Otome Game Chapter10 Part2

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Her white appearance paired with red eyes reminds me of a rabbit in the snowfield.

Despite its weak standing as the one being hunted, it faces forward with dignity, a very mysterious rabbit in its own way.


I can’t believe there’s someone other than my older brother who has such beautiful appearance.

Although my family is generally beautiful, Big Brother is the country’s number one…… No, he’s number one even among the most beautiful people from the other countries.

It had never even crossed my mind that there’s a person who holds beauty not inferior to my brother in the country.


As if they received the same impression I did, the cheers gradually settle down as Sheryl-sama lowers her head in a bow.

With her appearance as slender as a child’s, she looks as if she’ll be blown away if there’s a strong gust of wind, that I ended up making a worried sound.

At that moment——       


My breath has stopped!


The white rabbit, Sheryl Bashral, activated her magic.

And it’s not just one or two. An unthinkable amount…… a total of nine spells are activated are being activated in front of Sheryl-sama.


I was taught that magic is being made by formulas overlapping each other.

For one magic invocation, one technique is used, even those who are called master magicians can use two at the same time and those who are called geniuses can use at most three.

This is because the magician himself must also recognize the operation technique in parallel when exercising the operation technique, it was like handling knives and forks or hands and feet at the same time…


Upon the sight of the unbelievable scene, the stadium turned quiet.

I wonder what kind of magic she’s deploying? It seems like the audience are also unable to take their eyes away from Sheryl-sama, wondering who she is.


In front of us who can not conceal our astonishment, Sheryl-sama moves the formulas as if she were directing an orchestra.


The music that couldn’t be heard suddenly seems to be flowing out.

It seems as if the quiet melody revolves around Sheryl-sama.


*SHING*….A flash of light suddenly appeared as the magic has been invoked!

The audience, I included, gulped as we waited for the activation of the magic spells that were invoked with small time differences.


…..However, nothing is happening.


I was wondering if she has failed, there are still three spells in her hands but Sheryl-sama just stood there staring at the sky.

I can’t really blame her since there’s no one else who can exercise that kind of technique.

Speaking of a matter of course, it’s the expected outcome but the bigger my expectations were, the disappointment was also as much.

When the audience has gradually recovered their wits, I felt something cold lightly touch my cheek.




As I looked up, the snow was dancing in the sky.

It’s an out of season snow.

Now that the spring has arrived, the flowers are blooming everywhere … … Is an abnormal weather?

Even though it was such a fine weather today without even a bit of clouds.

However, the snow continues to dance around.

While I was wondering what on earth is going on, I notice Sheryl-sama move at the corner of my eyes.


Amidst the dancing scattered snow, Sheryl-sama with her white hair and red eyes blended perfectly with the scenery that it’s unthinkable that she isn’t part of the phenomenon.

Then Sheryl-sama invokes the last spell in her hand.


Something was happening.


That’s right, the spell was definitely invoked.

It’s just that I was not able to comprehend the effect of the magic that has been activated.

Just what on earth is currently taking place?

I stared at the dancing snow dazedly….. until finally, we have finally experienced Sheryl-sama’s magic.


Sheryl-sama diverted our attention to the unusual phenomenon happening around us as a flower made from snow bloomed.





I added the flat button surface to make the petals’ rotation become smooth.

The snow that has turned into a flower, should look like a dahlia.


I wonder if Mother is pleased by it?

It’s not an exaggeration that I made this magic for Mother who loves flowers.

I wanted to express my gratitude on this big stage to my mother who had not been able to go out for fun because of me.


This is a spell that Noe helped out with during the Dreaming Illness treatment breaks.

I hope that Mother, who’s knowledgeable about flower language, can understand it. Even if it wasn’t conveyed, I plan on telling her again after we meet later.

Matching the activation of all the magic, I entrust my body to Nicole who brought the wheelchair over.

As he had stated earlier, after I started the invocation, I never paid attention to the audience.



[Thanks for your hard work. It was very beautiful.]

[Thank you, I’m really tired….]


I can’t use wide-ranged magic with my Mana capacity.

Because the medium scale ranged magic which is at most intermediate level is the limit, by using multiple lumps of mana that are individually stored outside the body, I can activate multiple intermediate magic at the same time so that magic will encompass this whole stadium.

Incidentally, because the domed defense magic is deployed to cover the whole flat area that will be the stage in the competition, it’s not possible for the magic to reach the audience on the side.


Thanks to continuing to detect mana under unconsciousness, I was able to work on parallel recognition of the same operation type without problems, but the amount was too much this time. (TN: I’m copying google translate on this one.)

1 Since it was the form of preparing three kinds of three kinds of maneuvering formulas, it considers it to operate only three techniques….. this is also my limit for now. (TN: Copied google translate on this.)


[You’re invited by Bellom-sama to spectate together with him. Because it will be impossible to make it to the bleachers with the wheelchair if we go now…. What would you like to do?]

[Let me see…]


Because I know it’s impossible to go to the ordinary seats because of the huge crowd, I was planning on meeting with Mother and company after today’s events are over.

