Outstading Dog Side Story 3

Translator: OkubyouKun
Edito     : Fluffthoughts

Side Story 3: Your Name Is?

[Benjamin’s POV]

[Even so, the name “Krish” sure sounds weird. Is that a normal name in your previous world?]

I casually said so after he came back.

[That’s not my name.]


[What did you say just now?]

[I said that Krish is not my name. My name is….]

[Uwaa! Wait, stop, stop, don’t say it! Eh, then why is Ferdinand calling you Krish?]

The former tiny dog (now a human)deeply sighs.

[It was just the timing was bad.]

[Why aren’t you correcting him?]

When I said so, the tiny dog lowered his head.

[For some reason or another?]

[What the heck’s that?]

[No, I missed the timing to correct him and it seems to have been settled already, I also feel somewhat bad so it’s fine, or so I thought.]

[There’s no way that’s fine!]

[Still, I was a dog when I woke up, right? I thought that it’s strange to be concerned about my real name even though I’m a dog.]

[You, just how laid-back can you be? So, does Alex know your real name?]

[I don’t think he knows.]

I unconsciously wanted to hold my head.

[Sheesh, what the heck are those guys doing?]

The tiny dog looks at me with a confused face.

[Does Benjamin know about Alex?]

[Yup, because I was originally in the same corps as him.]

[Oh, so that’s why.]

[When I injured my leg and became useless, Ferdinand picked me up to be his cook.]

[Is, is that so. I had no idea. Is your leg….]

[I have no problem living normally, but if I run or ride the horse quickly for a long time, it’s a bit.]

The tiny dog stops his hand and stares at my legs. I lightly hit his head.

[Didn’t I already say I have no problem living normally? It’s fine already so start moving your hands.]

[I, I got it.]

It’s just monotonous tasks of preparing candied fruit, earnestly sticking the gael (read ge-l)  fruits at the edge of the toothpick.The tiny dog is doing his tasks with a serious expression. He’s an idiot, but he does any tasks given to him with all he’s got so I’ll give it to him.

[So no one knows your real name?]

[Dirk knows.]

I unconsciously stopped my hands upon hearing an unexpected name.

[You said…. Dirk?]



[He answered a normal question I asked.]

[Wait, you barely have any contact with him, right?]

[The first time I arrived at the mansion as a dog, Dirk threw me out. After that, when I was looking for a hiding place, I see him sleeping in the warehouse from time to time. Oh, I also saw him working properly, though. And then after I became human and started working here, we talk sometimes.]

…..That bastard, since when.

Why does Dirk know of something that both Alex and Ferdinand doesn’t even know? Even I don’t know it.

My mood has somehow gotten bad.

What is that guy doing in the first place? Even though I told him to buy some sugar to for the candied fruits, it’s already noon so why isn’t he back yet?

Aah, I’m getting pissed off.

[Can’t be helped, let’s just wash these before the sugar arrives. Let’s carry it to the backyard.]


I’m making a year’s worth of portion all at once after all, my bones give in every year.

However, the candied gael fruit is called a soul food in the country so it’s an important food.

When we finally washed the barrel of gael, I heard the horse’s hooves from the entrance.

[Oh, so he’s come back.]

I thought that he’s a bit early, but when I turned my head to look, not only him but also Alex came through the backyard.

The tiny dog has noticed and showed a smile.

[Welcome back, the both of you! Did something happen?]

[Krish, I’m home.]

I sighed upon seeing the man calling him with the phantom name.


Alex got off the horse and approached the tiny dog. He pulled out a tube from his bosom and showed him the paper inside.

[I’m here to discuss with you about something. I plan to apply for your citizenship, but with regards to the guardian column, are you alright with me and Ferdinand co-signing it?]

[So that’s how it was. Yeah, of course, I’m fine with it. Thank you.]

[We’re putting Krish as your name, will that be alright?]

[That’s wrong.]

After hearing the sudden correction from the side, Alex and Ferdinand froze.


[What did you say?]

[No, I don’t have an idea either but it seems to be wrong. Please ask the person himself.]

Ferdinand and Alex swiftly turned towards the tiny dog.

[Is that true?]

[U, yes, it’s…. true.]

Ferdinand looked at the tiny dog with astonished face after hearing his words.

[It can’t be……then, up until now, what have I……] (TN: He really sounds shocked, huh. Poor him.)

He’s been calling him as clothes (Krish), hasn’t he? How sad.

[Chibi, what’s your real name?]

[Uhm, my name is….]


From the entrance, a loud voice sounded as if it’s taken aback.

It’s that guy. Dirk.

[He~y, Chihiro~, please give me a hand~! The bag of sugar has got a hole in it after getting here!]

Hearing the loud voice, I held my temple.

That guy, he just said something so casually. He did, didn’t he?


Looking shocked, Alex looks at the tiny dog.

[Ah, yeah, that’s right. It’s Chihiro. **The characters of “early” and “river” for Hayakawa and “wisdom” for Chihiro. I’m sorry for keeping it a secret. It’s such a girly name, isn’t it? I don’t particularly like it, this name…..] 


Alex and Ferdinand still look as if their souls have left them.

Chihiro, huh.

I ended up thinking that it’s a cute name. It sounds much better than Krish (clothes).

As for that bastard Dirk’s fate after this, I can only think “serves you right”.