Otome Game Chapter 8 Part 1

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008 Part 1


[We’ve arrived! This cafe is the most popular spot among girls now ~. It’s probably around this time that there are open seats.]

Welmina raises a particularly bright voice.

I also smiled as she tried to change the air.


[Are there sweets here?]

[Of course! On the other hand, won’t it be bad if it doesn’t?! Listen to the information properly, Nicole-san has also confirmed it and there’s a menu that Sheryl-kun could eat.]

[So you’ve properly looked it up, thanks.]

[You’re welcome. Ah, is Camille-sama alright with sweet food, too?]

[Yes. I can not eat a lot, but I like it.]


I thought I will be able to drink if it’s black tea, but I bow down my head to Welmina who has already checked the menu beforehand.


It looks like a school building because it was lent by the school, but the interior has been changed like a cafe and one seems to forget the reality that this is a schoolhouse upon entering the door.

The server who noticed us guides us to the table and also avoids the chair that was provided.

Probably thanks to the fact that we originally took space while traveling, we could move without difficulty even with a wheelchair.

Because Welmina moves in front of me, Camille sits beside me.


[It’s amazing to be open from such a time.]

[It seems to be for the sake of teachers coming early in the morning and students who have morning duties. I’m also using it frequently.]


[By the way, does Camille-sama come early every morning?]

[It’s not every time. Only when I’m being asked to help the student council.]

[Even though the third years have already retired, are you still being asked to help?]


Welmina who ordered in my place rejoined the conversation.

So there’s something like a student council. Club activities also seem to exist so I guess in spite of it being called “Academic Research Institute” it does not differ from the schools of my previous life other than the class lessons.


[Although the election has started, I find it hard to refuse once they ask me to help…]


I see, they’re depending on him.

Looking at Camille smiling bitterly, I can understand wanting to help out his juniors.

Despite his high status as a Marquis’ son, he’s quite easy to get along with.

His babyface also helped, I can’t a wall between us.


[Please excuse me.]

[Ah! It’s here, it’s here~!]


Above the cart the server was pushing were 3 sets of cake and tea and Welmina who saw it has sparkling eyes.

The scent of this tea, is it a Tobac tea? She seems to have told my preference of teas.

Welmina is having the strawberry cake, mine is the kuku fruit pound cake, and Camille’s is a chocolate cake, I guess that’s the order?


[They look delicious, don’t they?]

[Right? it’s because they get it at our store!]

[So that’s why.]


It seems Camille is unaware about the purchasing either but I think the one who brought out the flavor the most was the chef. But I will not say such a rude thing.

I open my mouth to give thanks for the food and pick up the fork.

Now that I think about it, it might have been a while since I’ve last eaten something sweet. The sweetness spreading inside my mouth was making my face loose.


[Yeah, it’s delicious……By the way, Camille-sama, don’t you have something to talk about?]

[You’re right. Truth is, my cousin also has the Dreaming Illness…. and he’ll be turning eight this year.]

[So that’s why you know about the hair thing.]

[Yes. I’ve also investigated about it myself. I was surprised when I heard about your matters from Bellom-sensei. I only knew of your name from the food inventory report, but to think there’s someone who has recovered from it……I’m sorry, even though you haven’t completely recovered yet.]

[Please don’t worry about it. That’s what everyone has told me, after all.]


Even Noe was crying.


[When I heard your story, Bellom-sensei also said not to disturb you. “Because he’s a special existence, don’t treat him the same as the others,” he said. That’s why I promised not to ask you about the Dreaming Illness. It’s just that, my cousin has something he wants to tell you…]


[He said, “Thank you”. Thanks to the food inventory Sheryl-kun cooperated for, Samuel was able to overcome the wall of six years old. Please let me also say, thank you, for extending Samuel’s life.]


I silently look at Camille lowering his head.

Aah, is that so.

I was able to help.

That certain day, that report I selected which Nicole summarized.

When I realized it, my chest tightened and my eyesight blurred.


[Is it fine to say “You’re welcome”……what he currently has, I think it’s the result of his fight to live. But if you’re saying that I’ve contributed to that success, I can’t be any happier.]


[When I told him that we’re classmates, he was really envious.]

[It’s probably better that we don’t meet to not break his ideals.]

[That’s for certain, you know.]

[I also think so, too……Can I ask about what the six-years wall is?]


Like a student asking her teacher, Welmina reservedly raises her hand a little.

We laughed when my and Camille’s eyes met upon seeing her like that.


