Outstanding Dog Chapter 20

Translatior: OkubyouKun
Editor     : Fluffthoughts
 Naughty Magic(Spell)


Someone is stroking my hair,

Gently, just so gently, he just keeps going.


Sometimes, kisses as light as feathers can be felt.

To my hair, forehead and temple.




He whispered in my ears.

That is not my name.


But that voice still sounds  very gentle. It sounds so dear, so precious, as he repeatedly whispers that name.




Somehow, I’m getting sad.

With that person’s overflowing gentleness, my heart feels full.

The bottom of my chin is being tickled with his fingertips.

It feels so good.




It’s a bit overkill.

I’m scared of breaking such a gentle moment.

But, if I don’t wake up. Wake up.



When I opened my eyes a little, the transcendental beauty was looking into me.

When that person saw me, he smiled as if he’s so happy from the bottom of his heart. It’s a smile that could melt.


 …………It’s Ferdinand, huh. Yup.


I rapidly confirmed.

Uhm, uhm, what has happened for me to end up like this?

That’s right, I got sold out by grandma.

And then Ferdinand did something naughty to me….


I raised my slumped body up.

I’m on top of the bed.

Huh? But I’m still wearing my pajamas. So is Ferdinand.

Huh? Huh? Uhh, but.


I immediately sweeped my arms across my body.

It’s shocking.

[….Please don’t run away. I beg you.]

Ferdinand softly says.

[I will  not do anything that you will hate. I promise. Please believe me.]

Suddenly, my heart started beating wildly.

I’m being trapped in a situation I shouldn’t be in!


[Ah, huh? Uhmm.]

Uh, uhmm, what was I supposed to do again?

[Do you hate being touched by me?]

Ferdinand’s eyebrows frowned.

[Do you hate me?]


Ferdinand’s voice was shaking when he asked. I was shocked.

Ferdinand is seriously scared. About being hated by me.

I asked myself of whether I hate Ferdinand or not.

That’s what I thought. But it might be different. That’s not the case.

I might have simple been afraid.


When I hesitantly shook my head a little, Ferdinand breathed out deeply and placed a little effort into the hand which turned my body around.


[….I’m so glad.]

Ferdinand stayed still for a while. Then, he lightly kissed my hair.


[I want you to give me permission to touch your body. I want to be connected to you through this body… Please.]


……Hu, huee?


[You don’t have to do anything. Just stay still.]


He covered my palm with his from above. And just like that, he’s massaging the tip of my thumb.


[Ah, wai…]


The hand that came slowly into the cuffs of the pajamas strokes my arm.

Ferdinand exhaled warm breaths on my ears.

As he slowly strengthens his hold, my back starts to feel tight.

Ferdinand kisses my neck.




When I let out a weird voice, Ferdinand laughed a little.

Then he repeatedly plants kisses on different spots.

At the back of my ears, on my hair, my neck, shoulders.

A hand that enters my clothes slowly strokes my belly.



He whispered the name.

Even though it’s not my name. Even though it’s different.

Just why is it that my chest hurts?

My heart beats so fast it’s hammering my chest.


[Please close your eyes. Don’t think about anything and just please feel it.]


The voice whispering in my ears sound so hypnotic.

My body can’t move and I can’t resist, I wonder why.



My legs are being caressed on top of my pajama. A hand gently crept under my outer wear and brushed my skin.

It does not feel good, it shouldn’t be.

I’ve especially become familiar with these gentle hands.

I wonder why, I’m being strange.

My body became hot by itself and my breath was getting rough.



Ferdinand’s hand slipped inside my pants.



[It’s alright.


Nonono, it’s not alright. It’s definitely, absolutely not alright!

Wai, hold on, where are you, with those fingers…!

Even though I was touched at the bathroom before! But not in this kind of straightforward way! Such a, good, ah, feeling, is, ah, bad.



His waist is pressed tightly on me. Hard. Something’s hitting me.

Why, I can’t anymore. I’m at my limi…




I heard a sound so loud that it forcibly brought back my slowly fading consciousness.

When I turned around with surprise, I saw Alex with an angry look standing on the kicked door.




After calling his name with watery eyes, Alex’s frown became deeper.

I hurriedly rolled out of the bed. As I walked a bit, I got dizzy that I tripped and almost fell. Alex rushes over and holds me to supports me.


[You… are Chibi aren’t you?]

Alex looks into my face as if looking for something.

I nodded my head repeatedly.


I tightly clung on to that chest.