Otome Game Chapter 9 Part 3

Unedited chapter.

009 Part 3

[Aah, can you turn your head? On my back side.]


He means to turn my face away, huh.

It doesn’t really change the distance, but I still do what I’m told.

I feel Serge nod his head as my body swayed.

[Wha, so quick!?]

[I’ve been, telling you, to carefully follow.]

Serge walks as if he’s running half-way with Welmina following behind while pushing the wheelchair.

But that distance is starting to widen.

[Welmina, it’s dangerous so walk slowly.]

[Oka~y! You hurry up and get treated, okay~?]

I couldn’t let her run while pushing the wheelchair, so I called out to her while being careful not to bite my own tongue.

She waved her hand while nodding, and focused on Serge.

Thought that my brother’s arm strength is amazing but, Serge is also amazing…

He’s probably not used to holding other people because the way he applies force is awkward, but there’s no instability.

[Am I not heavy?]

[In fact, you’re light. Also, right now, please don’t talk to me.]

[Ah, I’m sorry…]

I wonder if it’s so he won’t get distracted.

The way he stiffly speaks, is it because he’s not used to holding people, after all?

Thinking up to that point, I think Big Brother was too used to it. It might not be just because of me, huh.

[We’re here.]

All entrances in the school basically have double doors.

Because only one side of the door is open at the time, Serge entered the infirmary while holding me without difficulty.

[Oh~? Sheryl-chan, what’s wrong? Is your stomach hurting?]

Seeing me being carried, Hilda, the infirmary doctor, approached with wide eyes, as her huge chest and waist-length hair gently sways.

Because I was asked for a periodic check up before I enrolled, we’re already acquainted with each other. For some reason, she didn’t mention her family name, though.

Still, those huge valleys are as poisonous to male students as ever.

I would like to ask for forgiveness for being unable to take my eyes away from the V-shaped chest in front of me. I also know the person in question.

[My stomach doesn’t hurt so please give me an ointment for my arms. Dudovoine-sama, it’s also alright to put me down already.]

[Ah, yeah.]

Just like that, Serge didn’t directly put me down on the floor but carried me towards the bed.

But I only want to treat my arms, there’s no need to go to bed, right?

[What’s wrong with your arms~?]

[It’s alright to roll up my sleeves, but please don’t stroke my hips.]

She raised my sleeves and I got confused as Hilda traced my flank.

I know that she’s doing a check up, but there’s definitely sexual harrassment mixed in.

[Call me Hi-l-da. Your waist is so thin~ are you eating properly~?]

[Yes, I am… Sensei? There’s no need to open my collar, right?]

[Geez, Sheryl-chan, you meanie. Won’t it be suffocating to lie down with your collar all closed up?]

[You only have to check on my arms so it’s alright.]

[Fufu, it’s fine, I’ll be gentle. This is your first time, after all.]


Over there, what did you react to? When I looked at Serge, he quickly averted his eyes.

I wonder if he’s feeling bad, his face looks red.

[Oh my~ you can’t, Serge-kun. From this moment on is an a-dult-time.]

While lightly teasing, Hilda applied ointment to the affacted area.

When I looked closely, I had internal bleeding. It seems that I was grabbed quite strongly.

[So, Sheryl-chan? Who did this to you~?]

Hilda tilts her neck while pointing her forefinger towards the mole located at the corner of her mouth as she smiles. Those eyes are not laughing.

I felt cold sweat ran through my back on her spirit, and I found no need to hide it so I told her everything that happened in the toilet, her face softened.

[Se, Sensei, I can’t breathe….]

[You poor thing, you must have been scared, right~? It’s alright~ you don’t need to act strong in front of me.]

She hugged my face in her chest, repeatedly pushing it in.

It’s not upleasant, rather it’s an amazing feeling…. not.

My nose got cought between the humongous valleys and I can’t breathe!


[Mn~ if you look at me with those watery eyes, Sensei will become excited~]

[Sensei, Sheryl-kun looks really suffocated.]


Not “ohh~?”, but I hope she becomes aware of her lethal weapons.

Thanks to Serge’s help, I can finally breathe the fresh air.


[For you to give such an erotic sigh, you’re such a sinner~]

[I don’t want to be told that by you, Sensei.]

[Bu~t Sheryl-chan’s face doesn’t even change colors~. I’m going to lose my confidence~.]

