I welcomed him with an energitically wagging tail.
Alex ruffled my head.
[Chibi. Have you properly studied the alphabets.]

*Gikuu* (TN: *FLINCH*)

When I unintentionally stiffened, Alex laughed.
[You’re easy to understand, aren’t you?]

After eating dinner, Alex placed me in his lap and, just like before, started the study session.
Alex immediately started scratching the back of my ears. Because it tickles, I repeatedly said stop it and blocked him with my front legs, but he catches those legs and raise them just like those people who say “BANZAI”. ( \ (^_^)/ well, you get the meaning.)
Just what do you want to do?

When I bit onto his arm, Alex let go of my chin. (TN: I’m confused… hmm..)
[Chibi, you hurry up and memorise the letters.]
While tickling my cheeks with his fingers, Alex says.

[ I want to know what you’ve been doing while I’m away.] (TN: Awww <3)

Oou, is that so?

I jumped down from Alex’s lap and ran towards the kitchen side. There were the firewood which I brought over after the chore on daytime was over. I grabbed a piece and showed it to him.
Alex murmured.
After that, I chose a card which I just learned has “Tess” written on it and dragged it over with my foot.
Alex stared at it.

[…So you gathered these firewood? Together with Tess?]

I wagged my tail and grinned.

[Is that so? Good boy.]
Alex stroked my head with his big hand.
The inside of my chest is being filled with warmth. Somehow, I’m very happy.

[Since when have you and Tess gotten along well?]
Only that I wanted to deny with all my strength.
I will never get along with her. In the future, too.

Alex’s hand gently stroked my head.
It was somehow a very satisfying feeling.
I’m so happy to be of help to someone. Because I’m a dog.
To b praised bby my owner, so it’s such a happy feeling.

I want to be of use to Alex. I want him to praise me a lot. (TN: D’awww… so cute, this Chibi.)

I silently looked at Alex’s face.
[What’s wrong?]
Alex narrows his eyes as he smilingly looks at me.
I once again headed towards a card.
Leaving it up to my weak memory, is it this? I desperately picked the four cards which I thought was good. I arranged it with my front legs and snout.


…Probably,no, the spelling is certainly wrong. Tess’s spelling was also doubtful.
However, Alex seemed to have understood it, badly suprising me I held my breath. And with a happy smile he lift me up.

[How smart of you.]

I, I’m really glad that Alex is my owner. (TN: Me, too.)
I stretched myself and licked the side of Alex’s lips.