That’s why I gave up halfway to see the competition.


[If it’s together with Bellom-sensei, won’t it be in the VIP seats….?]

[Yes, I suppose that is the case. Since it’s the VIP seats, I think there will be plenty of seats.]


Yeah, there will probably be no problem even if I go with the wheelchair…. But when I think about the people occupying the seats, I can’t make a prompt decision.


Ahh~ but I really want to see my brother’s figure with my own eyes!!!


The first day of the Fighting Tournament which is held for three days is the singles match for the magic knight applicants.

Of course, Big Brother who has won 4 consecutive times has been chosen to participate.


[Although there are parts I’m uncomfortable with, I shall take him on his words.]

[Yes, we will head there, then.]


The contestants are probably still in the training grounds temporarily made for this day, as they haven’t shown up here yet.

Still, there’s a feeling of tension which made it tense in the passage which only staff concerned can pass.

In order to prevent any wrongdoing, meeting the athlete before the competition is not recommended, so I met my older brother last night.

I’m not worried about my brother who looks so laid-back, though…..


[As I thought, I’m feeling excited. I wonder how it feels to clash swords?]

[Because the Magic Knight Battle will be a melee fight, unlike the Magician Warfare, I think that there will be a spectacular view. Magicians in charge of healing are also on hand at all times.]


The competition is carried out with equipment to which each point is added.

The one who hits his opponent’s equipment is given a point, and who gets the 10 points first wins.

Since attacking the protector is the main point, receiving damage to the body itself is rare.

Even so, it seems there are contestants who lose consciousness every year.



[It has been a while. I have been told by Bellom-sama about you. Please come this way.]


Upon approaching the VIP seats, a person I know has come to guide us.

It’s the youth who escorted us while we were moving from home to the dorm.


[How have you been after that?]

[I’m a bit tired, but other than that, I’m fine. Thank you for taking care of us at that time.]

[No, it is my honor to have fulfilled my duty safely….. Bellom-sama, I brought Sheryl-sama.]


The door was opened with dignity and composure.

As I came through the dim room, the light coming from the opened door looked dazzling.


[Oh, so you’ve come? Please remove the chair from there. Sheryl, the magic from before was spectacular.]

[It’s such an honor. If it suited Sensei’s judgment, I’m satisfied.]


It’s been a few months since I last saw Bellom-sensei and he’s still wearing his template magician clothes, but he’s currently releasing a very dignified aura.

Should I say, as expected of the Chairman appearing in the Fighting Tournament?


[Fuofofofoh, not only I but also the Princess who are deeply impressed. She’s been so noisy since awhile ago saying she wants to meet you.]



A highly clear voice interrupt Bellom-sensei’s words.

I saw them while in the royal seat, but to think I’d face them directly.

Thinking of the people far behind Sensei, I got off the wheelchair.

Nicole and I together went down on our knees on the spot.


[Your Majesty, Princess, please let me introduce to you. The person who made the snow flower, Sheryl Bashral, and his steward, Nicole Cadio. Because Sheryl’s body is weak, please allow his steward, Nicole’s, presence.]

[It’s fine. I’ve been shown a beautiful magic. Until now I have seen rough and majestic magic, but it’s my first time seeing something so delicate. Even I, who has no interest in flowers, fell in love with it…. I can understand Bellom heating up. You must be tired, you may return to your seat.]


I received His Majesty’s words and returned to my wheelchair.

I wasn’t expecting for His Majesty to talk to me directly that I could only move as I’ve been told.


I, I wonder if I haven’t been rude….


I reluctantly look over the place with my edge of my vision.

It seems that the Crown Prince isn’t here.

As I was sitting in a wheelchair, I was fretting on whether I should raise my line of sight when an orange-colored hair entered my sight.


[I was also deeply moved!!! To make such beautiful flowers bloom with magic…. Can you also teach me how to do it?]

[Pri, Princess….]


Is it just my imagination or do I feel small hands wrapped onto mine that’re on top of my lap?


[Hey, Felicy, don’t say something impossible.]

[But Father, it’s the first technique that even Bellom-sama has seen, you know? Despite being on the same age as Big Brother, it’s amazing to be able to create such magic!]


If I remember correctly, Felicy-sama is the second daughter of the second wife and is 4 years younger than His Highness.

His Highness’ mother was said to be the first wife.


By the way, because His Highness left the castle vacant, the Queen and the Concubines were left to watch over it.

Although they have different mothers, it doesn’t really change the fact that she’s cute, but His Highness and the Princess really didn’t look alike.


It’s indeed true that it’s the first time I showed it to Bellom-sensei, but if it’s him, he should be able to reproduce it.

But the princess is such an easy-going person as she touches me all over without restriction. Won’t the other people misunderstand us?


[I’m overwhelmed by your words.]

[I would also like to be able to use such beautiful magic like Big Sister!]



1- ただ三種類の術式を三つずつ用意するという形だったので、意識的に操作するのは三つの術式で済んだけど……体力的にも今はこれが限界だ。