[You’re already attractive enough. I’m simply not interested in those sorts of things.]

I think my expression shows much better compared to before, but my s*xual desire doesn’t really appear in the surface.

Even though I think it’s wonderful, it’s not related to lust.

[As I thought, I need to take care of that one~. Sensei will do her best~]

[No, thanks.]

I immediately stop Hilda who’s about to strip me off.

Serge who has unknowingly come to my side helped pull me up.

[Is it done?]

[Since it’s just a small bruise….. it’s fine, isn’t it?]

[Let’s see~. Once the swelling stopped, will you warm it with this~?]

Although it looks to be fine with just the ointment, Hilda gave me something that looked like a pocket heater just in case.

[There’s a small magic stone in there, you see~ and if you use it, it will warm up~. Sensei also has something to do in the staff room so let’s go together~]

Although she sounds relaxed, her movements are swift.

She urged us out of the infirmary while holding a key and a card saying “Off to the staff room”.

I got curious so I called out to Hilda.

[Is it regarding Collie’s case that you’re going to the staff room?]

[It’s because we can’t leave it alone~. Oh my~? Isn’t that Welmina?]

[Uwaa, Hilda-sensei!?]

It seems that Willemina has just arrived.

She ignored the wheelchair and this time, Hilda hugged Welmina.

[Wait, Sensei! Your chest! They’re hitting me!]

[They are, aren’t they~?]

Does she hold no distinction between men and women?

Since nothing will happen even if I stay standing, I start walking towards the wheelchair and Serge once again pulls my hand.

He’s clumsy but his hand is warm.

[Thank you very much.]

[Don’t mind it. I always saw you walking at the dorm like this.]

Apparently, he’s been watching my rehab with Nicole.

I let him giude me towards the wheelchair, and while I was sitting down, I was lightly clapped in my shoulders.

When I look up, I see Serge look at me kindly.

[You must have been scared. When I lifted you up, you were trembling a little.]

[Ohh… Please keep it a secret to the others.]

The anxiety I thought was hidden was apparently shown.

Even though if I acted distant regarding this matter, I wouldn’t have to worry those around me.

*Shhh* When I put one finger in front of my lips, Serge also followed the same pose.

[Please. I will be troubled if everyone’s over-protectiveness intensifies.]

[It’s not that I don’t understand how you feel but…. I got it, but in exchange, do it normally.]


[Don’t be bothered about our standings. Count on me like you normally would to a friend.]

[I will do my best.]


His face when he laughs, coupled with his green hair looks as if it’s under the sun . He looks so dazzling to me that I ended up squinting my eyes.

[Can you bend down a little…. please?]


While laughing at my dubious ending, Serge folded his knees.

Does he only have one knee touch the ground because that’s how the royal knights do it?

I reach my hand out to towards his hair nearby.

[It’s a beautiful hair color.]

[Re, really? That’s the first time I’ve been told that….]

[Yeah. Like the fresh greens, Serge-sama…. Serge reminds me of the warm sunshine when I look at you.]

Unlike its stiff appearance, his hair is unexpectedly soft. As I was enjoying the feeling like that of a natural lawn, I notice him being quiet.

[I’m sorry, it’s rude of me for having you be in your knees.]

[No…. well, you can keep stroking it, though..]

Is he embarrassed? As I see him being bashful, I also hurriedly let go.

Even though I’m being told not to mind it, just what am I doing to a person from the Earl’s house?

It must be because of Nicole and Noe that it’s become my habit to stroke other people’s heads.

[I think that Sheryl-kun’s hair is pretty, though.] (TN: It’s Welmina speaking this.)

[Thank you. So you’re boasting for being simple.]

[Ahaha, so I’m simple!]

It will be a lie if I say I don’t want my red hair back, but my white hair is a proof that I’ve conquered the Dreaming Illness.

I sure am blessed with people disregarding my circumstances.

My family did not abandon me, who didn’t have any future.

Even when I went outside, I encountered problems but there’re people helping me.

Can I return my gratitude to them properly?

I strongly wish to do so.

Because I’m being helped like this, I also wish to be of help to someone else.

I renewed my resolution.

[Wai, someone help!!!]

[Do your best, Welmina~]

I just hope they’d forgive me for my lack of power right now.