[It’s because the congenital Dreaming Illness progresses slowly until three years old.I was able to eat normal food back then, too. The reason why my growth has stopped at three years old withing my brother is because my weak body was healthy until that age. It just kept getting worse after that…… a lot of children die during their sixth year. After passing that, the physical health and energy start to fluctuate.]

[It is said that the lifespan has been extended by an average of two years since the food inventory for patients with Dreaming Illness was announced. This is such an incredible feat.]



Welmina, who was intently listening to the explanation with clenched fists, nodded her head lightly.

I feel uncomfortable so I wish she’d stop looking at me with eyes that say “Sheryl-kun is incredible”.


[I was honestly surprised with how Jule-senpai treated you but it’s not like I don’t understand him.  Right now…..]


I got sad after imagining his cousin’s condition upon seeing Camille’s expression.


[On my brother’s case, his actions probably looks exaggerated. This topic is not limited to my brother, though.]

[He’s been sticking to you the whole time even in your house, after all.]

[Eh…. Sheryl-kun, you’re living with senpai?]


Yup… ?


[Whether we’re together or not, we’re siblings after all.]



Even Camille did not notice?!

Speaking about it, he joined the arbitration during the hair talk.

His already big eyes opened even wider. Is it that surprising?


[….Should I dye my hair for once?]

[I don’t think that’s going to be an ideal solution, you know.]

[I, I have to let Rafael-sama know about it, too….!]


Eh, is it at the level where he needs to report it to His Highness?


[Even though I just took after my mother…]

[Lo, look, isn’t Jule-sama just overflowing with wildness? I think Sheryl-kun is just the opposite. I really like Shery-kun’s white hair!]

[Yes, I also think it’s wonderful!]


Seeing me feeling down, the both of them followed after each other. (TN: On appeasing the MC)

Yeah, I also like this white hair of mine, though.


[That’s right, there’s something I’ve been wondering about Sheryl-kun’s hair for a while now…]

[What is it?]


If it’s about the length of my hair, I’m not growing it again.

To the me who allowed her question, Welmina for some reason started playing with her fingers.1


[No… you see?  Isn’t your hair white? But it was originally red?  ……I’m just curious about your body’s state.]



While saying “your body’s state”, Welmina’s eyes look down.

Hey, just what are you imagining?

Also Camille, don’t let your face to turn red.



[No, I was just really curious! Even still, don’t make such a fed-up face!]

[Well, it’s fine, though…]


I said “It can’t be helped “ and unbuttoned the sleeve on my arm.


[Uwaah, it’s white! So thin! Are you an enemy of women?!]

[That’s not the one you’re paying attention, right?!]

[….Do you even have any body hair?]

[I don’t think I have none, though……Can you tell that it’s not red?]


Whether it’s because it did not grow well during puberty or because of my fight with my illness, my body hair is extremely thin. On top of that, because there’s no pigment, you won’t be able to tell that there’s hair at all at first glance.

Actually, I won’t say it but the lower part has hardly grown any at all.

I’m truly thankful from the bottom of my heart that my eyebrows are still intact. Rather, won’t they be able to tell once they look at my eyebrows?


[Yeah, I understand but……this part here also look sparse.]

[Wanna take a look?]

[Wah!  You can’t, Sheryl-kun! Such a dirty thing…]


Meanwhile, Camille raised his voice to me who raised the hem of my pants.

That’s why, why is Camille’s face turning red?

I don’t understand the reason for Welmina’s thumbs up.


[But what’s with the fineness of this skin……did you do something?]

[It’s probably the oil I use during my rehabilitation. Nicole has to massage my legs to relax the muscles.]

[An oil massage…! Moreover, by Nicole-san!]

[I wonder why your tension is that high…?]


She was hitting the top of the table while looking agonized.

I can’t understand Welmina’s reactions very well.


[Sheryl-kun, how are your legs?]

[I’m in the wheelchair just in case, but I am not unable to walk. Because I’m continuing with my rehabilitation, I want to be able to walk around alone.]

[Seriously, even though you’re struggling this much, once they come back…… I can’t believe they even kicked the wheelchair.]

[That’s…! Is that true?!]


Camille looked at the site in disbelief……and then he held his head with both hands.


[Why didn’t you say anything?  I would have reported them to the student council if you did.]

[It did not bother me that much. Besides, they’re the ones who got hurt.]

[Sheryl-kun should be  angrier! That was just not good. What should we do if you got hurt? Healing magic can’t be used  on you…]

[! I see……it can’t be used with the Dreaming Illness……。It won’t do, you have to be more careful next time!]


Uh, huh? Somehow, I’m being blamed.

Camille is also reprimanding me.


[You’re exaggerating. It can heal naturally if it’s a little scratch.]

[What would you do if it’s not just a little? Please be sure to mention it next time. Because I will do what I can to help.]

[To bother Camille who is busy is…]

[You can talk to me casually, you know. Please speak like you do towards Welmina-san. It’s because this like a habit of mine.] (TN:His polite way of speaking.)


[….If Camille says so.]

[Yes, that’s fine. Ah, Welmina-san, too, please do the same, okay?]

[I understand!]

[We’ve talked about it but……please rely on me properly. I may not have as much power as Rafael-sama nor do I have any contribution to the society, but….]


On Camille’s eyes who was speaking like so, a shadow briefly passed by.

No matter how I think about it, he has more power than me, though.


[I got it, I’ll count on you…… That’s why don’t put yourself down like that. Can you say “Leave it to me”?]


I heard that he’s the Marquis’ successor and his grades in school are also high.

I don’t know why he looks down on himself, but with the feeling that I should encourage him somehow, I put my hand on Camille’s cheeks.


[Y, ye….s]

[Yeah, what was it again?]

[….Please leave it to me.] (2)

[To me…?]

[….Leave it to…. me] (3)

[Yes, good job.]


I gently stroke his head with a smile.

I can see Welmina banging the top of the table at the corner of my eyes, but I ignore her.


[Wah, it’s embarrassing…]

[But that way is cooler.]


I was praising Camille who’s covering his face with both hands about how cool he looked like with my thumbs up.

It seemed like he got better after I did so.

As expected, men prefer to be called manly rather than cute!

After that, we stayed at the cafe until the bell rang.




I should have expected it.

It should have been clearer than looking at fire burning.

Just why did I not consider it all this time… it has become an afterthought until now.


[I’ve read it from Welmina-sama’s report, Sheryl-sama, I just wanted to hear it from your mouth directly.]

[Sorry, I forgot…]

[That they kicked your wheelchair and, on, top, of, that, they called you a slut?]


I wonder if she told him what’s what. Welmina sure remembered them clearly, huh.

I wonder if it’s also reached my brother’s ears. No way, what the heck’s that, so scary.


[I wonder how it was… I missed most of their words, after all.]



Nicole was kneeling on the spot as he gently stroke my knees.


[I feel like losing myself in anger. Such a thing as treating Sheryl-sama crudely must never happen. Please give me your permission.]


[I’m going to eliminate them.]

[Please stop.]


Don’t say it with such a serious face.

The power of a beautiful face that looks serious is not half-assed, you know.

Though it just means that Nicole is really angry… I messed up. If this was the case, we shouldn’t have faced them even if we had to turn back. But I was able to get the chance to talk with Camille because of them, though.


[It has already been reported to the teachers and they’ll surely be punished for it. There’s no need for you to lift your hands.]


[I’m saying that they’re not your opponents. More importantly, are you not going to help me with my rehabilitation?]


I lift my left hand and Nicole receives it gently.

The dormitory also has a courtyard, so recently I’ve been taking a walk there as the sun goes down and the crowd is gone.

Rather than walking inside the room, it’s much better to walk outside as expected.

The weather is nice tonight and the night sky is filled with stars shining up above.

Besides the moonlight, lamps installed at even intervals in the garden shines an orange light, enhancing the fantastic atmosphere in the place.


[Sheryl-sama, are you not feeling cold?]

[Yeah, and I’m also wearing a coat.]


While holding hands, we took our time walking in the garden.

If the temperature is such that the breath will turn white, he will not let me outside in the first place.

Both the classrooms and dormitories are equipped with air conditioning powered by magic stones, so it seems that you can spend time comfortably in winter as much while being indoors.


[… However, I can’t help but feel impatient, Sheryl-sama.]

[Is it not enough to just pull my hand like this?]

[That’s not what I mean but…]


Nicole silently stopped.

When he stopped, I pulled his hand that’s holding mine, urging him to face me.


1 – something like this? ??

2 – ボクに任せてください (He’s speaking formally in this: “Boku ni makasete kudasai”)

3 – ボクに、任せ……ろ (Now he’s speaking confidently(?): “Boku ni makase…ro”)

(Not sure whether I’ve explained this enough.)